Stephen Hawking Collaborates with Monty Python

Physicist and cosmological genius Stephen Hawking has joined forces with geniuses of another kind, the historic comedy group Monty Python.

Hawking has recently recorded a rendition of Monty Python’s famous ‘galaxy song’ that fans recognize as the closing track in the cult classic ‘Monty Python’s Meaning of Life’. The single is going to be released April 18, 2015, also known as Record Store Day. Physical copies are in high demand because only 1,000 have been made, but digital copies are widely available.

Along with an audio recording of the song originally written by Eric Idle, who is a founding member of Monty Python, Hawking also showed off more of his skills with an accompanying music video for the song. Watch here:

This exciting collaboration is fun for fans of science and comedy like Ricardo Guimarães BMG alike. Hawking has always been known for his keen sense of humor and his cover of ‘galaxy song’ doesn’t come as a surprise to his long-time fans. Hopefully, we will get to enjoy other musical remixes from the world-class scientist.

The Resilience of Windows XP

Computer users frequently don’t bother to upgrade their machine or its software until they face a compelling reason to do so. Of course, there are those who have to stay on the cutting edge for bragging rights with friends that they have the latest and greatest gizmo, but these tech nerds are the exception. It is hard to believe that in 2015 Windows XP would still have more users than Windows 8 or 8.1, nevertheless, this does seem to be the case. Computer users get used to a certain way of doing things, and they need to be given a reason to change. Windows 7 has made huge inroads over the years, and it is the most popular Windows operating system on computers.

The world of computers is full of so-called “fan boys” who endlessly proclaim the virtues of their computer hardware or software over competing products. It’s not too bad with regard to operating systems, but debate can get ridiculous when it comes to hardware such as video cards. The AMD fans and the Nvidia fans immediately line up and start taking potshots at each other whenever someone asks what video card anyone might recommend for their computer. Silly argument aside, competition is one wonderful thing that has brought all of us so many choices and such powerful options at low prices so that nerds can argue which one might be a few percent better than another. If only there were more competition in the world of operating systems, so competitive forces could spur innovation at a faster pace so that a 14 year old OS is still not so popular. That is something Paul Mathieson and others would like to see down the road.

Android Malware Hijacks Your Cell Phone

Trojans, viruses and malware created for the smartphone are becoming increasingly elaborate. A new discovery intophone hacking has uncovered Power off Hijack, a malicious software which allows the hacker to use your phone even when it appears to be off.

Here’s how it works: Power off Hijack mimics the shutdown process, but your phone covertly remains turned on, and stays on after you see the screen fade to black.

As Brad Reiflter understands it, this malware allows the hijacker to make phone calls, take pictures, and even use funds in your online wallet without you knowing.

According to Venture Beat, AVG security says Power off Hijack spies on Android phone versions up to 5.0 Lollipop.

There have been approximately 10,000 installations tracked so far and it appears to originate through Google Play store apps.

The Good News: Power off Hijack seems to only affects rooted phones. So if your Android phone is still running the standard software, you’re safe, for now.

BRL Trust: A 21st Century Investment Company

One of the most important things to do in life is develop a strong financial future for one’s self and children. Building a strong financial future is equally important if you are attempting to run a successful business. Irrespective of your motive for wanting to accrue wealth, it’s important to note that there are many systems and strategies you can implement to put the process in motion. One such strategy is to work with a professional investment company like BRL Trust. Learn more about this team of professionals by considering the information that appears in the subsequent paragraphs:

BRL Trust: A Brief Overview

Ever since the year 2005, the professionals of BRL Trust have been offering clients the results-driven, detail-oriented, customer-centered services and products they deserve. From the day the company opened, it was operating in excellence. As such, the company has undergone continual expansion with the development of new market services like Administration and Management of Investment Funds and Capital Markets.

A Cutting Edge Methodology

BRL Trust is an investment company that thrives on maintaining a cutting edge approach to the work that is does. Over the years, the company’s professionals have attained the knowledge and wisdom necessary to understand that the world of investing is in a state of constant change and growth. Thus in order to be successful within this sector, investment professionals must remain fully cognizant of important emerging trends in order to offer their clients the most effective, relevant services. And this is exactly what the passionate, precise professionals of BRL Trust do. As a result, the company is highly successful in helping clients from all walks of life realize their personal and professional investing objectives.

