Helping Veterans Break The Cycle Of Addiction

If you know a war veteran that is struggling with addiction, you should try to help them by getting them to a recovery program.

We owe them our respect due to the fact that they risked their lives for our country. There’s no reason why they should be strung out and without hope because of the horrors that they endured protecting our freedom.

Why not come to their side and get them treated at the American Addiction Center? It is our job when they get home to fight for them just as they fought for us. Addiction does not have to last day in a person’s life.

Desert Hope Treatment Center is dedicated to treating war veterans with addictions to alcohol and drugs as well as mental disorders. There is a program called Salute To Recovery that American Addiction Centers is putting their attention on that helps vets deal with PTSD and other ailments that cause them to abuse drugs.

Having a place to escape and get the help they need is important because most of them don’t want fellow citizens to see them in a low point of their lives. They are regarded as heroes, which makes it tough to get the help that they need. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

Through The Salute To Recovery Program, they can receive treatment and not be judged for having to deal with such a traumatic event. We don’t know the horrors they gave when in battle but some of them are enough to cause mental stress and disorders that they normally would not face on home soil.

The best part about the program is that the staff providing the help happen to be veterans also. So this takes away some of the stigmas that veterans may have when getting help from a regular civilian. Having a staff that can be confided in while being on the road to recovery helps.

American Addiction Centers is a treatment center for people who abuse drugs or alcohol and want to get clean. They have a host of treatment services and a 90-day promise of helping you get better.

For Military Appreciation Month, they are focusing on veterans that have to deal with these very addictions that non-civilians have to deal with daily. Now that they know they can get help, hope is on the way for them.

All veterans go to a therapy session that is set up by other veterans. This is a good thing because they can bond and form friendships without being forced.

It offers them the chance to do things at their own pace. American Addiction Centers launched this program using great wisdom. This helps to get veterans back on track.

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Why Your Baby Needs Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s is a medicine brand that has been trusted by many generations of parents. The century old brand has conquered the trust of parents by providing medicine that aids young children with many common cold symptoms. The needs that parents have for helping and treating their children’s illnesses is what fuels Hyland’s inspiration to continue to provide products that make children feel better. Hyland’s takes the feedback of parents seriously. They constantly want feedback in developing more products and catering to the needs of their customers.

Hyland’s has developed many products for many different type of health needs. Digestion, the common cold, flu, pain relief, allergies, skincare and sleep are some some of the issues their products help treat and aid. Hyland’s teething tablets is another popular product the company provides. They make these teething tablets for all ages of children. These tablets are good for any type of toothache and gum pain. These tablets quickly dissolve and are extremely easy for a child to take. Once taken, these tablets begin working quickly.

Hyland have launched a new teething product. Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Pain Tablets were created especially for little babies who are experiencing any type of gum or teething pain. These Hyland’s teething tablets sooth a baby’s mouse and gums. These teething tablets help a child that is experiencing any crankiness, irritability or not able to sleep comfortably.

Hyland’s teething tablets are just one of their many products. These tablets are very effective and have become a very popular product for the company. Many parents are pleased with how the teething tablets have made a difference in the health of their child. Hyland’s plans to continue to strive to bring new products to the market that serves many purposes in the health of children. Hyland’s is more than just a brand of medicine for children. The company has also launched products geared towards adults. This company can treat the entire family with their line of products that helps with sleeplessness, oral discomfort, issues with digestion and pain. This company will surely experience another century of success by treating sickly children around the world.

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Jeunesse Global Offers Comprehensive Skin Care Kit

Jeunesse Global is an international brand that makes and distributes skin care products and supplements. The global business helps people reach their potential in acquiring a youthful look, living a healthy life, and embracing life. Jeunesse combines various breakthrough sciences found in the system of a product to enhance youth. These products work on the cells. Focusing on health and cell renewal helps consumers to enjoy a vibrant and youthful result. Jeunesse delivers these rewards in four main innovative ways:

  • Youth Enhance System- This is about looking and feeling young. The sciences employed are new not only new but cutting edge.
  • Personal Care alongside Nutrition- Jeunessee shares a rewarding compensation plan with its members. Integrity is upheld in its operations. The company rewards relationships.
  • Opportunity Platform- Jeunessee offers financial rewards to its members. This is coupled with incentives and travel promotions, which is their way of conducting business.
  • Work platform- Jeunessee uses a modern marketing culture that incorporates network marketing. The company embraces technology.


Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

Luminesce cellular rejuvenation features a high concentration of APT-200 which brings out the skin’s luminous glow. The product revitalizes with various botanical products such as coconut alongside potato root extracts. The product also diminishes the appearance of fine lines thereby providing a youthful look. It revives consumer’s look with antioxidants as well as vitamins. Antioxidants allow the skin to feel great and look beautiful.

Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex

This product helps you to protect your skin from premature aging with its high-performance moisturizer that features a broad spectrum of SPF 30. It’s formulated for different skin types. The facial lotion has strong elements that infuse skin with hydration. It also works to cut down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Instantly Ageless

Repetitive muscle movements such as smiling and frowning can lead to the creation of fine lines. Instantly ageless is a quality anti-aging product intended to reduce eye bags and diminish fine lines as well as wrinkles while firming saggy skin. It also minimizes pore appearance. Experts at Jeunesse Global used apple extracts to create this product.

Jeunesse Global for Good Health and Beauty

Jeunesse Global was established in 2009, and it is situated in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It has many offices spread all across the world. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded it. The key objective of this company is to ensure that people get their full potential while still in youthful looks, embracing life and leading healthy living standards. This company is different and unique from others for the fact that they merge breakthrough sciences in a product system that promoted youthful looks at a cellular level. The firm also makes use of stem cell research in developing their product lines. The company produces various products that range from health, skin care, as well as fitness products. Jeunessse Global raises 419 million US Dollars as their global revenue yearly.

Jeunesse Global Limited produces and makes sales for skin care products and supplements across the globe. The company provides Luminesce which is a skin care product line that helps to regain the vitality of youthfulness as well as radiance to the skin. The products also help to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. It nourishes the skin giving it a youthful glow. Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum is another product. They also produce Luminesce daily moisturizing complex which is an anti-aging cream that is made explicitly for face application. Luminesce youth restoring cleanser that is used to clear old and dead skin. It is also used to reveal a radiant complexion. Luminesce advanced night repair is a solution used to restore and replenish the skin. Other products include lifting masque solutions and Luminesce body renewal lotion,

Jeunesse Global also produces Instantly Ageless. This is a solution that helps to reduce the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. AM & PM ESSENTIALS which are dietary supplements that contain various nutrients, vitamins, and extracts that help to maintain healthy body composition. RESERVE is a supplement that aids in the repair of free radical damage as well as protect cells from future damage. FINITI is a supplement that is composed of various ingredients, fruits, and vegetables. ZEN BODI is a weight management solution. Besides, the company also provides hair care products. It makes its sales online.

Robotics Cancer Surgeon- Dr. David Samadi

Our health is key in our day to day activities, and medical experts advice us to frequently visit the medical facilities for check-ups. Frequent medical check-ups help one to prevent an illness or even a condition and even treat a disease at an early stage. One of the diseases that has been a challenge to the world is cancer. Medical experts are now specializing in the prevention, and the treatment of cancer and one of the cancer experts are Dr. David Samadi.

Dr. David Samadi specializes in robotic surgery for surgical treatment of prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi goes beyond treating prostate cancer, he goes ahead to teach his patients on how to be cancer free and how to have a safe future. Dr. Samadi is currently a doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. David was born in Iran and he was raised in Persia. Together with his brother, they moved to Belgium due to the Iranian Revolution, and they began life without their parents. From an early age, Dr. Samadi knew he wanted to be a doctor and specialize in prostate cancer. After his High school graduation, he went on to further his education and graduate from Stony Brook School of Medicine, and later joined Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his postgraduate.

Ever since Dr. David Samadi began his medical practice, David has achieved a lot one being able to successfully perform over 7000 surgeries. He has been able to treat about 90% of his patients through his new technology SMART which means Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment using the Dan Vinci system. Apart from his office where he meets and treats patients, Samadi also gives medical advice on other platforms including Sunday Housecall which he has done for more than five years. During an interview, Samadi was asked how he began his practice and what led him to deal with prostate cancer, and he said that he has always loved helping others and after his training as prostate cancer surgeon he saw the need to learn about robotics surgeon. He further said that through robotic he has been able to help men suffering from prostate cancer and they are now cancer free.

For the years he has been in the medical section, he has achieved a lot and he has also been recognized on several occasions for his achievements. Some of the awards he has received include being named New York Super Doctors in 2014, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer, Vitals Patients’ Choice Award, and Most Compassionate Doctors among others. Dr. David Samadi continues to do what he loves by treating men and assuring them of a great future.

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Jennifer Walden: Americas Famous Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is experiencing a sudden increase in popularity as her talent is being shown all throughout the United States. She is considered today as a cosmetic surgeon who provides the best service in America, and the results are coming from her operations is remarkable. She has also been working lately as a commentator, an academic, and an entrepreneur. She currently opened two different clinics in Texas – one in Austin, and the other one in Marble Falls. She wanted to provide her services to more people, and it is the reason why she decided to open up two separate clinics.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was mentored by Dr. Sherell Aston when she was still starting her career in the field of medicine. She was one of the doctors at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, and she would always ask her mentor for tips and advice on how to become a great physician. Her numerous experiences at the hospital would also become helpful for her as she learned more about the profession later on. After deciding that she will be focusing her career on plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden experienced a sudden increase in popularity as her works are featured on national TV. She would always be the one who provides her thought when the topic is all about cosmetic surgery.

