Drew Madden has a close to ten years of experience in health service information technology, with technical competencies in organizing, implementing, and EMR optimization around hospitals in the country. He has served as the Regional Director of sales at Ingenix Consulting; the role that he undertook for quite a while until the time he joined another company. Drew served as the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. up to the year 2016. The role he assumed mainly covered different aspects of development in businesses, recruitment processes, and consulting activities. He also has worked as a Consultant at a company called Healthia.

Drew Madden is enthusiastic about the establishment of an exceptional talent pool that is not only distinctive but is also adaptable to the institution’s philosophy and its highly dependable collaborative agenda. Nordic is an international player when it comes consulting and depended on when it comes to healthcare processes consultation, linking strategy through information technology implementation. Nordic offers consultative services, Epic execution, optimization, data analysis, public health, amalgamation and acquisitions among others. The firm assists customers to boost the health of their patients and ventures while at the same time developing the long-term health care achievements. During Mr. Madden’s tenure, the institution expanded from just having a staff population of 10 to a state that is impressive where Nordic boasts of 725 workers and with 3 to 150 recording entry of client partners. Notwithstanding the remarkable improvement at the company, he also oversaw the rise in annual revenue from an initial of $1,000,000 to $130,000,000, putting the company in position one on the KLAS score for Epic implementation for two years. After his role at Nordic as the President, he embarked on a different journey and established the Evergreen Company that specializes in healthcare IT offering services almost similar to Drew’s previous company. Evergreen’s mandate is to assist healthcare institutions in optimizing their investments in information technology innovations for better performance.

Drew holds an industrial engineering degree and also a minor in Medical systems from Iowa University. He has other certification to his name and is working towards reaching greater heights.