Scholarships From Keith and Dynamic Search Partners To Make A Difference

In the attempt to help the less fortunate students to make it through college, Keith Mann, as well as Dynamics Search Partners, had a fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Several members of the financial community came together to raise more than $22,000 to go to the Uncommon Schools.

According to the PRNewswire, the Uncommon Schools was determined to close the gap between the students from better backgrounds and those in poorer backgrounds. In this case, the fund was to ensure that the less fortunate students not only join college but also get the chance to make it through and finally graduate.

A new high school will be put up in Brooklyn by the Uncommon Schools. The students funded here include the students’ PSAT and the AP testing for their inaugural school year. However, before the fundraising, Dynamic Search Partners had already put in $10,000 to meet the testing needs of the students are catered to. This firm and the Uncommon Schools have been working together since 2013 with the intention to put up better platforms to help students to learn worthy tactical and practical skills so as to make it through college successfully and finally beyond.

After being in the executive search industry for more than 15years, Keith Mann has become a professional in strategies used in staffing and hiring as well as compensation in hedge funds. As a managing director at Dynamics Executive Search, Keith took in staff for the various international financial services firm.

In 2002, Keith Mann launched an alternative investment banking firm within his previous company, Dynamics Executive Search. This strategy was after he realized that the hedge fund picked up and grew quite fast. Additionally, he observed that the community has under served this industry and hence decided to expand it in 2006, making it into a private equity industry. Finally, in 2009, the Dynamic Search Partners was formed as a search firm that focused on alternative investment companies.

Currently, Keith is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners and foresees the daily managerial functions of the business. He gives a helping hand to his customers in marketing and internal strategizing as well as in hiring investment. He also creates new platforms across Europe, Asia, and the United States and covers 200 client mandates annually.

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