She was awarded the position being the Board of Director for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and Harper Bazaar also recognized her as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in 2014. The Texas-born cosmetic surgeon was inspired by her parents to become a doctor. After studying at the medical school, Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to add cosmetic surgery as one of her specializations, and when she was awarded the proper training, she used it to help those who wanted to receive plastic surgery.

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The Life, Work and Achievements of Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a licensed Urologist whose specialty is in the treatment and diagnosis of cancers related bladder, kidney, prostate and urologic diseases. He also an expert invasive remedies for prostate cancer as well as laparoscopic robotic and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. Samadi is from Iran’s Persian Jewish Community. After the Revolution in Iran, when David Samadhi was 15 years old, he and his brother were coerced to leave their home place and go to Belgium. A lot had changed in his life when he was separated from his parents and Heidi, their little sister. He and his brother Dan were compelled to look after themselves. Nevertheless, David and Dan proved to be resilient and determined, and they did their best to make their parents feel full of pride.

David Samadi went on with his studies to be able to attain his dream of being a doctor. When Dan and David reached America both their lives turned better, and they were more than pleased with their new environment. The initial six years in America were fruitful for David Samadi, and in 1990 he finished his primary years with honors at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. In 1994 he earned his Master’s Degree from the State University of New York, and he achieved his post-graduate Urology training at the Montefiore Medical Center.

Samadi finished his proctology training in 1996 at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and likewise in 2000 at Montefiore Medical Center. In the year 2001, Dt. Samadi concluded his oncology fellowship in proctology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Under the guidance of Professor Claude Abbou, he completed his fellowship on robotic radical prostatectomy in 2002 at the Henri Mondo Hospital Creteil in France.

Dr. David Samadi is the Vice Chairman of the Urology Department and the Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotics at the Mount Sinai School where he is also a member of the faculty.

In his dedication to being of utmost help to others, Dr. Samadi developed the SMART Technique (Samadi Advanced Robotic Technique), which is a modern way to remove a prostate that is cancerous. The SMART lessens surgical time by 2 hours and allows a 24 hours recovery period in the hospital; and also minimizes the damage to nerves and tissues while in surgery. Dr. Samadi already had 7,000 surgeries using the mentioned technique that was successful.

Aside from his professional medical career, Dr. David Samadi also hosts the Sunday Housecall broadcasted on Fox News Channel having worked for five years with the said network.

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How To Enhance Your Health With a Lifeline Screening

Your lifeline series of screening tests allows you to get a bigger and more intensive view of your healthy body. Areas that show concerns become visible and treatable in an early stage. Be sure to ask the technicians for detailed copies of the examinations they perform.

These copies have answers to questions that you forgot to ask, moreover, they are valuable in your own personal medical history files. Ultimately, they are sharable with your family physician. It takes the guesswork out of future visits, and you have a blueprint of preventative guidelines for your continuing healthy lifestyle.

How To Prepare for a Lifeline Screening

You may be asked to fast before the testing. This simply means that after a period of time you will only have water and no food. Medications are stopped unless your doctor gives the go-ahead. If you are diabetic, your doctor will prescribe a food plan.

What To Wear During a Lifeline Screening

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes make the whole process less-complicated. The blood-pressure cuff is easily manipulated into place when the customer wears short-sleeve shirts. Two-piece outfits and an avoidance of pantyhose is more appropriate.

What To Expect During a Lifeline Screening

First of all, most of the screenings are pain free and relatively non-invasive. Even the blood testing is performed with a simple finger-pierce to obtain a few drops of blood. It will all be completed efficiently by professionals and in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are some things to expect:

• The ultrasound is non-invasive and painless.
• The EKG – atrial fibrillation is a check for an irregular heartbeat. Avoid applying lotions or oils for this one; ultimately, turn off your cell phone, and don’t wear a watch.
• An abdominal aortic aneurysm screening requires a 4 hour fast. Enjoy a light meal for the last solid food and avoid choices that have a potential to cause gas.
• A complete lipid panel takes a detailed look at your cholesterol, and it requires a 12 hour fast before the test.
• The bone mineral density along with the elevated liver enzymes explorations need no advance preparation.

Your intensive screening is designed to help you recognize warning signs and potential future problems that are easily preventable. Solutions may be available to previous problems that may now be reversed with an application of healing methods. Your test scores become worksheets that enable you to make better lifestyle choices concerning your health and vitality. It is possible to feel good.

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