Top Tech Projects In The Early Stage Of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the founder and chairman of MergerTech, Saber Corp, and president of Maxonic. His technology-industry initiatives initiated in 1998 with the Saber Corporation after working for Oracle Corporation as a senior consultant for their software programs.

The Background of Nitin Khanna

Nitin graduated from Purdue University with a Master in Engineering degree, basing his future financial activity in Portland, Oregon. The experience earned at Oracle helped him to create one of the fastest growing companies in 2007, Saber Corp.

The Saber Corporation, created in 1998, specialized in the electronics sector, receiving multiple awards for the rapid development that occurred after its acquisition by Electronic Data Systems.

Even though MergerTech is the most relevant firm of Nitin Khanna, he exits three other minor firms before, receiving enough capital for the primary business objective.

Nitin Khana and his Investments

Prior to creating Merges and Acquisitions Advisory, Nitin funded various business projects as an investor.



  • Geoloqi: Similar to Meridian, the Geoloqi API displays the exact real-time location of a subject. For location-aware apps, this platform is oriented to tech enterprises. The capabilities of the software are pretty complete: GPS and Wifi tracking, cross-platform, a security system, statistical presentation, smart battery management, among others. Developers can program Geoloqi to show locations by setting triggers.


  • Cloudability: The website offers a financial management tool to analyze cloud resources. It complements IT services for the correct management of the economy. The software displays recommendations, charts, reports, budget alerts, and other impressive features to improve the transparency of financial data.

Nitin’s Presidency at Maxonic

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Maxonic creates long term business connections to offer technical consulting. The organization specializes in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of IT-based project assignments.

Since 2002, the Maxonic support service has become an expert dealing with all types of programs, ranging from struggling startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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NGP Van Provides Tips for Campaigns

Political campaigns are extremely important. Over the past few decades, campaigns have become extremely competitive and complicated as politicians and campaign staff continue to utilize a variety of complex methods and technologies. One company that has continued to provide very valuable software and technology to those that are in political campaigns is NGP VAN.

This company is a privately held organization that provides a variety of campaign software used for compliance purposes, data organization, and analytics. The company is also a leading political campaign consultant that can provide a variety of different services. The company, which dates back nearly 20 years, has recently provided a variety of tips that can help anyone better manage their campaign.

Recently, the company provided a variety of tips that can be used by any campaign during an end of quarter process. One tip that the company provided is to get as organized as possible. This part of the campaign process is typically very fast paced and competitive. Because of this, it can be easy to fall behind on emails and lose track of everything that is going on. All people involved in the campaign will need to have a quality organizational system established to make sure they are on top of all of the necessary tasks.

Another tip that NGP VAN provided is to have emails established in advance. Sending out blast emails today is a common part of any political process. In fact, most political campaigns will send out several in one day, especially when the election date is nearing. To make sure that you are ready for the end of campaign rush, you will need to have a few emails written in advance. This will also help to ensure that you do not reuse the same content. However, all of these emails will need to be checked to make sure they are still relevant based on recent information affecting the campaign.

Finally, the end of a campaign is a time to celebrate. Even if you do not win, hosting a campaign is a lot of work and a major accomplishment that needs to be recognized.

NGP VAN is a top technology company that specializes in software for organizing progressive and democratic campaigns and promotes civil rights and environmental causes.

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How Eric Pulier Finances His Startups

Eric Pulier has quite a bit of experience when it comes to launching tech startups. There are many different steps that must be completed in order for a startup to have any chance of succeeding. Obviously, creating and launching a startup will cost money. A startup project will not get past the planning phase without the money needed to make it a reality. Eric Pulier has mastered the technique of getting financing for all of the startup projects that he oversees (Click here for more). As you might imagine, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who want to know how he does this.

Coming up with a solid idea for a tech startup is not a problem for many people. It is getting people to believe in their idea enough to invest in it that they often find to be problematic. Eric says that preparation is key in order to make a pitch that will impress potential investors. This means that you need to spend a great deal of time writing your speech and carefully crafting every word. You must always remember that even a single word that is misinterpreted by potential investors could be devastating for your cause. He said it is also important to make your pitch in very simple language that anyone can understand. Investors could become bored and zone out if your presentation is too complicated and wordy. See:

Pulier says that you should never invest your own money in a startup venture. This is just a bad financial idea that has a high risk of turning out badly for you. Always get someone else to foot the bill for any tech startup project that you come up with. You should simply move on to a different project if you are unable to secure financing for a certain startup. It might be hard to give up your dream if you have been working on the startup for a long time. However, things will be much worse for you if a large chunk of your money is poured into a startup and it fails. An investor will eventually come along if your startup is good enough.

