You Must Always Question Your Model – Dr. Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a household name in the field of medicine. A medicine graduate from the University of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Moll, has made a mark in the world of medicine through his research work and practice in neurology. It is in the field of neuroscience that Dr. Moll seems to have discovered new meaning in medical practice. See details in (Ideamensch).

Dr. Moll also holds a Ph.D. Owing to his belief in research and solutions to human health born out of it, Dr. Jorge Moll set up the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. The doctor says that he has an innate desire to help relieve patients of their suffering and pain through researched solutions. Jorge Moll heads a host of other medical research institutions. He believes in interacting with other researchers, students and the general public to share ideas.

Dr. Moll has such a busy schedule, as he admits in one of the many interviews he is sought to attend. He still manages to balance his busy schedule and family, nonetheless. One of Dr. Moll’s dreams in life was to set up research institutions that conducted unmatched research in his country. Dr. Moll went on to implement his dream by starting a research institute and heading several others. On an ordinary day, Dr. Moll says he switches between meetings which cover a broad spectrum of subject matter and agenda.

When asked to comment on what the young people who wish to follow in his footsteps should do differently to achieve what they want, Dr. Moll says that ideas are plentiful out there. What makes the difference is settling on the best one, and implementing it. On my part, I sieve out the myriad of ideas and come up with the ones I can organize into an action plan.



Dr. Jorge Molls’ Areas of Interest in Modern Science

Artificial intelligence is an emerging scientific field with a lot of new things to learn. He notes that he’s particularly excited to see how the human brain is synchronized with machines. Dr. Moll says he is also drawn to research and the developments emerging from gene therapy and the regenerative medicine practice. Dr. Moll further says that science is an open field with room for more research.

Dr. Jorge Moll further points out that transparency is an important ingredient; if one wants to be productive. He faults the tendency to hold on to ideas for too long. He advises young people to always make up their mind about what they want. He points out that an idea is only useful if it is put into practice. Further, he notes that he has a problem with people who keep repeating the same things over and over. He advises that it is important to keep yourself always under checks. He says, “You must always question your model of doing things.”