Rally Car Legend Michel Terpins Finishes best in the Best 5 and 4th in the entire Sertoes Rally

Michael Turpin’s comes from a long line of well-known icons in the sports industry within Brazil. He was initiated into the world of sports by his father at an early age. Rally car racing would inevitably become his passion. Being extremely competitive, Michel would inspire his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins, to join the same sport; eventually partnering together in Bull Sertoes Rally Team. His motorsport career has spanned almost two decades and continues to grow as the brothers participate in some of the most challenging circuits Brazil has to offer.


Michel Terpins began his professional motorsport career in the motorcycle category, starting in 2002 at the age of 23. From the motorcycle category, Rodrigo would eventually continue on to rally car racing. Being a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, a team he co-founded with his brother Rodriguez, he has participated in numerous rallies including the exclusive Sertoes Rally. You can visit broadcast.com



The Sertoes Rally held in 2017 was a particularly memorable event for the Terpin brothers. The second prototype in the T1 prototype category was formed on board the T-Rex, a car developed by MEM motorsport for the second consecutive year. After going through a few modifications, it provided a competitive edge for the Team. The 25th edition of the SertoesRally was divided into different stages, finishing any one of the stages is considered a fantastic achievement. Michel Terpin and Maykel were the leaders in the T1 category, rating the best in the Best 5 and 4th in the entire rally for 2017. During the fourth day of the race, the T-Rex developed some mechanical problems including a damaged rear suspension. Michel was still able to finish the stage in the fourth position.


Michel Terpins and his brother Rodrigo Terpins continue to race together with the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and are looking forward to the 2018 Sertoes Rally. Presently, Michel and his brother Rodrigo are working on other entrepreneurial ventures, putting the issue of sustainable development at the forefront of their home country Brazil










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