The Painfully Obvious Truth Behind Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass seems content to follow in his foolish ways. After starting out with a booming success by predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis and the writer of The Sixth Sense, Kyle continues to make one bad choice right after the next. While many analysts with Kyle’s track record would be hiding in a corner office somewhere praying for a new career, Kyle insists on going on all talk shows where he spews his nonsense freely.

One mistake that Kyle continues to make is in the allies that he chooses. While most analysts know that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is one of the worst things to ever happen to Argentina, Kyle continues to support her beliefs. After Cristina allowed her country to default for the second time in 13 years on a sovereign debt, most analysts were quick to point out that Argentina was going down a wrong path. That is, except for Kyle who continues to sing her praises loudly. When American debtors demanded to be paid in full, Kyle insisted that the action of these debtors was immoral and that they stood in the way of economic growth for people living in Argentina.

Unfortunately, that is not the only mistake that Kyle has made in recent years. After drivers sued General Motors for faulty airbags and seatbelts, Kyle took to the airways trying to make people believe that the drivers were at fault because they were drunk or refused to wear there seatbelts. It is a position that he kept defending even after General Motors admitted they had a problem.

Taya Kyle, the widow of American sniper Chris Kyle, says that they received very bad advice from those associated with Kyle. Kyle’s attorney told the couple that the skull tattoo was not patentable when it was patentable. As a result, Taya claims the family lost out on millions of dollars. Kyle also is trying to control how proceeds from Taya’s American Sniper book are spent. While Taya proclaims that the proceeds should be used to support her and Chris’s family, Kyle is trying to proclaim that the proceeds must be used to support other military families.

Congress has actively tried to address problems created by Kyle. He set up a front called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Then, he short-sells the stocks of pharmaceutical firms causing them to fall. As the stocks fall, Kyle Bass rakes in the profits. Finally, the stocks begin to rise in price again, but Kyle has already left the company far behind. The result is that sick patients do not receive the drugs that they need to survive.

It is painfully obvious to those who watch this man operate that the only thing he cares about is money.

How iFunding Operates To Make Big Time Investments In The Real Estate Market

The American real estate market had widely been dominated by billionaire investors and billion dollar firms. This market only allowed investments from investors who had enormous financial capability. William Skelley is an investor and business person who has been in the business sector for a very long time. He has worked in different sectors in the business markets, and he has been able to gain a lot of experience and expertise. William Skelley is the founder and owner of iFunding. He states that from his time in the business markets he saw the need of opening up more investment opportunities. He added that he wanted this investment opportunities to be directed to investors who had the potential but lacked the ability to invest individually. William admits in an interview that from this vision his iFunding firm was formed.

As a real estate financing and equities expert, William Skelley based the operations of his iFunding firm in the real estate market. In 2012, he developed an investment model known as crowd funding. Skelley says that his crowdfunding investment model allowed low and middle class accredited investors to invest in high potential projects. He adds that he identified the real estate market to be the best sector that his crowdfunding investment model would work optimally. His iFunding investment firm practices the crowd funding ideology. This firm allows accredited investors across all levels of the economy to put together their small capital contributions and create a viable amount of capital for investment. The capital collected is used to make huge investments in the real estate industry whereby every investor would be able to benefit from their small investments. iFunding offers investors with as low as $5000 an opportunity to invest.

William Skelley, the iFunding founder, says on Twitter that so far his firm and its investment model has recorded unmatched success in the market. To begin with the investment model has been embraced by numerous investors in the market who were looking for a lucrative investment opportunity. William Skelley says that since his crowd funding platform is aimed at the larger investment market; his firm has been able to raise a lot of capital that has enabled it to undertake various real estate projects. iFunding also chips in the capital on top of what its investors have given to increase the viability of their investments. This real estate financing firm also offer equities to real estate developers undertaking their independent projects. iFunding founder William Skelley said that his firm would continue opening up more investment opportunities in the market, as well as an app for smart phones.

The New Venture of FreedomPop

FreedomPop, a mobile carrier with only 4 years of growth experience. This new company, though having been around for only 4 years, has expanded to the international level. This LA-based company has expanded so much due to the new and innovative product that is being offered.

