How Eric Pulier Finances His Startups

Eric Pulier has quite a bit of experience when it comes to launching tech startups. There are many different steps that must be completed in order for a startup to have any chance of succeeding. Obviously, creating and launching a startup will cost money. A startup project will not get past the planning phase without the money needed to make it a reality. Eric Pulier has mastered the technique of getting financing for all of the startup projects that he oversees (Click here for more). As you might imagine, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who want to know how he does this.

Coming up with a solid idea for a tech startup is not a problem for many people. It is getting people to believe in their idea enough to invest in it that they often find to be problematic. Eric says that preparation is key in order to make a pitch that will impress potential investors. This means that you need to spend a great deal of time writing your speech and carefully crafting every word. You must always remember that even a single word that is misinterpreted by potential investors could be devastating for your cause. He said it is also important to make your pitch in very simple language that anyone can understand. Investors could become bored and zone out if your presentation is too complicated and wordy. See:

Pulier says that you should never invest your own money in a startup venture. This is just a bad financial idea that has a high risk of turning out badly for you. Always get someone else to foot the bill for any tech startup project that you come up with. You should simply move on to a different project if you are unable to secure financing for a certain startup. It might be hard to give up your dream if you have been working on the startup for a long time. However, things will be much worse for you if a large chunk of your money is poured into a startup and it fails. An investor will eventually come along if your startup is good enough.

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Slyce inspires visual start-ups to next solutions in Artificial Intelligence

Online shopping has brought in a new paradigm in shopping experience. Tech-savvy millennials are now able to order for their choice of goods at the comfort of their chairs and the products gets delivered to them. Shopping online for fashion clothing however has its own completely new dynamics. One may spot a cloth that s/he likes and for the convenience and wide array that online shops offer, choose to go about looking for the same piece online. it however may prove tough finding stuff that is exactly similar and of the right size. Visual search startups are focused on providing such online shoppers, the most accurate prediction of consumer demand consistently.

As per a Live Mint article, there are multiple visual search start-ups globally making ground breaking innovations in artificial intelligence-based solutions. The existent technologies in the area are being continually polished towards more accurate predictions. The start-ups work with retailers to help customers discover products online, using object photos in the real world.

Just as in the developed world, the developing world is equally attempting to crack visual search. In India, a host of start-ups have joined the bandwagon with promises to localize online shopping but still work in the global mindset. They either serve local fashion retailers or offer such solutions to multinational companies keen on capturing the local cues.

Slyce has established a firm foothold in the industry. The visual search solutions company is miles ahead in use of image recognition technology both for desktop and smartphones. By use of a snapped photo Slyce is able to activate visual product recognition in a snap. In a 3-D perspective, a shopper sends through a real world image which is then analyzed for dozens of attributes defined such as style, pattern and color as well as other unique features. The app then returns similar products from a retailer’s catalogue.

Slyce technologies in visual search is way ahead both in in precision levels in its search results and the wide range of solutions it is able to offer. Users are able to turn the interests they pick from daily interactions into actual purchase. Whenever a user for example read a magazine ad, they can simply snap the image of a fashion item of interest and Slyce solutions does the rest. The photo can be matched on Pinterest and all the different variants are displayed for the user’s choice.