3 Lessons Agencies Can Learn From White Shark Media Complaints


Over the last 5 years White Shark Media, a leading digital marketing agency, has had its fair share of complaints.

The good news is they have shared their complaints openly and honestly. If you currently run a digital marketing agency, or you plan on starting one in the near future, here are 3 lessons you can learn from White Shark Media complaints.

Lesson #1 – Make It Easy For Clients To View Reports

All clients really care about are results. They want to be able to see if they are getting a decent return on their investment. Many White Shark Media clients would complain about not being able to access their Adwords campaigns.

After looking into the matter, the team at White Shark Media realized their reporting system wasn’t adequate and it needed to be updated. Now, anytime a new client comes on board, they are walked through exactly how the campaigns work and shown how they can check the performance of certain keywords and ads.

Lesson #2 – Provide Phone Tracking

This is especially important if you are providing services for local businesses. Many times the bulk of their customers will come through the phone. If there is no way for them to track those inquires, they will view the campaigns as unsuccessful.

To ensure clients know exactly where their customers are coming from, White Shark Media teamed up with Marchex to provide call tracking. They have made call tracking mandatory for all their local business clients. They have also included it at no additional charge in all AdWords management plans.

Lesson #3 – Make Sure Communication Is Top Notch

This is without a doubt the most important lesson that can be learned from White Shark Media complaints. How you communicate with your clients will ultimately determine the success or failure of your business.

Many clients who used White Shark Media didn’t feel as though the communication was good enough according to testimonials posted on the site. They felt like they had to jump through a lot of hoops just to get in contact with the right person.

To deal with this issue White Shark Media implemented a new phone system that allowed for direct extensions. Now, instead of having to call the receptionist desk, clients can contact their strategist directly.

They also implemented monthly status call where the client and SEM Strategist could review results from the last 30 days at the same time.

These two strategies have proven to be highly effective for White Shark Media and their clients.