Chris Burch: The Marriage Of Fashion And Technology

The fashion industry has a lot of attention. One thing that could be said about fashion is that it can be a bit intimidating for people that do not have that much knowledge about the industry. For one thing, people often think about the stylish outfits that wind up on the runway. A lot of people that are not that interested in fashion tend to have more of an interest in technology. However, fashion and technology actually go together. When people think about it and do the research, they will find that a lot of the clothes that are out now have been made possible because of fashion. At the same time, there are some forms of technology that are wearable as fashion. There are people that notice this marriage as well.


Among the people that notice how well fashion and technology go together is Chris Burch. He is someone that is aware of the new devices such as smartwatches, heart monitors, and even some of the older forms of wearable technology such as glasses and contacts. Burch writes a lot on these topics. He provides a lot of insight on fashion and technology. He is also someone who is looking at where technology and fashion is going in the future.


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who runs Burch Creative Capital. He is an investor with a huge portfolio that includes companies in many different industries. He has investments made in companies of the technological industry and the fashion industry. He is also someone who appreciates creativity when it comes to bringing forth new products in technology and fashion. One thing that Chris sees as an advantage to being an entrepreneur is that there is a lot more freedom in being able to use one’s own creativity and profit from it.