Max Salk Gives Three Important Rules to Becoming Successful

Max Salk knows the difficulties of becoming a successful businessman and creating balance in your personal life and career. Life lessons taught him what it takes to reach the highest level of success using principles and applying them to your daily routines of work and play. The photographer and financial analyst established a name for himself in New York City in the financial industry while pursuing a career in photography. Positive The Facts featured Salk in May 2019 and shared three important rules to his success.

When Max Salk was attending college in the Netherlands, his found a hobby he really enjoyed, landscape photography. He would take walks in the mornings and always prepared himself to capture that special moment in nature using his camera. To do his job, he made the preparations each morning to have his equipment ready for action. Without preparation first, he would have missed the opportunities of capturing the harbor in the Netherlands which is on his photography website’s homepage. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he continued with his hobby and moved to New York City to work as a financial analyst. 

Once Max Salk finishes with the preparation process, he waits patiently to let things happen at its own pace. He prepares in a way that allows for adjustments during photographing sessions in his business. Landscape photography differs from studio photography because it requires special lighting and that right moment to photograph nature at its best. He has to focus at a particular angle until he gets the perfect setting for his photographs. Max adapted to change and making adjustments, which is the second rule for running a successful business and pursuing your dreams in life. 

Max Salk encourages the younger generation to make every moment count in their life and career, the third rule to becoming successful. He learned this on the job in New York preparing presentations for his clients and colleagues. Although, it took him hours for preparation he made each moment count by putting together information to reflect in each presentation. The most valuable advice he gives is to pursue their dreams continuously because the world is full of many opportunities

Jason Hope On The Internet Of Things

Technology guru and futurist, Jason Hope, lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona. He says that technology really started becoming the center of life after the creation of the internet. And technology is still advancing in developments.

Hope says one of the developments he is most excited about is what is called the Internet of Things. Basically, the IoT refers to how more and more things in daily life are being connected to each other. More objects are joining the connectivity all the time. Experts like Hope predict that by 2020 more than 30 million objects will be part of the IoT.

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The IoT has been lauded by techno-critics all over the world for its promised benefits to mankind and worldwide economies. He is committed to helping future generations navigate its intricacies. To this end, he has recently released and E-book on the subject called “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” Hope knows that many people either don’t know very much about IoT or don’t know anything about it. That is why he begins his book by explaining what it is and what it involves.

The entrepreneur then explains its many benefits for individuals and for all of society. He also discusses the few drawbacks, namely information and security breach dangers. However, he goes into length about how IoT users can secure themselves against such things. He then explains how to navigate and use this technology in your everyday life.

Download of the E-book costs only a very few dollars. A small cost to pay to get a jump start on the future. And Hope is clear that it will be our future and that it will change all of society in the future. It is, in essence, creating a whole new lifestyle paradigm.


Ara Chackerian Raises Awareness for Mental Health Patients

Ara Chackerian is an undisputable philanthropist and world class entrepreneur. He resides at San Francisco. His extensive experience for over a decade to bring innovative technology to healthcare has helped him to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. His love for the community has led him to spend much of his time finding ways to bring a positive change. He is passionate about empowering youths and the conservation of our environment. He embraces organic agricultural practices that do not cause harm to local communities. He offers employment opportunities to the surrounding community. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing at Florida State University, he shows his outstanding leadership skills as a CEO of PipelineRx and as the executive and Vice President at TMS health solutions.

TMS Health Solution

Ara Chackerian supports the construction of an outpatient hospital for clinical depression patient at North California shows how selfless he is. He was determined to raise public awareness for people to understand it is possible to treat acute depression. Investing at TMS, he was self-driven to expand healthcare service to reach millions of clinical depression patient. The patient will receive therapy session from doctors that treat acute depression.

Things to do in Mental Health Awareness

Are Chackerian is vigilant, he illustrates five essential measures that need to be addressed during the awareness month for the patient suffering from mental problems. He noted that patient with mental health problem needs to be understood. Statistically, in 2016 around 64000 people died due to overdosing, the high number of them being mentally challenged. Victims suffering from mental health problems should seek professional assistance.

He also stated that sharing grieves help to relief burden. In every five individuals, one is likely to suffer. Stigma is the primary factor that causes the mental problem. People lose self-esteem, despair, and loss of hope when discriminated, leading to mental illness. Doing regular body exercise, enough sleeping and having a balanced diet helps to minimize the risk. Participating in community welfare when supporting victims of mental health problems expands the know-how and one can be able to contemplate and comprehend mental health illness is a challenge in the society.

Adam Milstein and The Challenging Times of Jews in American Universities

Adam Milstein is passionate about Jewish communities and the issues they face in the United States and in other parts of the world. Being the Israeli American Council writer for Jewish News Syndicate, Adam Milstein has built a reputation for giving a keen and comprehensive analysis of the problems that Jews face in the United States today. The issues they encounter are countless, but the most controversial today is the level of antisemitism that sweeps across American universities.

