Classroom Communications App Raises $21 Million

In a Series B round of funding ClassDojo has raised $21 million. ClassDojo has an app that makes it simple for teachers, parents, and students stay in communication and empowers their connections. The company plans to use this venture funding capital to increase the number of employees at the company and expand the functionality of its app. The app creates a community that keeps parents in the daily loop on what their children are learning and how they are performing. The app allows teachers and students to do things such as take pictures of projects and classroom events and send them to parents, along with text and video communication. Parents are able to send messages to the teacher and their child as well.  More of this subject on

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011. Chaudhary has said that the idea behind the app is to help parents talk about their child’s educational experiences and support their learning. The app was created when they couldn’t see anyone else developing an app that was free and easy to use. They succeeded in creating an app that helps build an educational culture and community. The app is now used at more than 85,000 schools across America including public, private, and charter schools. The app is primarily used in kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms.

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One thing the app will never do is make money off any of the user’s data. Don has stated that privacy is a huge concern, especially when it comes to a child’s information. Instead they are looking at adding premium, paid features. Some of the ideas for expanding the app with the new funding includes a feature that enables parents to pay for school activities like field trips. They could also put money in their child’s lunch account or buy school supplies.

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An Appraisal of WEN by Chaz Hair Conditioning Products

There is a high possibility that we have all seen commercials about WEN Hair by Chaz Dean hair conditioners on national television. These advertising campaigns always have a stunning woman shaking her hair while professing that the conditioner is basically magic wrapped in a bottle. Hair beauty die-hard Emily McClure tasked herself with establishing the authencity of the products and whether they are worth the hype surrounding them. She did this by putting the Wen hair products to the test.

Emily used the Sephora Fig version of the conditioners to cleanse her hair on a daily basis for a week. This is because WEN Hair had promised her a moisturized, bouncy and shiny mane. Before embarking on the mission, her strands of hair were thin, unhealthy and hard. Over the course of that week, she used the conditioner in the required proportions. In her own words, there was an instant positive change in the texture of her hair on the first day.

At the end of the week, her hair was silky and looked fabulous. The Wen hair product also made her hair shiny. Owing to this, she endorses it to those who have fine hair and need to style it every morning before they go to work. Those who use it have no worries about messy hair while at work. The article was originally posted on Bustle. To read more about this transformation, click on this link:

WEN by Chaz in Brief

This is a line of hair conditioning products, which were designed by renowned hair expert Dean Chaz. He wanted to introduce conditioners, which would be safe to use. He also wanted to preserve and augment the beauty of users’ hair. The products come in a 5in1 formulation. A single bottle contains a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. Those who use it end up with meticulous, healthy and moisturized hair. In addition, users are not charred. This is because experienced hair experts are consulted during their design and manufacture.

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