The Peculiar Popularity of Kabbalah In Hollywood

Here is a interesting question for you, what do Paris Hilton, Madonna, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis have in common? They are all famous and practitioners of Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah, for the uninitiated, is the ancient Jewish mystical tradition that is based around a esoteric and exogesic understanding of The Torah, the primary text of which is The Zohar.

What has left many people stretching their head is why the Kabbalic Traditions have become so extremely popular with the stars of Hollywood, a trend which took off to new heights of popularity with the pop icon, Madonna’s conversion to Judaism and intensive study of the Torah and Zohar. According to the well known American comedian Sandra Bernhard the Kabbalic teachings helped her ease the inner turmoil which fame had brought to bear upon her as well as quell her lurking inner demons. The same is true for pop icon, Britany Spears who practiced Kabbalah briefly before becoming interested in the Hindu religious traditions. In Sammy Davis’ case, he was drawn to the esoteric teachings of the Zohar for a slightly different reason. Mr. Davis stated on numerous occasions that he felt a great kinship with the Jewish people as a Black American because both of their people had been historically plagued with repression and thus he believed that understanding what had helped them remain a strong and coherent people for so long would in turn help him to better understand himself.

But again, this is really a repetition of the same motif over and over again of self understand over ignorance and order and stability – peace even – over chaos and disunity. It is relatively easy to understand how a venerable tradition such as the traditions of the Kabbalah could be of great use to Hollywood’s celebrities whose ostentation, flash, glamorous and enormous wealth often is only a facade, a smokescreen that occludes the very same problems everyone else has to face. As they say, “Money can’t buy happiness.”


Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is based in Los Angeles, and strives to teach students the importance of living their best life through positivity and spiritual teachings. Kabbalah is said to have been established before there were any organized religions in the world, so people of all beliefs can learn the principles of Kabbalah, since the teachings are seen as a supplement to religion.

There are five basic tenets to Kabbalah which are designed to help people live healthier and happier lives. The Kabbalah Centre teaches:

-Sharing. Kabbalah Centre teaches that the purpose of life is to share with others. Sharing is said to be the only way to honestly achieve fulfillment in life. When people share with those around them, they connect to Light energy, which the Kabbalah teaches is the essence of God. Sharing is said to be a source of goodness and the absence of negativity.

-Ego Awareness and Balance. The ego is seen as the internal voice that prompts people to react with anger, hurt, negativity and narrow-mindedness. When humans are aware of the ego, and learn to balance ego, the ego no longer has control and people can become their best selves.

-Spiritual Laws. Kabbalah teaches that there are spiritual laws that have a direct effect on people’s lives. The law of cause of effect is one of the main spiritual laws, and emphasizes the fact that people do indeed reap what they sow in life.

-Humanity Is Unified. All human beings or bound together by the Creator. This is a reminder that people must be treated with respect at all times. This principle also indicates that as human beings, we are all responsible for the hurt, poverty and war that occurs in all parts of the world, and can all do something to remedy these issues.

-Living Outside of The Comfort Zone is Liberating. Kabbalah teaches that it’s noble to inconvenience oneself for the sake of making other’s lives better. When we do our best to help others, we are bringing light and positivity into our own lives.

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