Netpicks Advises ‘Lock and Walk’ Trading Strategy for Choppy Conditions

Netpicks, an online trading strategy advisor based in Texas, advises the best strategy that can be executed during the choppy conditions of the market. Though the starting of June was quite promising, recently, there is a level of nervousness is being developed by investors. It means that choppy summer months can be expected this year. Even though less number of trades happen during summer months, the changing sentiments would intensify this year’s conditions. However, people can make use of some strategies to keep themselves taking advantage of the changing conditions.

The best strategy for a choppy market is none other than Lock and Walk as that has given significant benefits to the traders in the past. It is designed on the basis of the resistance and support levels of Nasdaq 100 NDX and then to trade based on ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID and ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD when resistance and support are broken or tested. People have to target the resistance to sell if the support is tested by QLD, whereas if it breaks, they must sell QLD. Conversely, people should target support to sell if the resistance is being tested by QID, whereas if it breaks, they should go for the sale of QID. These are simple rules that are familiar to anyone who uses technical analysis, and the philosophy is to buy at near support and sell at near resistance. Related reading here.

Netpicks was founded in the year 1996 and grew as a leading trading advisor with consistent service and support.  For more of Netpicks, follow its page.   It focuses on increasing the success rate of regular traders in various markets by providing excellent tips and education. Interestingly, the firm is recognized as a gold standard trading education provider, multiple times in the past.

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Currently, the platform has more than 230,000 happy traders around the world. Netpicks has diverse customer base starting from beginners to advanced traders where each group has its priorities and expectations. It introduces various trading strategies to the customers depending upon the market conditions. Netpicks offers systems and tools for forex trading, comprehensive guide for future trading, options trading, swing trading tutorials, ETF investing, and day trading. To check on the product, click on

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