NetPicks Sheds Light on “Green” Investing

Irving, Texas-based financial services company, NetPicks, has come up with a list of socially responsible instruments for traders to consider. The idea of investing with a social conscious is not new. However, nowadays there are more social issues than in the past.

Social investing is a personal subject. For instance, one investor may be passionate about gun control while another is worried about the environment, read more ( Regardless of what most concerns an individual investor, trader, or fund manager Wall Street has a fund to satisfy every social investor.

Besides offering traders access to the forex, stock, futures, and options markets, NetPicks is a source for these “green” investments. You can trade ETFs through NetPicks.

ETFs or exchange traded funds trade just like common stock. The market for them is equally liquid, and unlike mutual funds, there are no management fees, check ( Purchasing an ETF amounts to buying a basket of stocks which share some similar characteristic. In the case of “green” or ethical investing some social cause will be the attraction, click


 ETFs NetPicks is recommending to its customers:

  • (ETHO) Etho Climate Leadership

cause = reduction of carbon footprint

  • (SHE) Gender Diversity Index

cause = more women in senior executive positions

cause = excellent record on social and environmental issues

  • (CRBN) Low Carbon Target

cause = emerging economies with low carbon emissions