Alec Sellem Productivity


Alec Sellem is the President and founder of the Sellem Industries LLC which are based in England. In every facet of the company, Alec ensures to remain actively involved. Sellem rationalizes processes that bring about more efficiency and sustain a productive and safe environment for working.

Alec is an expert in gold mining and refining and currently mining in Senegal and Sierra Leone. They utilize modified ways in each location, enhancing efficacy, and maintaining a community-based approach. Sellem Industries has its foundation whereby they engage local communities in their activities. They do this by providing agricultural opportunities, creating mining jobs as well as education for their children.

Alec Sellem got his idea of starting up the company after he realized gaps in the industries. He recognized incomplete processes and lack of common sense in the marketplace. He came up with ways through which he could start up a more localized operation. Creation of a local refinery proved to be a better alternative. This is because it could minimize the number of parties involved in the operation.

Typically, Alec Sellem does not have a traditional schedule for his days and therefore, does not plan. This is because he believes that professionally, not all days are similar. He ensures that when on site, he checks in with a large number of people and oversees many projects. Alec Sellem always finds himself taking part in more duties that are not in his radar. At home, he ensures to spend much time with his family. During this family time, he can clear his head and come up with better ways to move forward.

To be productive as an entrepreneur Alec Sellem views hindrance as challenges. These motivate him to overcome anything that comes his way. He believes that in every problem, there must be a solution to solve it. This makes him more productive in Sellem Industries.

In an article with BlogWebPedia entitled, “Alec Sellem: The Social License Of Responsible Gold Mining”,  Sellem shared his views as a leader in RGMP, a market development organization for the gold industry that provides information about responsible gold mining practices and will guide the desired social changes