Trabuco History Of The Catapult

History of the Trabuco

Trabuco (also known as Trebuchet) is a siege engine from the 4th century that carries a swing arm to catapult large stones through enemy lines and break down large structure on Trabuco started in the 4th BC era invented by the Chinese Dynasty then slowly gained popularity spreading throughout all regions by the 6th Century BC.

Types of Trabuco

Trabuco was an evolutionary design having changed three different times over the next two centuries. These three structures began as the Traction Trebuchet, Hand Trebuchet, and the Counterweight Trebuchet.

The Counterweight Trebuchet was found to be the most effective design of the three invented by the Song Dynasty in ancient China in year 1248 according to This was due to the force of the swing counteracting with the weight suspended on the rear causing the thrust of the machine to gain speed, force, and distance.

The first ever test of the Trabuco was rumored to have been imbalanced crushing its own structure with the boulder at release, and later being perfected to hold a maximum of 800kg weight boulder.

Military Trabuco

The first recorded military use of the Trabuco was in the Second Siege of Tyre of the year 1124, named as “Gods Stone Thrower” and the “Bad Neighbor.” Also later aiding in the siege of Stirling Castle in 1304 following the crusades of Phillip The Second of France. Dueling two Trabuco Catapults the military could thrust boulders every 15 seconds with a maximum range of 300 meters.

The end of Trabuco

With the accidental discovery of Gun Powder by the Chinese Dynasty in 900 AD according to, the invention of the Cannon soon became a favorite of all forces. This left all forms of Catapulting a thing of the past for all purposes except constructional and engineering.

The Trabuco (Trebuchet) can still be found to this day used in educational rather than military purpose worldwide. Popular in Historical re-enactments and events. A large 22 Tone Trabuco still exists and can be found at Warwick Castle, England. Trabuco is also still being used in Halloween Pumpkin Toss events throughout the USA at