Facts About The New 3D-Printed Office In Dubai You Should Know About

The United Arab Emirates is always ahead of the pack when matters related to using technology and innovation in architecture are concerned. The country has made announcements about building an entirely 3D-printed office building that comes accompanied by 3D printed furniture and showcasing 3D exhibits. This new project will be entirely different from other 3D designs in the sense that it will be a complete hub for 3D printed jobs with the exterior walls, the furniture, and all the exterior walls being 3D. News about the phenomenal project were made by the National Innovation Committee and the Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

According to Design News, to construct the 2,000 feet square building will be a 20 feet tall 3D printer on the site. The building is to be constructed using Fiber Reinforced Plastic(FRP), Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum(GRC) and Special Reinforced Concrete(SRC). The construction is expected to take just a few weeks because all printing will be 3D. Construction waste will be reduced from 30-60% while labor costs will be reduced from 80-50% significantly. Spearheading the project will be WinSung Global, which has handled other 3D projects including a home and apartment building in China. Top-notch architecture and engineering firms Synska Hennessey, Thorton Thomasetti and Gensler will also join them.

The building comes at a time when the UAE wants to stamp authority as being the world’s tourist attraction center in matters technology and architecture. The building will also show the world that 3D printing technology and creativity can play an integral role in reshaping the design and construction sectors. Being the first project of the kind to be undertaken by the UAE, more and better ones are expected in the near future. The country has already made a name for itself as shifting from being dependent on oil and moving to newer tourist attraction innovations.

Mohammad Al Gergawi holds the Minister of Cabinet Affairs portfolio in the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates. He was born in Dubai in 1963 and completed both his primary and secondary education in the Emirates before proceeding to the University of Eastern Michigan for his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

He has held many political positions such as the first Secretary-General of Dubai’s Executive Council,Vice Chairman of the Services Council for Ministers among many others. He has also made enormous noble contributions in the society like supervising the inception of the Dubai Government Excellence Award among others. Other areas he has made contributions include higher education, business, media as well as contributing in matters regional with notable figures like Tim Cook. Gewgaw has been awarded for his exemplary dedication to his country’s progress in many functions. He has also won himself and his country a number of recognitions especially in matters related to development and innovation.

The New Venture of FreedomPop

FreedomPop, a mobile carrier with only 4 years of growth experience. This new company, though having been around for only 4 years, has expanded to the international level. This LA-based company has expanded so much due to the new and innovative product that is being offered.

FreedomPop is a mobile carrier that is now offering customers a free plan that includes over 200 minutes of voice calls, 200 free texts as well as over 500 MB of data. All these available amenities are 100 percent free. The mobile-carrier has increased in popularity not from the commercials or from the connections, but from the fact that this company does not make money from the customers buying the plan. Money is made, instead, by wither purchasing more data or minutes, or by purchasing the top quality provided services.

Recently, the CEO has announced that the company has recently closed a $30 million funding round after many offers have been made. Within the first 4 years of being a startup company, FreedomPop has been funded by many big time investors including the founder of Skype. This company, within the last 4 years, has grown rapidly. The new goal of this company is to hit 1 million subscribers by the end of the first quarter.

What makes this company so special is the fact that it does not rely on a wireless infrastructure. Instead, this company is a mobile virtual network operator that has raised almost $50 million in the last year. FreedomPop is a growing international company that offers free minutes and data that can be rolled over each month. The basic free package is offered to everyone that is interested in the product which sets this company apart from all the other mobile carriers. To subscribe to the FreedomPop mobile carrier is to subscribe to an inexpensive and helpful company.

FreedomPop Recieves Funding

FreedomPop recently decided to put their selves up for grabs and on the market. However, in the end they decided to remain independent. In the meantime they did manage to obtain $30 million dollars in funding. This will help the company tremendously as they work out their new plans to expand and better the company. FreedomPop has been trying to make sure that customers are getting the experience they desire and deserve. They are looking to expand the company to Europe. With all the renovations the company is expected to increase in value by up to three or four times. This is phenomenal for the company and investors.

There is an investor that will be named later that everyone wants to know about. There were many offers on the company but in the end they decided to expand and build the company instead of selling out. This is great news for all the customers that are reliant upon using FreedomPop. The company has been coming up in ranks and it would be unwise to sell the company now while it is steadily climbing up in the right direction. Recode expects more from FreedomPop in the future, which should help customers and potential customers.

Benefits Of Visual Search Applications

Many businesses are now using visual search technology in their e-commerce apps. Although the technology is not new, it is gaining popularity because big retailers are designing numerous marketing campaigns for visual search apps.

