Venezuelan Citizens Fight Corruption

The country of Venezuela has dealt with a significant amount of economic and political strife over the past decade. Citizens of the country have seen the country’s economy shrivel away due to weakened energy prices, heightened inflation, and significant cutbacks in basic services. According to a recent article from Open Corporates, many people in the country are now looking for peaceful ways to fight back.
In the last few weeks many movements have taken place to force President Nicolas Maduro out of office. The most recent effort was a petition signed by nearly 2 million people asking him to resign. The petition process in Venezuela requires only 200,000 signatures before it is able to be formally received.

Expert Jose Figueroa sees people in the country are rightfully frustrated. Due to lower oil prices and inflation, many people are no longer able to afford their basic needs. This has led to a huge increase in theft and other crimes, which do not seem to be much of a concern for the politicians in the country. As opposed to finding a better solution, the President has looked for ways to cut costs, which have included asking people to limit their usage of electricity and to reduce public employees’ workweek down to just two days per week. The current President also has a reputation for corruption, as many people in the country believe that many leaders are appointed loyalists as opposed to elected officials.