Beneful is an Exceptional Brand of Dog Food

Upcoming pet meal makers are doing exceptionally well in the market because they are using new innovations and technology to manufacture high quality products. One company is recognized for only using fresh ingredients when making their products. In addition, it ensures that meals are stored on the shelves for a limited period of time so that customers can feed their pets when the food is full of nutrients. As a result of competition, traditional pet-food manufacturers are upgrading their marketing strategy in order to be at the same level as upstart companies that are venturing into the industry. Freshpet Inc. and Blue Buffalo Co. are some of the upstarts that are producing healthy and fresh food suitable for all pets.
About Beneful
Nestle Purina is the manufacturer of Beneful, a brand of pet meals that includes dry and wet dog food as well as dog treats. In 2012, Beneful was one of the most popular brands of dog food because it generated over $1.5 billion as annual revenues. Based on the analysis conducted by Marketline, Beneful is an important brand because it contributes a lot of revenue to Nestle Purina. This brand was first introduced to the market in the year 2001. The manufacturer marketed this brand based on its nutritional values that were contained in the ingredients. The company made history by paying a record $34 million as advertising expenses. Five years after the brand was introduced to the market, it generated $300 million in revenues. The company upgraded its production facility so that it can manufacture more wet meals. In 2011, the company started to promote Beneful in Europe particularly in Germany and Austria. In 2012, the company did the same promotions in some cities in the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, and Atlanta.
Beneful manufactures meals for dogs that include wet, dry, canned food and several snacks. In 2005, the company used soy as source of protein in its meals rather than using meat. Additionally, Beneful Prepared Meals were introduced on Amazon to dog owners in 2006 and they were packed in containers that were used as food bowl by dogs. Link