Vincent Parascandola – Excellent Leadership and Management

Mr Vincent Parascandola is a valuable part of AXA Advisors, LLC. He has the responsibilities of Senior Executive Vice President. He takes care of the retention and recruiting rates, the development of the management of the company, overlooks the sales and the finance of the company, and makes sure that the firm is working at its ultimate productivity and efficiency levels. Mr Vincent Parascandola has been working at the AXA Advisors, LLC for more almost 30 years.

Mr Vincent Parascandola completed his education at the Pace University which is located in New York City. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science. In 2014, he held a speech at the graduation ceremony at Pace University. He was invited to encourage the graduating future experts to enter their respective professional fields with confidence and honesty.

The successful career of Mr Vincent Parascandola began in 1987 when he became a part of the company Prudential. He was titled National Rookie of the Year. A few years later, in 1990, Mr Vincent Parascandola started at a position at MONY Life Insurance Company. Mr Vincent Parascandola became a member of the AXA Advisors company in 2004. He was initially a part of AXA Equitable, and he was excellent at his position of Divisional president. Mr Vincent Parascandola has received a significant number of awards a lot of recognition for his skills in the fields of management and leadership. One of the most coveted awards he has received is the GAMA Award of Career Development and Master Agency Awards.

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