Doug Levitt Uses his Greyhound Diaries Project to Demonstrate how Individuals across Different Parts of America Share Common Goals

Doug Levitt is a renowned American singer and songwriter who began traveling by Greyhound buses to various regions of the U.S. His tours were focused on gathering stories and pictures of daily passengers of Greyhound buses. He was passionate about learning how the advent of buses has influenced the country. Throughout his journey, he interacted with people of different cultures, beliefs, ideology, race, and economic status.



Levitt was inspired by the 1930s WPA initiatives when recording the EP. According to him, the WPA initiatives represented the American history broadly. The federal government sponsored the initiatives. Levitt dedicated the entire project to American citizens.



About Doug Levitt


Levitt is the son of Carol Schwartz, who was a former D.C. Council member. As he grew up, Levitt was a member of a gospel choir and participated in school sports. He spent most of his childhood in D.C. where he draws most of his musical inspiration. Levitt once served as a correspondent for CNN while living in London. He decided to travel back to the U.S. to focus on turning his dream of becoming a professional musician into a reality. His mission was to pursue music professionally and enlighten his fans concerning the beautiful sceneries and populace that America has to offer. Levitt also wanted to use music to share his story with his listeners.


As a D.C native, he enjoyed the diversity in the city. He was also exposed to different aspects of the society. His mother was a liberal D.C. Republican. Therefore, Levitt had an opportunity to learn politics from time to time. She taught him on how to have an open mind and how to avoid describing people based on their affiliations. As the only Jewish child in a church choir, Levitt sang with passion. According to him, music addresses common issues that people deal with every day. It strengthens people and allows them to overcome difficult situations.