Scott Gelb

Scott Gelb: Chief Operating of Officer of Riot Games, well known and prominent developer of League of Legends. Follow Scott Gelb on Medium.

Scott Gelb is the COO of Riot Games, based in Los Angeles. From a young, gaming, and in particular, MMORPGS, has been a big part of Gelb’s life. This is what lead to a prosperous career as a executive at Riot Games, creator of the massively successful and incredibly entertaining RIOT games. Read more at Digital Mode.

After having recieved his Bachelors of Science at the University of Kansas, Gelb, impressively, threw himself into a career and further education. It is such tenacity that lead to his current position. Scott Gelb claims to bring his ideas to life with a blueprint processs and enjoys running them by others to bring in unique and creative perspectives. Gelb can be found on both LinkedIn and Medium, showcasing a plethora of experience. For further information, regarding Gelb, you can visit such profiles.