Solar Water

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get clean and drinkable water from a convenient source such as the sun? Engineers at Gear Lab in collaboration with Jain Irrigation Systems have partnered up to make a machine like this a reality instead of just a dream. Two years ago, a group of American engineers traveled to rural India to help poor villages. Initially, upon arrival, the group thought that their only task would be to get rid of microbes in the drinking water. Not long after they started working on the problem did another troubling problem rear its ugly head. Salt. The group from Massachusetts Institute of Technology kept repeatedly hearing about a salty taste in the water. Soon, the group discovered that the groundwater was brackish. So the group went to India and fulfilled their duties of cleaning out the microbes, but only to find out that the water was still undrinkable. Thankfully, the group took this as a challenge and did everything they could to meet that challenge according to Daniel Amen. The solution was a solar powered water desalination system. Energy from the sun is taken and used in the system to turn what was once salty brackish water into contaminant free water. There was finally technology that would make clean water accessible to thirsty citizen and drought stricken farms. The water is safe enough for drinking and farming. These systems are incredibly cheap and are smaller than most other desalination systems. This is a huge step forward to provide clean and safe drinking water to underdeveloped and developing countries. The group plans on broadening their scope to deliver this technology to deserving countries.