Article Title: Brain Training At Its Finest Can Be Found At Neurocore

Neurocore is at the forefront of mental health treatment in terms of neurofeedback methods that they have been using for more than a decade on ADHD patients. Neurocore uses the data of thousands of different patients in order to build a collection that can be used to help treat all future patients by accurately assessing their mental disorders. Neurocore uses its patients HRV, or heart rate variability, in order to access their overall brain health as the first step in their neurofeedback process.

Neurotherapy goes by other names across the industry, such as brain wave training and EEG biofeedback, but in essence, they are the same thing and allow for patients to see how their brain is functioning. Neuropsychologists use electrodes during neurotherapy sessions, which are placed on the patients head, to see moment-to-moment visual data representations so they can determine where a mental disorder is coming from in the brain.

The collected data is later used to build plan for neurofeedback training, specialized to each individual patient. In many cases, this could be as simple as watching a movie or playing a game to measure a patients brain activity at optimal levels. Some of the benefits of biofeedback training over a period of several weeks include reduced stress, lower blood pressure, better sleep and mental recovery, and higher levels of energy throughout the day.

While medications are still usually the first options out there when it comes to treatments, Neurocore and similar companies are looking to use more natural means through neurofeedback training to manage symptoms at their source without negative side effects.

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