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Soon You May Have to Choose Google or Apple

Smartphone users have excellent choices today. Apple offers a few quality iPhone options, and there are a plethora of models on the market that run Google’s Android operating system. Apple iPhone users have a choice of Apple and Google services and apps to choose from to make their phones capable of just about anything they need from it. You may prefer Apple for your hardware, but maybe you like Google maps for finding your way around town or Google photos for managing the pictures you take with the built-in camera that all cell phones come with today. The days of cross-platform capability in this manner may be ending before long.

According to Kevin Seawright, Google Now is their intelligent personal assistant that can help you out when you ask it questions. There is, however, a new and improved version coming that is called Now on Tap. It offers expanded capabilities, but it will only work on Android compatible phones. The next generation of Apple’s Siri personal assistant will also be more reliant on Apple services for enhanced integration and new capabilities. This marks a disturbing trend on both sides of the smartphone market to force users to choose either all Apple for hardware and software or all Google. If this plays out as it seems to be heading, it will be anybodies guess as to which of these tech giants will come out on top.

Android Malware Hijacks Your Cell Phone

Trojans, viruses and malware created for the smartphone are becoming increasingly elaborate. A new discovery intophone hacking has uncovered Power off Hijack, a malicious software which allows the hacker to use your phone even when it appears to be off.

Here’s how it works: Power off Hijack mimics the shutdown process, but your phone covertly remains turned on, and stays on after you see the screen fade to black.

As Brad Reiflter understands it, this malware allows the hijacker to make phone calls, take pictures, and even use funds in your online wallet without you knowing.

According to Venture Beat, AVG security says Power off Hijack spies on Android phone versions up to 5.0 Lollipop.

There have been approximately 10,000 installations tracked so far and it appears to originate through Google Play store apps.

The Good News: Power off Hijack seems to only affects rooted phones. So if your Android phone is still running the standard software, you’re safe, for now.

Bruce Levenson combines business, sports and philanthropy

Business person Bruce Levenson is probably best known as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and a well known business leader through his impressive leadership of the UCG Group. However, along with his wife Karen the Levenson’s have now become one of the most important couples in philanthropic donations and programs offered in the US. Levenson himself has spent a large amount of time, effort and money establishing the impressive School of Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. The school has been designed and created to produce the next generation of leaders in social entrepreneurship for the world as a whole.

Levenson has an interesting story regarding his entry into the data and research industry for oil and gas. Despite training as a lawyer, Levenson had begun work as a reporter for The Washington Star when he and Ed Peskowitz joined together and created their own newsletter, Oil Express. Taking a new approach to the delivery of data and statistics for the oil and gas industry, the newsletter was an almost instant success and allowed the pair to purchase a number of other newsletters to form UCG. The success of the company and the expansion into other areas allowed Levenson and Peskowitz to head a group buying the Atlanta Hawks organization. Through the Hawks, Levenson took part in the Hoop Dreams programs and became active in the make a Wish program organization.

Philanthropy has become a major part of the success of both Bruce and Karen Levenson, the initial success of the launch of the US Holocaust Museum led on to the establishment of the new school at the University of Maryland. The school teaches the latest techniques in social leadership for the not for profit sector and allows individuals to gain valuable experience in social programs offered in the Washington DC area. In recent times, the school has expanded its activities to include the awarding of monetary funds to programs created by any member of the University of Maryland student body. An expansion of not for profit programs will also see students at undergraduate and graduate levels take their skills to projects in India and Africa to see the school develop a global reach.

Lesbians Who Tech Conference Held in San Fransico

Last weekend, the Lesbians in Tech Summit, which was the first of its kind, was held in San Fransisco. This is the second year of the conference. There have also been a number of local meet-ups throughout the year. The networking event was designed to help lesbians in tech meet each other and find support in a field dominated by straight white males.

Over the weekend, the women met, socialized, and ate together. According to Crunchbase thye attended a wide variety of workshops, lectures and lunches. The event aimed to be different from other tech conferences and summits, mainly in that it was looking to gather together a different group of people than you normally see at a tech conference. Workshops included “Breaking the Bro Code” and “Why Ida B. Wells Is My Favorite Data Scientist”.

The conference also featured a number of impressive keynote speakers. These included Marc Benioff who is CEO of Salesforce, Megan Smith who is US Chief Technology Officer and Kara Swisher who is code editor of Re/code.

