The RBS Group The Brazilian Media Giant


Businessman and entrepreneur Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho had the vision to create RBS Media Group. Mauricio stated out investing in other ventures before founding RBS Group or Grupo RBS.

Mauricio has always had a passion for the communication industry. This is when he founded RBS Group in 1950 over 60 years ago. Grupo RBS is a family-owned company and is one of the largest multimedia companies in Brazil .

Grupo RBS does have a big brother affiliate company called Rede Globo. It is the largest affiliate of Rede Globo. The brand and its successors which are Jayne Sirotsky, Nelson Sirotsky, and Edurado Sirotsky Melzer want to continue to grow the founders legacy. Their focus is on putting out the best quality content on the television and over the radio airwaves.

The Grupo RBS successors have a philosophy that you cannot do anything without people. People is what it takes to make everything from a flower to a company grow. They are focusing on working together to build a better and stronger brand that will benefit the Latin America society.

The Grupo RBS prides itself on putting out quality material when it comes to television and radio. The company wants to put out material that makes people think, evolve, and learn. After all they do say knowledge is power, so if you are a media group you are the person holding the power. The content that the RBS Group puts out is based off of three important objectives and they are people, the world, and life.

The purpose of Grupo RBS is to have journalism and entertainment help people have a better life. An impressive thing about the company is that they refuse to go outside of their value system to meet company goals. Any company that puts ethical practices before profits is a great company and can be trusted. RBS Group is here to inform the people on the things that’s happening in their local community and around the globe. Go To This Page for more information.

Grupo RBS and its successors run the company with great sense of business ethics and morals. The company has been successful for the last 60 years because they care about the people. I mean the people within the company and the people who they provide media content to which is the local community.


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