The Benefits

A visual search app can detect shapes, proportions, sizes, and colors. As a result, shoppers can find products quickly and accurately. Keyword searches can be time-consuming because the keywords must be placed in the product description or in the metadata.

A visual search tool can also increase sales on an e-commerce site because it boosts keyword search results. For example, when shoppers use Google’s Similar Items feature, it displays thousands of similar items.

Spear Fishing

When customers need to locate a product quickly, they use spear fishing techniques. When they spear fish while using visual search tools, they receive better results. If a customer needs a specific couture purse, a visual search tool will display different styles that have reasonable price tags.

Other Options

Although visual search tools are mainly used by fashion retailers, other industries can increase sales by using the technology too. For example, when a shopper takes a photo of an item, the technology will retrieve a mobile coupon. This feature helps many retailers target teen shoppers. Thousands of teenagers take photos of Levi’s jeans so that they use get discounts at Levi stores.

Usage Information

There are dozens of companies that develop visual marketing tools for retailers. Many businesses use Slyce because the company provides an app and has its own marketplace. Although Amazon has an app, it cannot process certain products well. Slyce, however, is very dependable and highly accurate.

Managers who use visual search tools also share the technology with other companies. However, they must design an API marketing strategy. For example, Zappos lets developers remix their products. After the items are redesigned, the developers place them into new apps.

Many people use visual apps because they reduce gas costs. Because consumers can snap photos of products to instantly gather information, they don’t have to travel to a physical store. Also, the entire shopping process is fast and efficient. After the app processes the information, the shopper can buy the item quickly and easily.

Businesses that need additional sales use visual search tools because thousands of people shop on their mobile devices every day. During big marketing projects, all tools must be reliable. This is why many retailers download use Slyce programs.

Skout Is Where I Met My New Girlfriend

Anyone who says that you can’t find love online, they are not telling the truth. There are so many people that are finding love online these days, and I am one of them. I ended up finding my girlfriend through the Skout network, even though I was very worried. I had used other dating sites in the past, but I had no success when it came to women. I haven’t even met he woman in person, and the woman turned out to be a bit too kooky for me.

I decided that I would give it one last try, and I used the Skout network. Skout help me to find a great girl, and it’s so funny how we met. After signing up for the Skout network, I became obsessed with the “shake to chat” feature. Shake to chat allowed me to simply shake my phone, and a new person would end up coming on my phone to talk to me. The people that I would talk to with this feature, they were not someone I would normally have looked for.

I talked to a girl from Ireland, a girl from the Caribbean, another girl from South America, and another girl from the UK. I ultimately ended up finding a great girl on the Skout network, and she lived in New York City. It’s ironic that I ended up finding a girl through the shake to chat feature, especially since I hadn’t done a specific search. I lived close to New York City, so she was a perfect match. After using the Skout network for only a week, I was able to find the girl of my dreams. We continued using Skout to communicate with each other until we were ready to meet.

I had even purchased Skout points in order to send her greetings, and also to see if she had added me as a favorite. The day we were ready to meet, I was very nervous. We met at a car dealership because she said she worked close to the location, and we wanted our meeting place to be mutual. After meeting each other we went out for a bite to eat, and we even went bowling. She has so many things in common with me, and it’s exciting to have met someone through online dating. after we left each other for the night, we chose to see each other again in the future, and now she is my girlfriend.

Alternatives for your Limited Mobile Phone Plan

Are you drowning from the escalating expenses of your mobile phone plan? Tired of extra taxes and data charges? Though the global economy seems to be improving, traditional big brand users are finding new and smart ways to cut their phone bills with innovations in technology.

Phone carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon are known for their price tags that at first seem reasonable, but over time you get tired of worrying about overuse of data and constantly tracking your limited plan. Contrary to popular belief, wireless networks don’t really cost phone carriers any money. This means you’re getting charged hundreds more per year for data than you actually use on their networks. AnastasiaDate advises how lucky it is for the general public as there are a growing number of easy solutions (amazon.com).

Several underdogs like mobile phone application developers and Google are making vital strides in the market. Ever heard of Tango? This easy-to-use phone app lets mutual users make free calls, texts, and video chat sessions. This app could be a quick and easy solution, but still has the issue of overusing data.

Another remedy could be Google’s new Project Fi. This interesting project is based solely on Wi-Fi access. Once you find a hotspot you can make the calls and texts you need to for a small monthly fee. A similar company FreedomPop is offering a similar service. These companies strive to show the major phone carriers that this type of plan can not only be executed, but save customers money as well as they search for alternatives to their pricey phone plans.