The 3 day conference attracted over 1,200 women, many of whom said that this was the first time they felt comfortable at a tech conference. One woman said that this was the first time she had spent at a networking even where she hadn’t been called “honey” or “sweetie” and was relieved not to have been hit on my sleazy men the entire time. Other women also appreciated that the focus was on them, which they found difficult in a male dominated field.

Ethical Editing Tips Wikipedia Users From Get Your Wiki

Wikipedia has literally changed the face of the internet. If you search any person, subject, or location chances are Wikipedia will appear as one of the first results. This is because Wikipedia is full of information, useless and useful alike. What makes the site even more charming and original is the fact that the users are the main source of information.

The writing team at Get Your Wiki reached out to me since they know I’ve always been a Wikipedia junkie. They offered some key little tips for editing articles without actually getting your work shot down.

Yes, essentially anyone has free range over the site, therefore if you read an article on say, you favorite actress, and you notice a few key pieces of information missing – you may add them. Making a new Wiki page is a bit harder, but can also be done by thoroughly reading Wikipedia’s editorial guidelines.

As lovely as a feature this may be, like everything else in the world, there are those who take advantage of it. Wikipedia can and does provide essential, helpful, user-friendly information, but every now and again user’s may come upon something that is not entirely accurate. That is why it is up to users and writers alike to be proactive as well as ethical.

First and foremost, Get Your Wiki says that if you notice something inaccurate or just plain ridiculous on the site do the right thing and try to fix it yourself, immediately. This is actually rather simple, by adding citations from reliable sources you can confirm information.

Coupled with this, if information appears to be extraordinarily biased, thereby inaccurate in a sense, that may be reported and ultimately linked to Wikipedia’s Neutrality Point of View page. By being connected to this page, users will be aware that the information they are viewing may in fact be bias.

By being cognizant of the information we are both viewing and submitting we will assist in the prolonged utilization of this excellent website. Reporting, editing, and changing information is not difficult and is the best interest of all users. Wikipedia is essentially an information source designed by information-seekers for information-seekers.

Mark Ahn Discusses His Views of Technological Trends in the World

Newswire recently spoke to biotech entrepreneur Mark Ahn. The general conversation centered around trends in the tech industry. However, Ahn was careful to stress the reasons he saw for these trends. In particular, he often returned to a central point. 

Ahn stressed that technological trends come about through an interplay of need and compassion from people who see that need. In particular, he made an apt comparison between a typical MBA classroom and The Aeneid. The two might not seem to have much in common. But Ahn pointed out that both the classroom, and the epic are there to provide lessons for people striving to achieve a goal. 

He made it very clear that, in his opinion, true progress can only take place through a leader with real integrity. Given his role in biotech research, this is a particularly noteworthy statement. He framed the concept, again, within the context of history. Ahn mentioned that throughout every generation, it’s integrity which is the deciding factor to make or break a company. 

Ahn also stressed the role of care within a global context. He points out that it’s not enough to care about the people and things around oneself. Instead, one needs to care about the whole world. The larger view became clear as he spoke about what he sees coming in 2015. 

Mark Ahn believes that 2015 will see many advances to help growing economies and third world countries. He pointed out that drought can have devastating effects on people within these areas. However, Ahn is optimistic about how emerging technologies can help fight against drought. He pointed out that new drought resistant crops are in development. Ahn also stated that he believes a host of new technologies will emerge in 2015 to help these regions survive in times of drought.

Ahn is an author, entrepreneur, and professor at Carnegie Mellon and Portland State. You can follow him on Twitter.

Circadian Vs Technology/The New Challenge Our Children Face Today

As technology continues to invade our waking world, it would appear that it is having a very significant impact on our younger population in the form of smartphones, tablets and small screen video game players and their sleep. According to an article in TECH TIMES results of a study published in on January 5, 2015, showed that children who have some form of technology such as a television, laptop, smartphone, or tablet in their room experienced at least 18 to 21 minutes of sleep loss during the week as opposed to children who do not. However many children had a stronger sense of image recognition from the use of technology.

Children are using smartphones as often if not more than adults, but not just for communication. They are on Facebook posting selfies and updates all throughout the day. Children, especially pre-teens are Youtubing videos and sharing content with friends. Educational demands on the middle school sect are challenge enough without the constant competition and demands of peer pressure to have the latest form of technological devices. The greatest challenge is placed on parents to assure a good night’s sleep for their children or to help them keep up with the arrogation of their friends and the importance of fitting in.