How Stratford Shields Helped The University Of Ohio

Stratford Shields has been an executive in the municipal finance sector for over 20 years. He lives in Chicago and is one of the managing directors at Loop Capital Markets. He is in the Public Finance Investment Banking division with the responsibility of working with major clients across the Northeast and Midwest. He was once at the Ohio Office of Management and Budget where he was the deputy director and he was also once the president of the State Controlling Board.

He spent five years working for Morgan Stanley as their head of public finance. Stratford Shields led a turnaround effort at this company that resulted in their managed negotiated rankings to go from 10th to a consistent 4th. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Ohio State University. He also earned an MBA at Columbia University.

He says that in order to best help his clients he reads a lot of news in order to keep up with current events. Stratford Shields says he also reads the news to satisfy his own curiosity about what is going on in the world. He says that by reading multiple news sources he gets different sides of the news and is more productive and creative in his work.

Stratford Shields once worked on a project with the chief financial officer of Ohio State University. This university needed him to come up with some privatization ideas. The goal was to streamline operations at this university and to fund its endowment. Stratford Shields came up with the idea of privatizing their parking system. In 2012, Ohio State University started a 50-year concession with LAZ/QIC to privatize their parking system. The university received an upfront payment of $483 million. This money was used for several purposes and funded the university’s endowment which advanced student scholarships and research.

The Publishing Company, Agora Financial

Agora Financial, a publishing company situated in Mount Vernon, Baltimore, was conceived in the year 1979 by Bill Bonner and The Agora. It has been known for long that many successful institutions began as simple companies and in the years that followed, grew to become leading companies in their industries of expertise. Agora began its work by publishing three financial e-letters which can still be found today. The publications made accurate predictions on economic situations in the country. By the year 2004 Agora Financial was able to stand on its own. Ever its conception, the firm has been able to grow and make progress. Progress may at times take time to become evident, but once it does, the benefits become major. Now, it has branches in three countries; France, Australia and United Kingdom.

Publications Agora in France majors in personal finance and heritage, while Agora Financial in the UK gives advice on investment opportunities and a view about financial markets in Britain. Agora Financial Australia being the newest is continuing to expand. It also distributes its publications to many other countries worldwide. The buildings in which Agora carries out their businesses have also increased and have been added a touch of modernity. Agora Financial has been the leading financial media through its publications. It gives the readers information about financial situations without missing out on anything.

This has contributed to its success as many of its readers find it a reliable source. To add to its success is its executive publisher who is recognized as New York Times’ bestselling author, ensuring teamwork with the editorial team in order to give true and precise information.Agora Financial is a company that values integrity and transparency Therefore its editors do not accept any bribe from a person, company or investor so that they can be included in their publications. Whether their publications are free or have been paid for, they ensure that the information that they provide is without fear or favor.If you ever need financial advice or information on market trends, Agora Financial would be the best solution, and it sure doesn’t disappoint.

Agora Financial Educates Investors in a Ton of Publications on Financial Analysis

Agora Financial is going to be the company that makes it possible for more people to improve their investment strategies. This has become an excellent company for all of those that are really trying to make the best of their investment options. There are so many people that look for investment opportunities, but they may not know what to do with the choices that they have out there. This takes a certain amount of knowledge from experts that are known for advancing in this field. The good thing about Agora Financial is that this company provides people with a brand new way of looking at investment choices. People have the access information from experts like Ray Blanco who edits the “Technology Profits Confidential” publication for Agora Financial.

Investors get a chance to read about how they can use intelligence analysist for their portfolio. They also get the opportunity to move in to global currency predictions and information on how to profit from it. When investors are trying to build something for retirement, they are not going play it safe the entire time. People that are trying to retire are going to look for a greater than normal results. They want the better than average return on investment, and Agora Financial is the company that helps people gain these types of returns. It all comes down to the passion that these analysts like Jim Rickards have for helping investors. These are contributors to Agora Financial that are pounding the pavement when it comes to new businesses.

Even companies that most investors do not know about will present potential opportunities to build a supercharged portfolio down the line. It just takes knowing the information in advance in order to get a jump start on what other investors are doing. This is always going to be something that investors will need to take a look at when they are checking out their portfolio. They never want to put themselves in a place where they are limiting their portfolio because they have limited knowledge. It is much better to have a portfolio that is going to stand out by acquiring knowledge. This is why Agora Financial is an important resource. It allows people to acquire a ton of information about a variety of different things. It is always good to get more information when it comes to making an informed decision about new stocks.


