James Dondero: Going Beyond Duty

James graduated from the University of Virginia majoring in accounting and finance; he is a certified accountant and CFA Finalist.He began his analyst career in Morgan Guaranty training program; he later joined American express as a corporate bond analyst and the joined GIV subsidiary as the chief investment officer after which he co-founded Highland Capital Management. James is the president of the firm, and under his directorship, the company offers award winning products and solutions for investors and corporates’. He is the board chairman for next bank and also serves as a member of the board in MGM and other various other companies.
James is a believer in education. He is very committed to improving it and the lives of the people of Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has donated millions to, the Dallas area non-profit and charity organization resulting in partnerships and donations that have lifted the lives of Dallas resident. Some of the partnerships include:
 The family places in which the Highland capital has committed to donate $ 1 million to finish the family place.
 Dallas Zoo received $ 1 million to build the zoo.
 SMU’s Highland capital management tower scholars program which helps the undergraduate student with exposure to public policy making opportunities. The Highland capital management donated $2 million to Southern Methodist University.
 Education is Freedom which is an organization that gives financial assistance for youth who are considered to be at risk and are pursuing a college degree.
 George Bush Presidential Library and institute which holds the historical records and artifacts on the George Bush Presidency. It helps address some of the challenging problems being experienced today.
 Perot Museum of Natural science provides hands on experience to children and help them better understand science, math, and technology.
 Snowball Express which holds events, dances, and amusement for children of the fallen military who die while on duty.
 Uplift Education that gives student free college preparedness to enable them to achieve full potential.
 Capital for Kids which is a group which assists the low-income families in Dallas gets a quality education.
Through the above donation done by the company through James, Dallas is a much more pleasant city and for James is not only smart but has the heart for the people of Dallas, and thus we can consider him an epitome of success.

Linda Owens And Her New Role With Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is one of the most prominent SEC-registered investment advisory companies based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience, Highland Capital Management has worked to invest more than $60 billion in the country. Its presence is also felt in other countries in the world such as the United Kingdom, China, Korea, Canada, and South Africa. Highland Capital Management also works with its affiliates to develop a working solution for all investment capabilities in the industry. Highland Capital Management is also considered as one of the most experienced and global assets and finance managers with a proper reputation in the industry.

One of the things Highland Capital Management specializes in is the credit strategies. These strategies vary from the long-only finds, credit hedge funds, separate accounts, the special and distressed situation for private equities, and the collateralized loan obligations. Highland Capital Management also offers alternative investment opportunities for those who are not accredited investors in the United States. They also include the natural resources, long/short equities, and the emerging markets. The diversified client-base of Highland Capital Management includes a wide range of foundations, pension plans, co-operations, endowments, funds of funds, financial institutions, the high-net-worth individuals, and the governments. The headquarters of Highland Capital Management is in Dallas, Texas. However, the company also maintains offices in major parts of the country as well as the world.

James Dondero is the CEO and President of the Highland Capital Management Company based in Dallas. Highland Capital Management, under the leadership of James Dondero, has decided to join hands with Linda Owen. Linda Owen is the former President of the Woodall Foundation Park in the United States. The company is known for becoming one of the leading philanthropic entities that emanated from their investment opportunities. The idea of incorporating Linda Owen in the Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic arm is to extend her innovation and experience in issuing philanthropic support services back to the community. Because the charitable and philanthropic efforts of Highland Capital Management are expanding, they needed an expert who has worked in the field to handle these services in various ways of development.

More Than just a Dentist

Being a medical professional doesn’t mean that any other interests should be put aside. It just means that work very often comes first and yet the interests and hobbies do not get forgotten. Dr. Akhil Reddy is the perfect example. He works as a dentist for a practice that lives under the MB2 Dental roof. It is a company that offers people help with managing their dental practices in different practical and pure support ways. Dr. Akhil Reddy is a professional who loves his job and promoting healthy smiles, but there are other passions in his life he is proud of and willing to share with others.

When people work in a laboratory or any medical field, they sometimes think that their clothing options are limited because of the white coat they have to wear. However, Dr. Akhil Reddy is an example of how you can still choose your clothes according to the mood you are in. But he always emphasizes that it is important for doctors and other staff to look professional. That can easily be achieved with a nice dress shirt and a smart tie under the white coat. It doesn’t have to be a shirt and a tie situation, but it has to look the part. He offers advice on different options from very smart to business casual, to a turtleneck or a pair of jeans. It is all in the cut and the way the person carries the clothes. The white coat is not a hardship to endure, but it should bring the person a sense of pride.

Another passion Dr. Akhil Reddy enjoys sharing with the world is his love for wine. He believes that a great wine doesn’t need to be the most expensive bottle on the shelf. Buying value for money and buying appropriate wine is more important. Dr. Reddy offers people advice on how to find the best deals for wine depending on their taste or the occasion they are buying the bottle for.