FreedomPop is a mobile carrier that is now offering customers a free plan that includes over 200 minutes of voice calls, 200 free texts as well as over 500 MB of data. All these available amenities are 100 percent free. The mobile-carrier has increased in popularity not from the commercials or from the connections, but from the fact that this company does not make money from the customers buying the plan. Money is made, instead, by wither purchasing more data or minutes, or by purchasing the top quality provided services.

Recently, the CEO has announced that the company has recently closed a $30 million funding round after many offers have been made. Within the first 4 years of being a startup company, FreedomPop has been funded by many big time investors including the founder of Skype. This company, within the last 4 years, has grown rapidly. The new goal of this company is to hit 1 million subscribers by the end of the first quarter.

What makes this company so special is the fact that it does not rely on a wireless infrastructure. Instead, this company is a mobile virtual network operator that has raised almost $50 million in the last year. FreedomPop is a growing international company that offers free minutes and data that can be rolled over each month. The basic free package is offered to everyone that is interested in the product which sets this company apart from all the other mobile carriers. To subscribe to the FreedomPop mobile carrier is to subscribe to an inexpensive and helpful company.

Washington State Collects An Additional $70 Million In Taxes Thanks To Marijuana Sales

Washington Launched Legal Marijuana Market With A Few Retail Stores Now There Are 160 Shops Selling $1.4 Million Worth Of Pot Per Day

Pot is the new darling of the retail business and the tax collecting business. The states that have legalized marijuana are enjoying more tax revenues, and a boost in tourism. State governments are making money taxing marijuana, but the pot growers and sellers are still having a difficult time managing their businesses. The Federal government still has marijuana on the Schedule 1 drug list, and that means pot is still an illegal and dangerous substance in the feds eyes.

Stores that sell pot are in the cash only business. They set up stores in their homes smoke weed and feel the homejoy. They pay for supplies in cash. They pay vendors in cash. They pay employees in cash, and they pay their 37 percent tax in cash. Banks won’t touch them, so pot stores always have a large amount of cash on hand.

The stores that were opened during the first year posted $250 million in pot sales. Washington budgeted a tax revenue of $36 million the first year, but when all the marijuana taxes were tallied the state brought more than $70 million in revenue. Marijuana retailers want to know what Washington is going to do with all that additional money.

Obama: Let’s Lower Mandatory Minimums For Non-Violent Drug Offenses — Or “Get Rid Of Them Entirely”

It’s a well-known fact that the prisons in the US are filled with people who have committed non-violent drug related crimes. Many of these people are habitual drug users, and the only crime they have committed is the possession of an illegal substance. Study after study has proven that they need help more than punishment. Unfortunately, these people are placed in the same prisons as more hardened criminals, including drug kingpins, murders, rapists, and other habitual offenders and perpetrators of violent crimes. This typically does more harm than good. Here non-violent drug offenders can learn how to be better criminals and become influenced by people who will convince them that a life of lime crime is the only option, rather than getting the help they need to overcome their addictions and turn their life around.

While speaking at an NCCPA convention, President Obama called for a reduction or an elimination of the mandatory minimum for non-violent drug offenders. The declaration came only a day after he announced that he was a commuting the sentences of 46 non-violent offenders who committed drug-related offences.

This is welcome news to anyone who is worried about overcrowded prisons and the high incarceration rate in the US. Obama says a plan is in the works to introduce a bill that will work towards this goal and that he hopes to sign it before the end of the year.

More Than 1.3 Million Florida Obamacare Participants Might Lose Their Insurance Subsidy

The Supreme Court Could Rule Against The Affordable Health Care Act This Month And That Would Stop The Federal Distribution Of Insurance Subsidies

Florida has more people enrolled in Obamacare than any other state. The Obamacare participants in Florida may lose their $294 a month subsidy if the Supreme Court rules against the health care plan. Some of those participants also receive financial aid from the government for deductibles, co-payments and out-of-pocket costs. The total monthly insurance subsidy in Florida is $389 million. But other states can also lose insurance subsidies if Obamacare is revoked by the Supreme Court.

The court case against Obamacare is more about how the law is written rather than the insurance itself. Some states can’t get subsidies unless they establish their own insurance exchanges. The Department of Health and Human Services released a report that shows more than 10.2 million Americans have paid for Obamacare. The number of uninsured people around the country has been drastically reduced. Obamacare may not be perfect, but it is better than no plan.

Every American such as Adam Sender should have health insurance according to Insurance companies don’t know how to handle the healthcare system. Insurance companies and medical professionals have created a system that they don’t understand.

