Oren Frank, the man behind Talkspace Success

The healthcare industry has failed to address the problem of mental health among people in society. Many patients have trouble visiting any health facility to seek treatment when suffering from complex mental problems. People with mental diseases will always get criticized for being weak. Mental health, according to Oren Frank, is a problem for all people, regardless of their class and achievements. There are personalities with so much wealth and accomplishments under their best, and they still get depression. Oren Frank started a company to address this problem. A few years later, the company is now leading in the market, reaching out to thousands of patients. The therapy sessions from Talkspace are cheap so that patients are comfortable. Oren Frank holds the role of chief executive officer in the online company. Under his leadership, the startup has connected millions of people with a mental health condition to experienced and licensed therapists. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank strongly believes that technology is the only way to make society better. When starting the company, the leading entrepreneur got the support of his wife, Roni. The mission of the couple was to give therapy to all patients. In the early years of their marriage, Roni and Frank had many challenges. With the help of therapy, things turned out just fine. Frank and his wife founded Talkspace so that more people could have access to therapy, especially when facing tough situations of life. Before taking on this journey, Oren Frank was serving as one of the senior advertising and marketing executives in the American market. People in the market recognized the executive because of his creativity and ability to introduce successful marketing campaigns. Oren Frank has worked tirelessly to make Talkspace successful in the market. The business leader has educated many people about the benefits of seeking professional help whenever a mental health issue arises. The sales executive brought only the best therapists in the country to handle the growing number of customers. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkspace

Talkspace’sOnline Therapists Helps People Struggling with Negative Thoughts

The number of people suffering from depression and anxiety has been on the rise. With the competition in every field growing and the struggle to keep up with personal and professional commitments can be too much for people. Thus, people today need mental therapy more than ever. However, the problem is when people do not seek therapy for their problems. Often people keep themselves boxed them up and do not want others to know what they are going through. Talkspace is among the top online therapy apps that allow people to seek therapy online. It is the most convenient and the easiest way to get therapy in privacy.

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People with depression often do not want to live the present and only ponder about the past. Getting therapy would help them to process their feelings and know what they are going through. Often people are so worried about letting other people know about their problem that does not get any therapy. Therapists at Talkspace offer tools to people with depression so that they can come out of their negative thoughts and start to live in the present. They make people aware of their feelings and to break the cycle of depression. Often small traumas can cause the problem to become big, and one has to get help as soon as they can.

Talkspace recently partnered with Michael Phelps because there is no one who knows better what depression can do to a person. Even after being a successful Olympian, he suffered from depression, and it took him therapy for months to get better. Michael Phelps encourages people to get assessed from therapists at Talkspace so that they know what they are going through. They take a holistic approach and are always available for their clients when they need them. Therapy is the most effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

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Talkspace an online alternative

There are many issues in modern society with human behavior and personality disorders .The world we live in can be quite time consuming and a down right rat race if you live in a big city .A lot of individuals cannot afford therapy if they can even come to the conclusion that they need it. Even the therapist themselves can have anxiety disorders or social issues of many levels and have learned to cope with them in various ways .Alicia Winkle is a therapist who has overcome some anxiety issues and learned to approach helping others in the modern world by utilizing the online platform. Some individuals have aghora phobia and disorders that cause them to fear public situations .

A comedic movie that comes to mind with Bill Murray was what about Bob ! Talk space an online therapy application or app has been making leaps and bounds in the past years with helping patients online with various issues in affordability and convenience for both the patient and the therapist. The app is based in New York and has a history of

innovating the new field of internet therapy ,it is offering the ability for some therapist and patients with certain challenges to achieve interaction in the convenience of their own homes .The world of home working based apps is becoming more popular and their are strict requirements for the therapist who are involved so only the best and most patient and empathetic counselors are chosen to work through Talkspace and it seems to be a win ,win situation for both parties .the patients need to consider that listening and deep thinking the conversations can benefit them with online interaction between themselves and their therapist and it gives a certain degree of freedom to both parties and tends to lift the awkwardness scenario from out of the room when in presence of each other .Privacy is important and Talk space adds this to the situation ,along with a more affordable layout .