Top Tech Projects In The Early Stage Of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the founder and chairman of MergerTech, Saber Corp, and president of Maxonic. His technology-industry initiatives initiated in 1998 with the Saber Corporation after working for Oracle Corporation as a senior consultant for their software programs.

The Background of Nitin Khanna

Nitin graduated from Purdue University with a Master in Engineering degree, basing his future financial activity in Portland, Oregon. The experience earned at Oracle helped him to create one of the fastest growing companies in 2007, Saber Corp.

The Saber Corporation, created in 1998, specialized in the electronics sector, receiving multiple awards for the rapid development that occurred after its acquisition by Electronic Data Systems.

Even though MergerTech is the most relevant firm of Nitin Khanna, he exits three other minor firms before, receiving enough capital for the primary business objective.

Nitin Khana and his Investments

Prior to creating Merges and Acquisitions Advisory, Nitin funded various business projects as an investor.



  • Geoloqi: Similar to Meridian, the Geoloqi API displays the exact real-time location of a subject. For location-aware apps, this platform is oriented to tech enterprises. The capabilities of the software are pretty complete: GPS and Wifi tracking, cross-platform, a security system, statistical presentation, smart battery management, among others. Developers can program Geoloqi to show locations by setting triggers.


  • Cloudability: The website offers a financial management tool to analyze cloud resources. It complements IT services for the correct management of the economy. The software displays recommendations, charts, reports, budget alerts, and other impressive features to improve the transparency of financial data.

Nitin’s Presidency at Maxonic

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Maxonic creates long term business connections to offer technical consulting. The organization specializes in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of IT-based project assignments.

Since 2002, the Maxonic support service has become an expert dealing with all types of programs, ranging from struggling startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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Why Your Baby Needs Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s is a medicine brand that has been trusted by many generations of parents. The century old brand has conquered the trust of parents by providing medicine that aids young children with many common cold symptoms. The needs that parents have for helping and treating their children’s illnesses is what fuels Hyland’s inspiration to continue to provide products that make children feel better. Hyland’s takes the feedback of parents seriously. They constantly want feedback in developing more products and catering to the needs of their customers.

Hyland’s has developed many products for many different type of health needs. Digestion, the common cold, flu, pain relief, allergies, skincare and sleep are some some of the issues their products help treat and aid. Hyland’s teething tablets is another popular product the company provides. They make these teething tablets for all ages of children. These tablets are good for any type of toothache and gum pain. These tablets quickly dissolve and are extremely easy for a child to take. Once taken, these tablets begin working quickly.

Hyland have launched a new teething product. Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Pain Tablets were created especially for little babies who are experiencing any type of gum or teething pain. These Hyland’s teething tablets sooth a baby’s mouse and gums. These teething tablets help a child that is experiencing any crankiness, irritability or not able to sleep comfortably.

Hyland’s teething tablets are just one of their many products. These tablets are very effective and have become a very popular product for the company. Many parents are pleased with how the teething tablets have made a difference in the health of their child. Hyland’s plans to continue to strive to bring new products to the market that serves many purposes in the health of children. Hyland’s is more than just a brand of medicine for children. The company has also launched products geared towards adults. This company can treat the entire family with their line of products that helps with sleeplessness, oral discomfort, issues with digestion and pain. This company will surely experience another century of success by treating sickly children around the world.

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The Innovative Inventions Of Dr. Saad Saad

As an accomplished pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has performed pediatric surgery thousands of times. He is consistently searching for ways to improve the doctors current procedures and methods. This has resulted in the patents for two inventions and numerous new procedures for pediatric surgery. His first invention is a type of medical catheter. This is a tube used to help perform surgical procedures, treat medical conditions and is inserted into the body. A catheter drains fluids and gases and helps access surgical instruments. Some catheters can be permanently or temporarily left in the body.


The surgeon must be able to track the exact position of the catheter to make certain it has been placed in the right location. This requires an x-ray and does involve radiation. An MRI can be used instead but this option is impractical. Dr. Saad’s invention finds the catheter and eliminates the need for a machine scan. The device uses electromagnetic energy to find the catheter. This enables the doctor to locate the catheter using an external device. The device operates in a similar fashion as a metal detector. The doctor simply sweeps the patients body from the outside to ensure the catheter is properly placed. This eliminates the potentially hazardous use of guide wires. This invention is not widely used because the manufacturing procedure is complicated. There is interest in the device by a medical company in Utah so it may be used by physicians in the future. Learn more:


Dr. Saad’s second invention is an improvement for endoscopes. An endoscope is a type of optical device capable of looking into the body of the patient during surgery or an examination. This provides the physician with a picture of what is occurring in the body without requiring a body scan or surgery. The liquids produced by the body can interfere with an endoscope. The lens becomes fogged and obstructs the doctor’s view. An anti fog port provides suction to clear the view. This requires the endoscope to be removed so a suction tube can be inserted to remove the liquid. The endoscope is then reinserted.


The invention of Dr. Saad fits the endoscope with a device to remove any liquid blocking the doctor’s view without the need to take out the endoscope. The doctor uses the irrigation to clear their view during an endoscopy procedure. Dr. Saad has removed foreign substances including food, marbles and needles using an endoscopy thousands of times. Moving and readjusting the endoscope several times significantly lengthens the procedure. His device means the doctors eye can remain on the scope. This makes the procedure much easier. This device is inexpensive to manufacturer and is being used often by doctors.