Agora Financial on Positive Investing Strategies

For those who are interested in growing their wealth and building a nest egg for their future, it can be difficult to know where to start. While there are certainly plenty of investment firms out there that are more than happy to accept payments from amateur investing enthusiasts, the reality is that they have no real stake in the success of their clients. As a result, there are plenty of issues for those who are serious about growing their wealth, but are otherwise unsure of where to begin. With that in mind, Agora Financial has been developing a system that is specifically intended to help amateur investors to develop a viable and sustainable investment strategy.


The analysts at Agora Financial are able to develop their tips and strategies without any outside influence from specific markets and industries, which helps to not only ensure that their advice is effective, but that it’s also unbiased as well. As a result, investors who are skeptical of seeking outside help in their investment strategies can be rest assured that Agora Financial is serious about its strategies. In fact, Agora Financial has actually broken down its offerings into three broad categories: developing wealth protection strategies, identifying rapid growth opportunities, and generating sustainable incomes for its subscribers.

Unlike traditional investment firms, Agora Financial has built its services by bringing subscribers in to see exactly what direction they’re moving in. When Agora Financial identifies a new investment opportunity, it releases this information freely to its subscribers, in order to ensure that they have the best possible chance of making the most of it.

As a result of its success, Agora Financial is a rapidly growing firm of its own, and it’s clear that this will only continue to be the case as their analysts pinpoint more opportunities for their investors. Anyone who is interested in growing their own investment pool, or is simply interested in learning more about the science behind investing, should consider contacting Agora Financial for more information.


How Brexit Is Expected To Affect Britain’s Economy

Michael Gove has been in the limelight for several reasons in recent months. The former journalist played a crucial role in instigating the Brexit move, as well as failing to clinch the prime minister’s position. As such, he has he has set his eyes to public speaking as a means of surviving in the harsh political limelight.Mr. Cove has enrolled with Chartwell Speakers as a public speaker for various politicians such as Mitt Romney. His valuable expertise and insight into life post-Brexit are essential to the Agency (Chartwell Speakers). Fortunately, Mr. Cove is handsomely compensated for his speaking engagements across various platforms. His bumper salary has eclipsed average journalistic salaries, and is assured of a prolonged business association.Various influential figures have offered their opinions regarding Brexit and the anticipated backlash in the world economy.

For instance, Andrew Bailey and Sam Woods dished on the subject while donning customized suits at the Annual regulators’ Banquet. During the ceremony, Woods was offered a monumental task in safeguarding Britain’s financial strength post-Brexit. On the other hand, Bailey accepted the new position and pledged to do the job to the best of his ability.Equities First Holdings has offered loans to enterprises and affluent personalities such as Edi Truell (Tungsten) and Rob Terry (Quindell). This unprecedented move has shocked most analysts since they have rushed in where banks have hesitated to tread. For instance, the firm recently received 3.5 million shares from Andrew Newland, the head of Angle plc. The shares covered 57% of the company, and they received 2 million pounds in return. However, the firm rescinded its decision and opted to buy back its shares.

Profile of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a lending institution based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm provides a diverse range of services to individual investors and companies across various fields. It offers lending solutions to customers in need of quick funding. Since its formation in 2002, the firm has completed over seven hundred transactions for both Fortune 500 companies and high-net-worth individuals.The company has opened numerous branches in London, Australia and Asia to meet the needs of its ever-increasing scope of customers. Through their high expertise, customers have been able to gain loans at considerably low rates compared to banks.

SahmAdrangi’s Worth Acumen in Securities Investment

The initial public offer of Kerrisdale Capital Management raised about $100 million from investors according to Reuters. Kerrisdale intends to use the money rationally in stock a certain public company in the infancy stages. This a unique approach considering companies have been in the past channeling such investments in mortgage backed up securities or in a receding company for recovery.

SahmAdrangi, the founder, and Chief Investor was also pleased with how Kerrisdale raise the figure within no time as expressed in a mail he recently sent out to other investors. Kerrisdale analysts, Adrangi and Shane Wilson are seeking alluring antics to raise more for the same course through the development of a company website and video among others.

It is allegedly reported that the company underway will be launched soon enough. With the $500 million Kerrisdale is already operating with, this should be a good bargain. Its analyst makes calculated risk in the hedge fund and has been able to take home an annual return of 28% averagely.

About SahmAdrangi

He is a business person residing in the Greater New York City. He is the founder and Chief Investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management Limited Liability Company, although he practically has work in all its divisions. Adrangi was a Yale University graduate in Economics in 2003. The subsequent year came with an opportunity to work at the Deutsche Bank in leveraging finance groups.