Electric Car Owners Can’t Get a Break

Everyone knows electric car owners switch from fossil fuel cars for pretty much the same reasons:

Electric cars harm the environment less than gas-guzzling vehicles. They save drivers high fuel costs. They allow drivers to have more money to spend on other areas of their lives.

What many electric car owners don’t realize is that their choice prevents their states from getting all of the revenues made from fuel taxes.

This morning, Thursday, May 21, several news outlets covered a recent story about how leaders in Oregon are approaching this problem. They have decided to test a volunteer program in which drivers agree to allow the state to track their mileage and then charge them 1.5 cents per mile. Officials believe this is the only way to make up the money they typically acquire from fuel taxes that they use to repair roads and bridges.

Yet, many electric car owners like Ivan Ong have already spoken out against the program arguing that the state could recoup the lost funds in other ways, such as adding the tax at re-charging stations.

Why are some drivers upset?

First, there is the question of privacy. Many drivers do not want the state tracking their vehicles. Secondly, a lot of drivers are concerned that the state is forcing them to change their driving habits. Lastly, they argue that they are still putting the money back into the economy in new ways.

Video Games Boost Sensorimotor Skills

The University of Toronto has led a study that proves those that play adventure video games learn new sensorimotor skill more quickly than those who don’t. Each time we learn a new sensorimotor skill, such as riding a bike or walking, a new pathway needs to be made between the sight and motor function. Davood Gozli, a leader in the study, said, “We wanted to understand if chronic video game playing has an effect on sensorimotor control, that is, the coordinated function of vision and hand movement,”


Their study was comprised of 18 gamers (those that played first person games more than 3 times a week, two hours or so at a time) and 18 non-gamers (those with little to no gaming at all), each was asked to perform the same manual tracking task. By the end of the experiment, the gamers were significantly more accurate than the non-gamers, which surprised Ricardo Guimarães BMG a little bit.

Tesla is Getting Ready to Release Stationary Batteries for Home-Use

Nikola Tesla is arguably the most important and innovative inventor in human history. Sadly, his name was largely written out of history after his plans to provide free energy to the masses were squandered by Thomas Edison, among others. However, the heart of his legacy and technology has been reborn with the company Tesla.

Adding to their fleet of energy efficient cars, Tesla has announced their plans to produce a stationary battery which can be used to power homes, offices, and factories. The stationary batteries could store a massive amount of power, effectively solving the energy distribution problem. Bruce Levenson, featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), is optimistic about the prospect.

One of the main road blocks to renewable energy has been not being able to store it once it is collected. Solar energy is a great source of green and clean energy, though the sun doesn’t always shine. So, the new Tesla battery could store the energy for later use.

However, some doubt the effectiveness of a stationary battery being used for power storage due to the product being too expensive for mainstream use. But that was exactly what people said when the computer, cell phone, and flat screen TV were invented, all appliances which most Americans now have in their home in multiples.

But these technologies were once much too expensive for the regular person to indulge in. the success of the Tesla battery is yet to be seen, but it is certainly a promising step in the right direction.

Alternatives for your Limited Mobile Phone Plan

Are you drowning from the escalating expenses of your mobile phone plan? Tired of extra taxes and data charges? Though the global economy seems to be improving, traditional big brand users are finding new and smart ways to cut their phone bills with innovations in technology.

Phone carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon are known for their price tags that at first seem reasonable, but over time you get tired of worrying about overuse of data and constantly tracking your limited plan. Contrary to popular belief, wireless networks don’t really cost phone carriers any money. This means you’re getting charged hundreds more per year for data than you actually use on their networks. AnastasiaDate advises how lucky it is for the general public as there are a growing number of easy solutions (

Several underdogs like mobile phone application developers and Google are making vital strides in the market. Ever heard of Tango? This easy-to-use phone app lets mutual users make free calls, texts, and video chat sessions. This app could be a quick and easy solution, but still has the issue of overusing data.

Another remedy could be Google’s new Project Fi. This interesting project is based solely on Wi-Fi access. Once you find a hotspot you can make the calls and texts you need to for a small monthly fee. A similar company FreedomPop is offering a similar service. These companies strive to show the major phone carriers that this type of plan can not only be executed, but save customers money as well as they search for alternatives to their pricey phone plans.