From Elance To Upwork For Freelancer Globally

Founded in 1999 as Elance, it became a global freelancing platform where businesses could easily collaborate with independent business professionals in various disciplines. That’s when in 2013, after Elance merged with oDesk to become Elance-oDesk, eighteen months later the service was rebranded as Upwork where old Elance aspect of the platform was phased out completely.

With over 14 million users in more than $180 countries, it’s independent professionals have billed more than $1 billion in projects as of March 2017. It goes without saying that Upwork is one of the best places to connect and create a great source of income as a freelancer.

Recently in a blog post on their site, strategies were laid out on how to get through a to-do list.

Many valid points were made, but a few stuck out above the rest. The first of which concerned composing a to-do list. It’s an obvious one, but it’s also vital in getting through a to-do list. You have to put everything down. It doesn’t matter how small or how big, but it’s essential to be exhaustive. That’s because, getting everything off your mind and down in your list will work wonders for concentration, which can be seen as a finite resource.

Another high point was to prepare your list in advanced. More often than not, we tend to start our day with planning, figuring out all the things we need to get done during the day. Instead, doing so the day before or even the night before is far more beneficial because it leaves time in the morning to complete tasks that might otherwise require that peak level of productivity.

I’m guilty of this next one, and that having items listed out all over the place. On sticky-notes, sheets of paper, several different apps, or in a pages file on my Mac. This method of tracking is counterproductive and breaks the first suggestion in so many ways.

Follow these three tips alone, and you’re already on your way to completing your to-do list, no problem, and I recommending checking out the rest of the blog post as well for more great tips