Not everyday people get to meet dentists who are also a stylish individual himself and can offer tips on how to choose the next bottle of wine while still educating people about how important dental health is. His colleagues and patients notice and compliment his many talents so Dr. Akhil Reddy can continue to be a proud dentist who is interested in more than just his professional path in life.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Successfully Teams Up With NantHealth And Allscripts For Better Patient Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)recently announced a successful partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts to bring a more streamlined patient portal system to the CTCA patient family. NantHealth’s “eviti” system, a clinical decision support system, was given access to the Allscripts electronic health record allowing for a seamless integration of clinical pathways and decision making paradigms with the doctors workflow.

The Clinical Pathways program allows the doctor and the patient to work together, choosing the clinical pathway that is the best treatment option for the patient creating less guesswork and faster results. Clinical Pathways was developed with the help of oncology associations, government agencies, and peer reviewed literature. The system is maintained 24/7 by oncologists, oncology nurses, a clinical advisory board, and clinical professionals. Patient’s feel that they have more control over their treatment plan with Clinical Pathways.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has become one of the best treatment centers for adults with cancer. CTCA hospitals have consistent, high ratings for patient satisfaction and care. One of the reasons for CTCA’s success is the fact that patients are treated as a whole being with medical plans treating a patient’s mind, body, and spirit. Secondly, patients are offered aftercare treatment when they are done with their initial cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment  Centers of America is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with treatment hospitals in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Chicago. CTCA specializes in immunotherapy, chemotherapy, genomic testing, precision cancer treatment, surgery, and radiation. CTRA also offers supportive therapies secondary to cancer treatment therapy. To read more about the Clinical Pathways system and CTCA, please click here.

Giving New Tech For Cloud Databases

Cloud computing is all the rage these days, so it’s not a surprise that NuoDB has decided to create their own cloud database system to help aspiring developers make their own applications. NuoDB is offering a completely new way to deal with the common problems seen in cloud database technology by creating a more efficient means of increasing the size of a database in a cost effective way.

The main advantage NuoDB has is the ability to scale operations massively through a tiered approach. The tiers were defined by transaction engines that take every single insertion of data in order to make sure the entire database is data efficient. This means, for example, that if you were to place weather data into the database today, but wanted to store even more tomorrow, you wouldn’t have a problem retrieving it easily later on. The innovative approach is making NuoDB one of the most popular names in cloud computing. As time goes on and this company expands, we’ll even more impressive things said about NuoDB and honest ways that this brand manages to distinguish itself from the competition. It took 5 years to reach this point, but NuoDB is one of the most impressive selections yet.

Highland Capital Management Consolidates its Presence in South Korea

About Highland Capital Korea Limited

Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., is a business unit of Dalla-based wealth management firm, Highland Capital Management. Recently, the firm has closed a $147 million healthcare-focused private equity in total capital commitment. The fund would be administered by South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS). Founded in 1998, NPS values at $499.8 billion whereas the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute values it at $465.13 billion.

Besides investment returns, those who invest in Highland Capital Management through NPS have specific objectives within the healthcare landscape. That includes access to investment opportuniries to serve their strategic objectives in China, the US, and Korea. Highland Capital Management will team up with Stonebridge Capital, a private equity firm to co-manage the fund in Asia. Stonebridge Capital is Highland’s first healthcare-oriented private equity fund in Asia. Although Asian investors have expressed increased interest in healthcare-oriented private equity during the past two years, most of the investments are made via multi-purpose funds or on a direct basis.

The fund’s strategy aligns with Highland Capital Management’s competencies, drawing on the firm’s extensive experience in healthcare industry. Healthcare is Highland Capital Management’s largest industry exposure. In fact, the firm’s over 15-year track record in private equity is healthcare-oriented. Its investment targets middle market healthcare companies in Asia and North America. As of May 2017, Highland Capital Management had over $1.5 billion worth of healthcare assets under management. According to Matt Jameson, Highland Capital Management’s co-head and managing director of private equity, the U.S healthcare industry faces numerous disruptive forces, which might acutely affect middle market companies.

Increased access to healthcare services throughout Korea and Asian countries is driving greater utilization level and more demands on the sector. Combination of these factors with value-based reimbursement models creates opportunities for aspiring investors in the healthcare sector. Approximately, Highland Capital Management has $15 billion worth of assets under management. Highland specializes in the formulation of credit strategies such as long-only funds, CLOs, special situation private equity, and distressed accounts. Besides, Highland Capital Management offers alternative investment opportunities such as natural resources, equities, and natural resources.

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Investing in the Future with Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a company specialising in investment advice. Their affiliate in Korea recently was able to work with an equity fund which focuses on healthcare. The fund has 147 million dollars in capital. Highland Capital Management’s investors with NPS Korea are interested in more than just returns. They are also concentrating on the different opportunities this could open up in Korea and China as well as the US.

