Finance Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger has been a top executive in the financial services industry for over two decades. Over a span of twenty years, he has held positions such as chief executive officer, principal, and partner. He has also been a member of a firm’s management committee as well. One of the things that has made Peter Briger quite successful is his leadership skills. Peter has been able to provide guidance to both financial professionals and executives who were looking to reach specific goals. As well as being a top leader, Peter has also proven himself as an expert in finance. His knowledge of the financial markets has helped both firms and clients better manage their capital. As a result, Briger has been able to establish himself as a highly successful professional in finance.

Since 2002, Peter Briger has been a member of Fortress Investment Group. Shortly after being hired by the firm, Peter was appointed as a member of the firm’s management committee. This allowed him to provide valuable feedback and insight into the firm’s operations as well as how it can better serve its clients. Briger was also responsible for managing asset managers who were assigned to assist clients looking to manage their capital. During the next few years, Peter eventually became one of the principals and chief executive officers of Fortress Investment Group.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group in the early 2000’s, Peter Briger was an employee at Goldman Sachs. His last position was as one of the firm’s partners. Prior to becoming a partner of the firm, Peter was in charge of expanding the firm to the Asian region. Briger oversaw numerous Asian committees which were involved in acquiring clients from Asia. He was also actively involved in managing employees who were responsible for managing capital assets for clients. Peter Briger attended two Ivy League universities before beginning his career in finance. He first attended Princeton University as an undergraduate. After completing his bachelor’s degree from Princeton, he went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania in which he completed a MBA degree from the universities’ top business school.

OSI Group’s Positive Impact At Mcdonalds

OSI Group McDonalds attracts many customers because of their attractive burgers. It is said that they sell 75 hamburgers every second. The fast food giant gave Business Insider the opportunity to visit and see the burger production process. David Whipple did an experiment to examine the effect of preservatives in McDonald’s burger. After 14 years of placing a burger in the cupboard, he found the burger looking slightly different from the original. Keith Warriner says this had nothing to do with the preservatives but the storage procedure. The Business Insider visited the Gunzburg factory in Germany where more than 5 million burgers are produced.

About OSI Group supplies most of its produce to McDonalds after signing agreements together. When entering their facility, one is required to wear protective clothing and wash their hands thoroughly to prevent bacteria. The incoming meat at the OSI Group McDonalds is checked ensuring no bones are in it. The meat is then put in containers which hold up to 500 kilograms. Forklift trucks spend the day collecting these containers and taking them to the blenders. The blenders ensure that every piece of bone available is done away with upon grinding. A machine puts the burgers in a cold temperature enabling them to take shape easily. An average of 20000 kilograms of meat gets processed at once.

This shows that if one eats a burger from OSI Group McDonalds, she or she consumes meat from at least 10 cows. Approximately 200 people work in the factory, but it only requires less than a third of them to keep the food production process going. A few burgers are taken for testing to ensure they contain the right fat content due to health reasons. Some are tasted to ensure they meet the required standards. OSI Group McDonalds have a metal detector that checks on any free metal that finds its way into the burger. The company labels its boxes in a way to know where the meat came from and where it is going. These boxes are then tied up and transported to the food distribution centres. The burgers are stored at -18 degrees Celcius until delivered to their specific restaurants.

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OSI- Impacting Food across the Country

A very successful privately owned American company, OSI Group has been making an impact for many years to come. A leader in the meat processing worlds, OSI has become one of the top 100 food companies in the country. It is very tough to eat your daily meals without coming into contact with something made by OSI. They have impacted and helped many major food based companies. There recent interactions serve as proof they will be around for many years to come. OSI Group Capabilities

The OSI Group is the creation of German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky who began a family meat market in Illinois back in the early 1900’s. They became known as Otto & Sons a few years later and began building a reputation for offering quality meats. Over the years OSI Group would began building a relationship with some well known companies including the well known McDonalds. Supplying meet to McDonald’s restaurants soon became Otto & Sons’ main business. Over the years OSI has expanded it’s operations across the country. They have plants across the country in states such as Iowa, Utah, Illinois and even Wisconsin. Over the years OSI Group has grown tremendously and become a meat supplier to other major companies such as Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.

Recently OSI made a major move in the business world. OSI bought the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for about $7.4 million. Such an incredible facility enhances our OSI’s ability to meet the their growing needs. Some of Tyson’s notable products include items like tempura chicken, meatballs, crepes, omelets, soups, sauces and much more.

Another recent purchase OSI made was the purchase of Baho Food. Back in August of 2016 OSI acquired Baho Food. Baho Food is a a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks serving the food service and retail segments. OSI again has expanded it’s platform now able to produce even more high quality food.

OSI Group is a company that is respected by many. Just last year OSI was in the top 100 on the Forbes list of largest private companies earning more than at $6 billion. They continue to impact food more millions across America. Their presence is sure to be felt for years to come.

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