What’s Cooking in the Dog Food Industry?

It is being called the ‘humanization of pets‘. The phenomenon where we humans seek to have our emotional needs met by our domesticated animal friends; even willing to spend thousands for veterinarian care, and at other end of the spectrum, a justice system that will throw the book at anyone who abuses or neglects their pets. The same holds true for the way pet owners are looking to give their furry family members an “eat like your owner” meal time experience. The Daily Herald has reported a surge in the gourmet pet food industry, which has risen 45 percent to garner $10.5 billion of a pet food industry that rakes in $23.7 billion per year. Home-style recipes, fresh ingredients, organic, gluten-free and personalized formulations to meet Fido’s every need, are driving pet food manufacturers to respond with new innovative lines of dog and cat food.

Purina is tapping into the market of pet owners that want their dogs to have a more ancestral diet – to eat more in line with what their wolf pack ancestors would have eaten hundreds of years ago. The company acquired Merrick Pet Care, a smaller company that premiered certified organic wet and dry dog good. This will put Purina in a good position to accelerate it Backcountry line of recipes which include selections such as ‘Pacific Catch’ and ‘Game Bird’. Purinastore is the parent company of Beneful, whose extensive line of wet dog foods are available in re-closable 10 ounce tubs, keeping the product fresher for longer periods of time.

Beneful has certainly joined in offering the human-like mealtime experience with it’s line of home-style recipes geared to excite a dog’s palate with fresh ingredients, real meat and succulent sauces. The Beneful Simmered Chicken or Simmered Beef Entrees are both reminiscent of old family recipes, with carrots, barley, green beans, wild rice and spinach while packing plenty of protein with only 2% fat content. The Chicken Stew and Beef Stew recipes are great options for mixing with the Beneful Orignal‘s dry dog kibble, to create an economical, flavorful mix that will cater to the finicky eater with a large appetite. If your dog has a knack for table food, Beneful has the solution with quality, comfort food recipes for your pet.