Exemplary Leadership Portrayed by Eric Puller

As early as fourth grade, American entrepreneur Eric Puller was already programming computers and in high school, he started a database company. Puller joined Harvard University in 1984 and majored in English and American literature. With this set of skills, Puller became an editor and also wrote a column for “The Harvard Crimson”. 1991 saw Puller move to his current location Los Angeles where he started People Doing Things (PDT). This company incorporated technology in addressing important issues such as health care and education.
Eric Puller continued his innovative streak and in 1994, he founded Digital Evolution; an interactive agency which later merged with LLC in 1998. To ensure everybody in the society enjoyed technology, Puller helped to build Starbright World an online platform where children with chronic illnesses could interact and share their experiences. Other ventures founded by Puller include: Akana, Media Platform and Desktone.
Courtesy of his impressive technological innovations, the presidential inaugural committee appointed Puller to create and implement “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. This presidential technology exhibition in Washington D.C opened more doors for Puller as he was also a participant in the vice president’s Al Gore’s health forum where he spoke about health care and technology initiatives. In addition, Puller also supports and participates in the Clinton Global Initiative.
Apart from the numerous technological innovations, Eric Puller is an accomplished author. The skills attained at Harvard allowed him to co-author “Understanding Enterprise SOA” a noted book that discusses service-oriented architecture. In addition, Puller is also known for his philanthropic acts through his donations to numerous non-profit organizations. With his immense knowledge and love for humanity, Puller sits in boards of numerous charitable organizations. Some of the organizations in which Puller sits include: The Painted Turtle which is a camp for children with chronic ailments and the X-Prize Foundation which arranges competitions that seek to solve the greatest challenges in humanity. See: http://www.baconbutterbooze.com/a-look-at-the-background-and-charity-work-of-tech-innovator-eric-pulier/
Currently, Eric Puller is the CEO of ServiceMesh; a cloud management company with presence in three continents. The innovative skills possessed by Puller have put his company in the global map and has earned him respect around the world. These innovations are more than enough proof of Puller’s confidence and love for technology. In addition, Puller has used his technology innovations to positively impact on the lives of the less privileged.
It goes without saying that Eric Puller is one of the few corporate chiefs who do not compromise on humanity for the love of profits. This is definitely the style of leadership that makes the world a better place (Click here for more).