Rocketship Education Charter School is about to get a New Home

Redwood City, California is where the first Rocketship Education Charter School was first established. This charter school is dedicated to providing a high-quality education for inner city students with certain neighborhoods. While any young student can attend Rocketship, this school’s main goal is to help low-income parents with the ability to choose alternative schools for their children.

Rocketship in Redwood City is going to get a new makeover. The school is being moved from one end of town to another section. The newer facility is going to provide more space, better amenities and improved technology for students. The structure was recently built and is expected to open for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

The administrators at Rockeship realize that student tend to perform better inside of updated facilities. Newer facilities typically have improved resources that better serve students. The technology within newer facilities is typically updated and the learning materials consists of the latest books, teaching tools and supplies.

The amount of students at the facility is going to increase as well. The school will be able to accommodate 480 students. This will allow more students from low-income areas to attend. The school is trying to push enrollment up to 600. Since Rocketship is a K – 5 school, the students will need recess. The new facility will also provide a state of the art playground which will include a jungle gym, climbing walls and brand-new playground equipment.

The school’s new home will also need more teachers. Many qualified teachers will be hired into the facility. Parents will also have a say in the hiring process. Teachers from the old building are expected to transfer into the new building. Rocketship’s new facility is creating a lot of excitement for the staff, parents and students. These changes are expected to make Rocketship one of the best schools within the Redwood City area.