Digital Schooling –ClassDojo

Technology has been evolving over the years, and all sectors and industries have been part of the evolution. The education sector has not been left behind. ClassDojo is an app used in the mobile phones to connect the teachers, students and parents’ activities in school. Teachers who have used the app appreciate it because their work has been made easy. Teachers post pictures of their art projects they carry out in class and send them to parents, and they describe it as a fun experience.

Since it was launched in 2011, ClassDojo has experienced an incredible growth throughout classrooms in the U.S and world over. Almost two-thirds of the schools in the United States has one of their teachers using the Classdojo app. Sam Chaudhary said that what is used inside and around the classroom then the education sector can be changed in a huge way.

Classdojo has also enabled teachers to reward students for their good behavior as well as giving them gold star stickers. The app has also allowed parents and educators to stay in stable communication about what their student is learning in class every day. Parents can see the positive feedback their kids are getting. Recently the app borrowed a feature from snap chat that helps the students to record videos and post photos about their day in school. Teachers, students, and parents can easily download the app from their smartphones and use.

Five years since its inception Class Dojo has been connecting teachers, students, and parents, and now it is going to another level of monetizing the app. The firm has plans to start selling educational contents, such as educational videos that are planning to distribute in a new level that has never been experienced before. Liam who is the co-founder of ClassDojo and also the Chief Technology Officer said that schools use hundreds of dollars to purchase curriculum and software that are usually delivered in boxes, and with what their firm is doing schools will cut much cost.

ClassDojo joined with Stanford University to produce a number of videos and series around the educational theory of the growth mindset. They believe the videos were seen by an audience of about 15million students around America. The content of the growth mindset will be available to all users. Their aim is to make parents consumers of their children’s education.

ClassDojo is a company that was founded in 2011 by Liam Don and his partner Sam Chadhary. The firm has an app that is used by teachers, students and parents to connect them in classrooms. It is based in San Fransisco, California.

According to despite completion from rival companies like Epraise ClassDojo has been growing tremendously and has helped cut down costs for educational materials as well as made tutors duty easy. ClassDojo has increased parents engagement with her classes.

CipherCloud is the Answer to Cloud Storage and Security

CipherCloud is Security Company that works with cloud services to protect information and ensure security standards. Since 2010, the company YouTube defines that CipherCloud has been providing customers with top of the line security services. Based out of San Jose, California, CipherCloud’s platform is based with innovative design that encrypts data before sending it to the cloud for storage by using Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE). This technology never leaves the user’s site and is not shared with the cloud provider. CipherCloud offers assistance with data loss and malware detection for their customers. The platform that CipherCloud uses helps ensure authentic security for any type of information.

On Twitter they’ve announced that CipherCloud has been awarded multiple recognitions over the years. In 2011 CipherCloud was deemed as one of the “Cool Vendors” in cloud security by Garner. The phenomenal security company was recognized in 2013 as “Information Security Product of the Year” as well as the “Best Emerging Technology in Information Security” by SC Magazine. The CEO of CipherCloud, Pravin Kothari, was awarded the CEO of the Year in 2014 for CipherCloud’s success at the tenth annual Information Security Global Excellence Awards.

With over 20 million users in over thirty countries around the world, CipherCloud developed a user-friendly environment to help save information and hold it securely over any length of time. Data protection through CipherCloud allows for quick access to information which helps provide customers with quicker productivity. While individual users can benefit from the services provided by CipherCloud, businesses and corporations can also use their technology. CipherCloud is built to helping leading organizations, such as insurances, banking, healthcare, and government. These organizations, as well as others, can use CipherCloud solutions to store and safeguard information in the cloud.  It’s because of these innovations that Horowitz just recently made a huge investment in CipherCloud.

CipherCloud offers protection for users’ information in a multitude of different ways. This organization supplies users with encryption, malware detection, tokenization, data loss prevention, and activity monitoring to every single user of CipherCloud. This helps push aside any concerns for security. The Facebook defines that CipherCloud can be used for categorizing data to make easier to organize and search. It can also be used to assist with SalesForce by ensuring data privacy and residency concerns regarding customer information. CipherCloud is more than just a cloud storage facility. It offers protection, organization, and security for your data that needs to be saved and stored.  Full details for CipherCloud can be found through LinkedIn.