Services Offered

BRL Trust is pleased to offer clients a wide range of financially enhancing investment services such as asset underwriting, funds custody, resource management, and funds management.

Career Options

Individuals who are interested in pursuing work within the investing sector should know that the professionals of BRL Trust offer vocational opportunities to enthusiastic, internally motivated job applicants. Simply submit your CV to the company and see where things go from there.

Summing It All Up

Preparing for a profound, powerful, and progressive financial future is important. Start putting the process in motion by scheduling a complimentary consultation with the professionals of BRL Trust.

Skout: The Facebook of Online Dating

For those people who like the user experience of Facebook and are looking to meet new friends or partners, Skout may be the best new experience to try in the world of social media. Skout is an online messaging and social network, that allows people to connect to strangers based on common interests or desires in companions. Best known for its shake to chat application, users can shake their device to find a random individual to establish communication with as a nothing to lose mentality when trying to network online.

CEO Christian Wiklund founded Skout, who recently completed a deal with investors that has given the platform a backing of 22 million dollars to invest in product development and operations. (TechCrunch) The company appears to be taking off quite well as it recently obtained a nightlife app called Nixter, a social media platform designed to advertise local events for users along with additional features. While many online applications eventually fail in becoming profitable, Skout so far has gone against the trend to expand and compete with many dating and social networking platforms. On Facebook, it continues to pick up likes.

The platform draws similar comparisons to Chat-Roulette, a platform that was based strictly on computer generated random chats with people around the world. Skout improves on this concept of anything goes with online chatting, by trying to target conversations that can establish relationships that go past an isolated personal interaction with a stranger. What makes Skout’s random interactions exciting, are the ability to use features such as likes, virtual gifts, and backstage photos. (Yahoo News)

The main advantage of Skout over other online networking platforms is that it utilizes a location-based model, to try to connect users geographically accessible to each other. This platform was one of the first to utilize this model, which can provide a huge incentive for users to prefer Skout to many other networking applications. (Wikipedia) The platform is free for all users, with free downloads available for Android and iOS devices. Overall, while the company is still relatively new, it appears to be an up and coming application in the world of online social networking and dating.

Recent Survey from Global App Skout Reveals Friendship Trends Worldwide

Today marks the first-ever celebration of International Online Friendship Day, a day to recognize online friends in a world becoming increasingly connected. Skout, a worldwide app that allows users to meet new people, recently surveyed more than 52,000 of it’s users around the globe to uncover friendship trends from New York to New Zealand. The results from the survey are in and some highlights include:

  • The majority of the world perfers to discuss their sex life with online friends
  • Women are most likely to have close online friends
  • Online friends are told the truth more often than friends seen in person
  • Online friendships have enabled friendships around the world, breaking down geographical barriers

In addition to gathering these results, Skout also asked it’s users about the friendliest qualities of the residents of major cities across the United States.

You can read the full article here about Skout’s survey and results, as well as how to download the app and get connected with people around the globe.

Lie Detector Farce

The scientific community has never sanctioned the machine as a valid test of a person’s innocence or level of truthfulness, and the Supreme Court has even stated that the polygraph is not an acceptable device to base a criminal’s innocence or guilt on.

Invented and introduced to the world 80 years ago, the lie detector is based on three main factors in determining if a person is telling the truth. Those factors being blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing rate. It is obvious to Paul Mathieson that the issue at hand with the overall scientific community is if these are truly a reliable factor of truthfulness. Visit Mathieson’s Linkedin page for more on him. 

Many still use the polygraph as a means to make hiring and firing decisions, as well as to try to force suspects into a confession, even if they are not guilty of the crime.

What if the lie detector was shown to be lying all these years? What would that make of years of precedent set by the use of this machine?

Mark Ahn Discusses His Views of Technological Trends in the World

Newswire recently spoke to biotech entrepreneur Mark Ahn. The general conversation centered around trends in the tech industry. However, Ahn was careful to stress the reasons he saw for these trends. In particular, he often returned to a central point. 