One of the most striking observations of antisemitism of Adam Milstein is the one about the different resolutions calling out for a boycott of the Jewish state of Israel. Such movement has spread around 15 student governments and are also now being considered by 15 other schools.

In UCLA even, there’s now a student government that passed the boycott resolution against Israel by a substantial wide margin. There was also a Jewish student that was almost prevented from joining in school government affairs just because she showed support to Israel. This is not the end of such antisemitism. More is coming, as evidenced by the growth of protests against any mobility in the Jewish groups in universities.

Fortunately, Adam Milstein has found an ally in his advocacy to fight these hate groups. With the help of American Jewry, it is now easier for those oppressed Jews to gain a footing in the impending struggles between Palestine and Israel supporters. It is also in the observation of Adam Milstein’s article at JNS that these hate groups may have been fuelled and funded by Palestinian Authority leadership and a Muslim Brotherhood. He even conjectured that it might be funded by Hamas, which is an internationally recognized terrorist group in the world that pushed for more attacks on Israel and the groups that support the Jewish state.

About Adam Milstein

Mr. Milstein buit an outstanding reputation as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. His leadership in the firm sets as an example on how to excel in corporate affairs without forgetting about the issues surrounding us. He is now also an esteemed activist fighting for Israel’s Jews.

Adam Milstein Is Passionate Advocate For American-Israeli Relations

His mother is from Mexico and his father Argentina, but Adam Milstein’s parents felt a powerful call to “come home” soon after the modern State of Israel was established in 1948. Hillel Milstein and Eva Milstein married in Israel in 1950. Adam Milstein was their first son, born in Haifa in 1952.

Like his father, Adam Milstein would serve in the Israeli military and both would serve during times of war. The elder Milstein was a sailor during Israel’s war of independence. Adam Milstein would take part in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Milstein fought in Egypt with forces commanded by Ariel Sharon, participated in the crossing of the Suez Canal and the historic surrounding of the Egyptian 3rd Army.

Also like his father, Adam entered the real estate business after his military service, but not before earning a Bachelor of Science degree at Technion. He studied business and economics.

The year 1974 was a significant one for Adam because that was when he married Gila Elgrably. The couple moved to the United States in 1981. There Adam furthered his education by earning an MBA from the University of Southern California. Adam Milstein parlayed his top-flight education and powerful work ethic to achieve considerable success in the field of real estate. Today he serves as a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties, an Encino-based firm that is focused on working with industrial, retail, office and multi-family properties.

One of the most significant and singular achievements of Adam Milstein is the establishment of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF). This organization works with students and young professionals with the goal of stimulating the bond and connection between America and Israel while also inculcating a sense of Jewish pride among people with Jewish roots. The group enthusiastically advocates for the State of Israel and its people.

Adam Milstein is also co-founder of the Israeli-American Council — it’s the fastest-growing Jewish organization in America today. It serves more than 250,000 Israeli-Americans across the country. Its mission is preserving and strengthening Israeli and Jewish identities for future generations. Milstein serves as National Chairman of the Israel-American Council.

Greg Secker – Accomplished Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Just from the center of his parlor, Greg Secker set out to bring change into the world via forex trade training. In a past meeting, Greg gave tips to his followers on the best way to be significant in the present circumstances. With an ‘I am not a why fellow’ Philosophy, Greg Secker has dependably upheld for saying yes to difficulties and assignments that come his way and using them as a greater way for greater future.

To date, Greg Secker has shared his passion and knowledge in forex trading for more than 6000 times in global and local platforms. Greg’s platform has bared fruits and saw the starting of Greg Secker Foundation which was at first settled with the end goal of youth strengthening. Greg has faith in giving youth the vital information and skills that will empower them to pave the way for their future and flourish in business while they are young.

The establishment has before helped various victims, for instance, the Philippines ‘Hurricane Haiyan’ to reconstruct their homes and begin once more. Through this project, the Greg Secker Foundation looks forward to empower, educate and provide people with new skills to help them in future opportunities. Greg aspires to see that the new venture will establish the framework for a reasonable model that goes past myriads of generations.

Greg Secker is likewise resolved to advocate for the combination of generosity to flourishing businesses and business people in everyday operations. As of late named member of the Board of Ambassadors, Greg has attained leverage to ensure the City remains in light of coming causes.

Greg Secker is a productive altruist, speaker and clever business visionary who is situated in the UK. As the years progressed, Greg has possessed the capacity to accumulate acknowledgment which is attributable to his effective practices, especially in his magnanimous and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is a world acclaimed foreign trade professional who has managed to go past the performing trading strategies that operate. Presently, Greg Secker is the of late the proprietor of Smart Charts Software, Learn to exchange, and Capital Index