From Beauty To Jewelry: Doe Deere’s New Line of Fine Jewelry

Doe Deere, a prominent entrepreneur who founded Lime Crime cosmetics, is back in the news again and for good reason. This woman has epitomized the term reinvention to the highest degree. Deere has already solidified her place in the beauty industry thanks to her use of exotic colors, but she’s now venturing into jewelry making. Of course, this phenomenal woman has done all of the necessary research before tackling this subject, but she wasn’t 100 percent sure of going this route. Deere accidentally came across her family’s heirlooms. This jewelry would spark her level of interest to the fullest. Jewelry from the Victorian era was big in Deere’s family legacy so she has purposely decided to expand on this legacy.

Poppy Angeloff is the name of the latest company, and it was inspired by a girl who wore the finest of jewels. Poppy Angeloff will utilize fine ingredients such as gold and sterling silver. This material is very high in quality, and it will be blended with her signature hues of color. “Yes, we use all of the pieces in an ethical manner,” said Deere. The company’s jewelry boxes are created from vegan velvets. Consumers will be able to rock their favorite rocks guilt-free. Being cruelty-free has always played a major role in what Deere has brought to the table. She doesn’t support the slaughtering of animals in any way, which has garnered her plenty of respect.

Poppy Angeloff is basically an extension of Lime Crime to some degree even though Deere has left the cosmetics scene. She and her husband sold the company for an undisclosed amount and are searching for greener pastures. As of 2019, Poppy Angeloff has the potential to become a game changer in jewelry making because the brand is offering something that’s completely different from the norm.

Logan Stout Has Many Talents

Logan Stout is a business owner who has done great things with the business that he founded. IDLife is a company that puts out nutritional products, and it is a company that is doing fairly well. This company is one that is run well, and it is one that creates products that meet the needs of adults and children. Mr. Stout has worked hard to help his business be one that is successful. He is a man who is ambitious, and that helps him to be someone who is great at owning a business. He is the kind of business owner who deserves respect.

In addition to owning a business, Logan Stout is someone who has written a book and who goes around speaking to crowds. He has information to share, and he is good at sharing that with others in a way that can positively affect their lives. He spends time talking to people and helping them better themselves. He wrote a book that was meant to be something that would be good for those who read it. Mr. Stout is a leader and someone who others respect because of the way that he goes about leading people.

Logan Stout is a husband and a father. He is someone who looks beyond the work that he has to do and focuses on everything that is important in life. He does a good job of running Logan Stout’s business and looking out for people around the world, but he also does a good job of taking care of his family. He is a man who has a strong faith, and that faith pushes him to be the kind of man that his family needs him to be. Mr. Stout is someone who takes time for his wife and children even when life is busy for him.

Nutrition is something that has always been a part of Logan Stout’s life, and it is something that he has chosen to focus his time and attention on. He is a man of many talents, and he uses those talents in all that he does as he runs IDLife.

Logan Stout info:

Award-Winning Businessman Brian Bonar Helps People Prosper

Brian Bonar is an amazing businessperson. That’s why it came as no surprise to people that have done business with him that he was named the finance industry ‘Executive of the Year’ by Cambridge Publishing. The award is the highest honor in the professional networking community.

Bria Bonar earned the award because of his years of success in the financial services industry. He has also founded or held a leadership position in a series of very successful businesses. Those businesses allowed Brian Bonar to show his wide range of abilities. It seemed like any company with which he was involved did well.

Innovate, re-invent and focus are the words that guide Brian Bonar’s life. It’s more than just a motto; it’s a challenge to himself. And it’s guided his entire business career. After earning an engineering degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow,Scotland and both an MBA and a Ph.D from England’s Stafford University in International Business Development Studies, Bonar stepped into the world of work.

He spent almost 20 years working with IBM throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. During that time he honed his communication and business skills. When he left IBM he took the business world by storm.

He began by becoming the director of engineering of the software and hardware engineering company QMS. After 4 years Bonar left to become vice president of sales and marketing for the printing technology company the Rastek Corporation then Sales Manager for Adaptec.

In 1994 Brian Bonar became founder and CEO of Bezier Systems. He also simultaneously became vice president sales and marketing at itec imaging technologies. His work in the printing industry put him in contact with Japanese printer makers. His work with itec enabled him to strengthen and broaden those connections. Bonar founded Bezier to market a printer he invented.

Since starting Bezier Systems Bonar has founded and run staffing company Trucept,
Dalrada Financial Services, AMS Outsourcing, Smart-Tek Automated Services and Allegiant Profesional Business Services. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Through those companies he has been able to network communities, businesses and workers all around the world and help them prosper. Plus his business contracts have inspired and assisted other entrepreneurs. It makes people want to do business with Boanr. His work is so well respected internationally, he was given the honorary title ‘Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Wales”.

According to WhitePages, part of the reason for Brian Bonar’s success is his focus on growth through creating opportunities for people using his connections and creativity. Plus he has valuable experience in sales, marketing, imaging technologies, mergers and acquisitions, printing technology, software and hardware development, engineering, outsourcing, temporary staffing, financial services and effective management strategy. But what sets Brian Bonar apart is his ability to develop and maintain relationships.