18 Billion Green Reasons Why

Building A Legacy With An $18 Billion Donation

The world is full of rich, wealthy and famous individuals.

There’s actually nothing immensely rare about someone with money or fame. Both are relatively accessible in the region you live in now. What’s rare among those with money and fame is the labor they commit to. The $18 billion donated by George Soros and to the Open Society Foundation is clear proof.

For the rich to commit to more work that makes them money is easy.

For this same class of individuals, taking their success impacting the world with it is a rare thing. This make George Soros a unique individual in our society. What George has done is revolutionary to be exact. This man took the wild success he achieved and made into a platform of renowned philanthropy.

The combination of utter success with a full-fledge desire for giving is why George so clearly stands out. When forces in the world follow this path, we all take notice. George Soros is a man to watch and learn from in every way.

We First Start With The Financial Math

Those in society seeking to replicate the life of George Soros must be careful. It does nothing for a man or woman to pursue an impact on society if they’re not ready to do the math. The world is leveraged by math. It’s clear once we’ve factored in that all world resources have a cost-value.

That plot alone should encourage you to earn more money or to become rich. There’s no better impact made then to stir your own wallet toward positive change. Doing this is how we model George Soros. Mr. Soros first realized the financial success that he would need in his own life.

Making this determination was crucial. If you can do the same, then the math in your dreams will come together. You may start with reorganizing your ambitions for world impact. Start by figuring out how you will make your money first. The impact you then make in your own life will be evident.

Start with the math, and the rest will make complete sense.

You Need A Second Look

Don’t expect your pursuit for success, fame or philanthropy to come easy. All numbers in math require a second look. The saying is as important in finance as it is in carpentry. “Measure twice, so you only have to cut once.” Getting the trajectory you need for your dreams is a task of measuring the right numbers.

The emotions we feel today change tomorrow. Your work can’t win on emotion. To ensure that you’re level-headed in the same manner that George Soros was, you must double check your numbers, your motive and your life. and Follow him Twitter.com

You’ll be building your wealth and leaving an impact in no time.