NASA Announces Plans to Send Humans to Mars By 2030

It may seem like NASA is in dire need of assistance from Slow Ventures financing, but space exploration is a lot more prevalent than many care to admit, having increased in popularity, particularly Mars, in the last couple of years. Now NASA has announced that it plans to send humans to Mars by 2030. After the success of the most recent Mars Rover, interest in space programs and interstellar travel has increased. 

 Mars One is a private organization that has plans to colonize Mars by sending people there without a return plan. To date over 100,000 people have signed up for the trip despite the ability to return.

Another organization, Northern Light launched a fundraising campaign for a publicly funded crowd sourced rover to explore the planet in 2018.

It is no surprise that with such a large amount of public support, NASA has announced their plans to put a human on Mars. Unlike Mars One, the plan is have humans return to Earth once they have completed their mission. As part of the process, NASA will continue to explore the planet with rovers and other robots in order to plan and experiment to find out how to best prepare astronauts to explore the planet. 

Additionally, NASA plans to send astronauts to land on, and explore an asteroid that is close to Mars by 2025.