Southridge Capital’s Unique Financial Services

The Southridge Investment Group is an equity firm which has a main office in Connecticut. The firm offers security brokerage and banking services. Southridge Capital is focused in implementing a wide array of fiscal resolutions to address the requirements of various customers. At the same time the company reformulated its organizational framework to enable its personnel to provide services and products clients desire and need.

Ever since the year 1996, the company’s finance group infused investments that are more than $1.8 billion in developing corporations and entities internationally. The specialization of Southridge Capital is in its knack to create custom made financing programs which are formatted according to the prerequisites of the client, and will see to it that the programs I implemented and administered per se.

With the company’s familiarity and knowledge about financing 250 public entities for more than twenty years, it has developed an exceptional knowledge about the complicated circumstances that besets start-up and developing companies. The team at Southridge can provide the best recommendations or suggestions about an assortment of financial dilemmas that affects companies starting with the procedure on how to be converted to a public enterprise including the enhancement of balance sheet administration and the modification of financing methods.

In the provision of its Advisory Services, Southridge is able to offer some ways on how the refurbish the ailing finances of a particular organization such as:

Financial Analysis – Southridge constructs comprehensive financial statements where different operational and financial principles are considered to determine the cash necessities of the company.

Restructuring Analysis – there is a need for companies to reorganize their management procedures, and this includes an overhaul on the products or services offered along with the manufacturing methods the company is previously used to. This section also covers the company’s debt or loan system where filing for bankruptcy may be mandatory. Check out to see more.

Bankruptcy Advice – Southridge would counsel the company if filing for bankruptcy is the best step to recover financially. But prior to anything else Southridge will assist the company in its negotiation with lenders and likewise with the establishment of a structure and time frame to eventually progress after bankruptcy.

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USHEALTH Group Inc is now a One Planet Awardee

Earlier this year, USHEALTH Group Inc. was named as one of the awardees in the illustrious One Planet Awards. USHEALTH Group is a winner for Company of the Year for Accounting, Banking Financial and Insurance.


Ft. Worth based USHEALTH Group Inc., is an insurance holding company whose goal is to offer new solutions for health insurance for small business owners as well as freelance and self-employed workers. In the competitive health insurance industry, USHEALTH Group has seen unusual success and growth in promoting its unique line-up of health insurance plans for individuals. The company is committed to offering plans that are not only affordable, but are flexible as well, and whose coverage can grow at the same time that the individual’s business grows.


USHEALTH’s President and CEO Troy McQuagge is, understandably, elated at the distinction and peer recognition that the One Planet Award has conferred on the company, as this award represents a program that honors excellence in business all over the world. Nominations for these awards come from different types of organizations from all types of industries around the world.


USHEALTH Group, which has for more than five decades served more than 15 million satisfied policy holders, also offers family health insurance plans that can be tailor-fit to every family’s unique needs. These plans, like the ones for individuals, are also highly flexible, giving plan holders the freedom to buy more insurance coverage when they need it. For example, when you avail of their Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider, this also allows you to buy their Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense plan with no need for supplementary underwriting. Therefore, the company’s clients are satisfied, because clients only pay for additional services when they need it.


This is especially relevant in today’s society because it allows more families to avail of much-needed affordable and flexible health insurance. Moreover, USHEALTH provides excellent customer service to their family health insurance policyholders. Their phone lines are always open for their customer care staff to assist clients. The company also has field agents available to help when needed.


One more benefit that USHEALTH Group family insurance offers is that it has no deductibles per calendar year. This means families can avail of medical insurance coverage just as soon as their applications are submitted. Because of the flexibility and affordability of the company’s policies, their clients are able to breathe easier, assured that their families will be able to enjoy better quality of living.