Highland has more two decades of experience, and they are one of the largest companies within this industry. The two founding fathers created their first joint business conquest in Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The company slowly took off and was able to grow from there. And in the 2000s Highland Capital Management was born as people know it today.

Expanding their market reach to Asia is a risk the company is willing to take to continue growing. A business without growth becomes stagnant. That causes the existing clients to migrate to other, more competitive businesses slowly. Building the business also allows the company to maintain high standards and create new business relationships. The executives and experts working for the company bring unique solutions of different investment related problems to the table.

Highland Capital Management created a good reputation for the company and its services. Every employee is motivated, skilled and cares about the clients. This attitude comes right from the top and allows Highland to finish each fiscal year on a positive note.

They have extensive knowledge in healthcare sector which makes them the perfect partner for investors in the field. Looking into new opportunities in North America, and Asia will expand the company’s reach.

People are more interested in acquiring health care, and that creates a more complicated demand base in the sector. Investors noticed this trend and expressed their interest.

Highland Capital Management works with several niches within the investment market. They offer their clients solutions in areas such as credit hedge funds, long-only funds and individual situation private equity and collateralised loan obligations. They also provide different alternative investments, including emerging markets, long or short equities and natural resources. All of these are of interest to investors across the board.

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Agora Financial: Contributing to the Every Day Person’s Investment Dreams

Agora Financial is an innovative company that specializes in educating the public on investment research. Their website provides thousands of publications, seminars and documentaries that utilize a wide array of unbiased research to provide fresh and engaging content that will help people everywhere to make the best possible investment decisions.

Agora Financial is comprised of some of the top analysts in the world. Their overarching vision is to help people gain financial independence through investing so that they can retire comfortably and live the type of lifestyle that they have worked diligently their entire lives to achieve.

The company recently released a video that highlights all of their offerings in an easily accessible manner. The video is engaging and simple to understand even without a strong financial background.

The video starts with the story of Bob the Dentist. Bob has saved up earnings from his dental practice that he would like to invest. However, he does not want to rely on an investment broker that is focused on their own commission or a “wealth stealer” that is simply looking to capitalize on his savings. He wants to take control of his own money and his own financial future. However, like many of us, Bob doesn’t know when or where he should invest his funds.

The video then goes on to discuss how Agora Financial helps people navigate the investment market and allows investors to find companies that are on the brink of major growth. Their analysts and employees travel the world to find these types of companies and then conducts research that they use to create their seminars and publications and educate the public.

The most important offering Agora Financial offers is the fact that their research is completely unbiased and independent. In a mucky financial world, this can be difficult to find as it seems everyone has an angle. Agora Financial’s publications are never paid for by companies and the data is completely trustworthy.

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NuoDB cloud database technology

NuoDB refers to the SQL oriented transactional DBMS which is designed for use in distributed deployment in cloud database systems. NUoDB is categorized as a new SQL database that maintains qualities of the traditional SQL databases. It contains features that support scale-out processing in cloud database based computing environments.
NuoDB cloud database program is developed and distributed by NuoDB Inc.
All application programs interact with NUoDB using SQL statements, the same way they do in the typical relational database. However, the database has the inclusion of ACID compliance which permits transaction reliability.
NUoDB subdivides data elements into atoms. The database is developed around a durable distributed cache infrastructure that makes use of in-memory caches to support cloud database style elasticity. It ensures that the data objects are maintained and stored safely.It offers support for Multiversion Concurrency Control used to detect data deadlocks and to resolve arising access conflicts. It uses object-oriented and message oriented elements of distributed computing models.

Agora Financial: Be in the Know

Are you looking for a way to advance your investment knowledge yet you do not know how? Look no further, for Agora Financial is here to serve your needs. From the beginning, Agora Financial has thrived because it has for more than one decade diversified in creating a knowledge base that virtually centers on financial investments. Today, Agora Financial has a full range of digital and written work solely meant to help you invest wisely. With its free documentaries, newsletters, books, and online publications, Agora Financial is the only sure way that will help you trade with minimum risks.


Agora Financial has gone the extra mile of creating training programs meant to equip you with firsthand experience on how to invest. All information that Agora Financial gives you traces its origin from authoritative sources, meaning that there is 100% chance that the approaches you learn will help you bear fruit. One unique thing about Agora Financial is that it equips you with all the tools and skills needed to start trading. Once you get acquainted with information centering on investments, you are ready to trade for yourself. By eliminating stock brokers, Agora ensures that you keep 100% of all profits made.


In essence, whatever information you get from Agora Financial happens to be invaluable. Thus, you can make trading your side hustle, earning you a lump sum amount of money as you refine your craft. Regardless of your long time profession, you can always try your hand with investing through Agora Financial without worrying about getting burned in the process. With knowledge on wealth protecting strategies, you are even able to shield your current financial streams from unlikely threats that may make you lose out a lot of money. Take hold of your life and be the billionaire you have always wanted to become.

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