Is Unlimited Wireless Data Good?

Unlimited wireless data gives users the freedom to do just anything, with absolutely no restrictions. Everyone wants to enjoy this freedom without having to pay extras cash. When put in a broader perspective however, unlimited data is not that good in the long run.

Unlimited data causes unnecessary delays in connectivity, as a result of to many people doing too much with the data at the same time, putting unnecessary strain on the network. No one would want this to happen.

If you would ask most users, they would all agree that there is nothing worse than slow internet connection. This is what would happen most of the time, if all users suddenly had access to unlimited data, due to the bandwidth restrictions.

Sam Tabar understands that the strain on the networks would necessitate expensive upgrades to accommodate the growing number of users, much like highways accommodate more road users. These costs would then trickle down to the consumer.

Research has shown that people could manage well with the affordable data plans. If the costs would be increased as a result of unlimited data, they would therefore be forced to pay more for something they don’t obviously need.

Instead of wasting money in expanding capacity, network carriers should therefore focus on improving the overall quality of the data connection. This would result in consumers sharing the limited resource but maintaining the high speed and quality of the data connection.