Android Malware Hijacks Your Cell Phone

Trojans, viruses and malware created for the smartphone are becoming increasingly elaborate. A new discovery intophone hacking has uncovered Power off Hijack, a malicious software which allows the hacker to use your phone even when it appears to be off.

Here’s how it works: Power off Hijack mimics the shutdown process, but your phone covertly remains turned on, and stays on after you see the screen fade to black.

As Brad Reiflter understands it, this malware allows the hijacker to make phone calls, take pictures, and even use funds in your online wallet without you knowing.

According to Venture Beat, AVG security says Power off Hijack spies on Android phone versions up to 5.0 Lollipop.

There have been approximately 10,000 installations tracked so far and it appears to originate through Google Play store apps.

The Good News: Power off Hijack seems to only affects rooted phones. So if your Android phone is still running the standard software, you’re safe, for now.

Samsung Teaches Town to Talk Using Sign Language

Samsung is a large corporation that really does not suffer from lack of funds. They are worldwide communications experts who want to show that they know all about diversity. That is why they took on the challenge to help a hearing-impaired man in Istanbul. They were able to pull off one of the best surprises ever with the help of the sister of a hearing-impaired man.

The entire town where the hearing-impaired man lives was taught how to use sign language. Ricardo Tosto reported that Samsung then placed hidden cameras around the town to follow him and his sister around town. Globo even suggests that as the brother and sister walk along the streets, he is greeted by one person after another who talks to him via sign language. His confusion shows and he finally asks his sister what is going on.

When he realizes Samsung’s part in the great sign language caper, he is driven to tears by the gesture. It will now be much easier for him since everyone can communicate with him on a daily basis. He will no longer have to rely on his sister or anyone else to translate for him. Communication is one part of the key to living a successful life and all hearing impaired people should have that chance.

Bionic Hands Controlled with Mind

We’ve heard of bionic limbs for many years, though until recently it hasn’t really been something that most of us consider as a viable treatment option. Luckily for three men, a doctor in Austria, did.

These men were stricken with severe nerve damage in their hands, caused by accidents that damaged the bundles of nerve fibers running from the spine to the hands – brachial plexus. All three men opted to have their hands amputated and replaced with new prosthetic ones. The few remaining nerve fibers that still function are saved and, through a procedure called “Bionic reconstruction” Brian Torchin said they are attached to the prosthetic so that the owner can control his new hand in a somewhat normal fashion — with his mind.

These bionic hands must be removed and recharged daily, the fact that they have their own power source, means that the nerve fibers do not have to work as hard as they would normally.

Still, this is not a complete replacement for damaged limbs. Although function was improved greatly, a bionic hand can not restore a persons sense of touch – yet. Currently they are exploring ways of doing this, though it will likely be quite some time down the road. In the nearer future, people affected by nerve damaged limbs can look forward to wireless versions, making life just a little easier.

Skout: The Facebook of Online Dating

For those people who like the user experience of Facebook and are looking to meet new friends or partners, Skout may be the best new experience to try in the world of social media. Skout is an online messaging and social network, that allows people to connect to strangers based on common interests or desires in companions. Best known for its shake to chat application, users can shake their device to find a random individual to establish communication with as a nothing to lose mentality when trying to network online.

CEO Christian Wiklund founded Skout, who recently completed a deal with investors that has given the platform a backing of 22 million dollars to invest in product development and operations. (TechCrunch) The company appears to be taking off quite well as it recently obtained a nightlife app called Nixter, a social media platform designed to advertise local events for users along with additional features. While many online applications eventually fail in becoming profitable, Skout so far has gone against the trend to expand and compete with many dating and social networking platforms. On Facebook, it continues to pick up likes.

The platform draws similar comparisons to Chat-Roulette, a platform that was based strictly on computer generated random chats with people around the world. Skout improves on this concept of anything goes with online chatting, by trying to target conversations that can establish relationships that go past an isolated personal interaction with a stranger. What makes Skout’s random interactions exciting, are the ability to use features such as likes, virtual gifts, and backstage photos. (Yahoo News)

The main advantage of Skout over other online networking platforms is that it utilizes a location-based model, to try to connect users geographically accessible to each other. This platform was one of the first to utilize this model, which can provide a huge incentive for users to prefer Skout to many other networking applications. (Wikipedia) The platform is free for all users, with free downloads available for Android and iOS devices. Overall, while the company is still relatively new, it appears to be an up and coming application in the world of online social networking and dating.