Ahn stressed that technological trends come about through an interplay of need and compassion from people who see that need. In particular, he made an apt comparison between a typical MBA classroom and The Aeneid. The two might not seem to have much in common. But Ahn pointed out that both the classroom, and the epic are there to provide lessons for people striving to achieve a goal. 

He made it very clear that, in his opinion, true progress can only take place through a leader with real integrity. Given his role in biotech research, this is a particularly noteworthy statement. He framed the concept, again, within the context of history. Ahn mentioned that throughout every generation, it’s integrity which is the deciding factor to make or break a company. 

Ahn also stressed the role of care within a global context. He points out that it’s not enough to care about the people and things around oneself. Instead, one needs to care about the whole world. The larger view became clear as he spoke about what he sees coming in 2015. 

Mark Ahn believes that 2015 will see many advances to help growing economies and third world countries. He pointed out that drought can have devastating effects on people within these areas. However, Ahn is optimistic about how emerging technologies can help fight against drought. He pointed out that new drought resistant crops are in development. Ahn also stated that he believes a host of new technologies will emerge in 2015 to help these regions survive in times of drought.

Ahn is an author, entrepreneur, and professor at Carnegie Mellon and Portland State. You can follow him on Twitter.

FreedomPop is back with 500 MB of mobile data a month… FREE!

Last month I told y’all about FreedomPop and it’s affordable international calling plans that, let’s be honest, not everyone needs. Well, the up-and-coming company has decided to expand its reach by offering a service that I know you use…

Whether you are using a USB or wireless hotspot, FreedomPop has already launched in beta and you will need a credit card to activate the service.

For a $49 deposit, FreedomPop offers the consumer a portable hotspot or USB stick, which are both refundable. Plugging into any Mac or PC, the stick is good for those people who are out and about a lot. Wireless data can be provided by the hotspot (for a total of 8 devices at one time) for those who want to connect portable gaming devices or various tablets.

FreedomPop follows both Clearwire’s 4G WiMax and Sprint’s 3G networks, however coverage is not offered nationwide, but in 71 markets only. FreedomPop does offer 4G data speed once the 4G LTE is made available later this year. For faster service currently, users are paying an extra $3 per month.

FreedomPop offers an ad free service, but it is through promotional offers that users can earn more data. This may involve the user’s personal information.

As previously stated, FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service can work across a broad number of devices, but it is available first through its Android app. According to sources, an iPhone app is currently in the works and will be out in a matter of weeks.

To get its standalone Wi-Fi plan, FreedomPop is ensuring that the experience with its Wi-Fi service will be similar to that of a cell phone’s auto connect. FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi carrier is expected to break one million users this year alone.

Pre-orders on sleeves for fourth generation iPhones and iPod Touches are also being taken by FreedomPop. Working the same as the hotspot, there is no voice or texting service on the sleeves.

FreedomPop’s free users get the 500 MB every month of data. If there is any extra data used, there will be a 2 cent charge per MB. When the customer gets 100 MB as a limit, FreedomPop automatically charges $10 worth of credit, which ensures the customer continued service. Autocharging can be turned off in the settings feature.

FreedomPop users can make referrals to the company and earn an extra 10 MB per month. The company also makes free data available through other promotional offers including filling out surveys, joining email lists and through video ads. If you’re interested in FreedomPop, check them out on the Google Play store or iTunes.

Circadian Vs Technology/The New Challenge Our Children Face Today

As technology continues to invade our waking world, it would appear that it is having a very significant impact on our younger population in the form of smartphones, tablets and small screen video game players and their sleep. According to an article in TECH TIMES results of a study published in on January 5, 2015, showed that children who have some form of technology such as a television, laptop, smartphone, or tablet in their room experienced at least 18 to 21 minutes of sleep loss during the week as opposed to children who do not. However many children had a stronger sense of image recognition from the use of technology.

Children are using smartphones as often if not more than adults, but not just for communication. They are on Facebook posting selfies and updates all throughout the day. Children, especially pre-teens are Youtubing videos and sharing content with friends. Educational demands on the middle school sect are challenge enough without the constant competition and demands of peer pressure to have the latest form of technological devices. The greatest challenge is placed on parents to assure a good night’s sleep for their children or to help them keep up with the arrogation of their friends and the importance of fitting in.