In 2005, a boutique investment bank, Chanin Capital Partners sourced for his services in revolutionary bankruptcy restructuring. His impact in restoring stability in the two branches at Los Angeles and New York saw Longacre Fund Management LLC give him an offer. At the time Longacre Fund had a distressed debt of $2 billion, and SahmAdrangi was able to reverse to favorable terms in his tenure of two years ending 2009.

Adrangi founded an investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 and had been working through that platform to date. His other past achievements include reinstating some collapsing Chinese companies which now trade in the Securities and Exchange Commission. SahmAdrangi has partnered with Globalstar company, Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics.


Equities First Holdings Relocates Its Melbourne Office To A Strategic Location

A pioneer in Stock-based lending, Equities First Holdings has continued to enhance its lending capabilities. Recently, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. relocated its Melbourne offices to a bigger space in the city. Equities First Holdings’s Australian market has grown significantly. The new office has large space. This way, the company will be able to accommodate the increased number of clients and business associates. The office will also be easily accessible by customers and staff owing to its strategic location. The corporation will maintain its offices in Perth and Sydney.
A review of what Equities First Holdings specializes in
Equities First Holdings offers alternative lending services to its clients. The institution gives them loans against publicly traded shares. The company, which was established in 2002, operates in nine countries through wholly owned subsidiaries. These affiliate companies include Equities First (London) Ltd, Equities First Holdings Singapore Ltd, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Ltd, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. To date, the corporation has completed over 700 transactions. These deals are worth $1.4 billion. The corporation has an efficient loan process that includes simple steps. It involves the valuation process and signing of term agreement. After the company has reviewed the information, they initiate the funding process, which takes seven working days.
Clients get a straightforward and personalized transaction that enables them to access loans efficiently and quickly. Equities First Holdings’ loan process is transparent and secure. While undertaking their operations, the employees uphold industry standards. Unlike conventional loans, stock-based loans are less restricted and have impressive LTV ratios. The company’s stock-based loans provide clients the flexibility of investing since they are non-recourse. Equities First Holdings offer low fixed rates of three percent on their loans and high loan-to-values ratios of 75 percent. The lender’s recovery depends on the collateral pledge. At the end of the loan term, the borrower retains 100 percent of the market value upon repayment of the principal funding. They also offers 24-hour customer service.

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David Giertz Talks About Social Security in Retirement Planning

David Giertz recently spoke about the subject of social security and retirement planning with Veronica Dagher, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal. David is the current Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales. Giertz has about 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial industry. FINRA also lists David Giertz as a registered broker. According to him, social security is a complex issue, and thus not many advisors prefer to discuss it with their clients in retirement. He states that this is a colossal mistake.

David’s company, Nationwide Financial, recently conducted a survey and discovered that advisors do not speak to people on social security. Findings from the same study on Twitter showed that about four out of five people would opt to exchange advisors if their advisor did not discuss social security with them. The Social Security Handbook has 2700 rules, which to most people may be a lot to comprehend and understand. It is crucial that advisors speak to their clients about social security from a retention perspective at

When planning your financial security in retirement, social security should always be considered as it could be up to forty percent of your retirement income. Advisors too need to tell their clients an ideal time to start social security. A lot of people start too early and end up losing thousands of dollars over their many years of retirement. Talking to your advisor about your social security number is good for an optimal retirement plan noted on

David Giertz’s career began at Skokie Federal Savings in 1988. He did not work there for a long time. Before 2006, he used to work for very many financial institutions. He was employed at Nationwide in 2006 and 2013 he was moved up to the president of distribution and sales. He passed a couple of certifications in the course of his career.

Vinny Parascandola

Vinnie Parascandola: Using Career To Help Others

Vincent Parascandola, also better known as Vinny Parascandola, is the current vice president of AXA Advisors. With more than twenty five years in the industry, Vinny has mastered the art and skills in sales leadership and development of financial professionals. He joined AXA Advisors in 2004 as the president of the unit called Advantage Group. Here, he led his team to attracting and retaining financial professionals to the company. His commitment and determination saw him being appointed the senior executive vice president of the company from the co-manager of the New York Metro Branch.

Prior to joining AXA Advisors, he worked at MONY Life Insurance Company since 1990 till he left the company in 2004. He held various positions in the company. He also worked with various teams to increase the company’s sales in terms of the revenue acquired from selling insurance covers. Mr. Parascandola started his career as an agent for Prudential and worked hard towards being a respected leader in the insurance industry.

Working in insurance industry all his life exposed Vinny Parascandola to various groups of people. Meeting people from different backgrounds has given him a better understanding of dealing with people. He uses his knowledge and experiences to help others in the industry facing issues and problems.

He has been recognized for his management skills and his ability to guide and help his subordinates in their growth and development. So far, he has scooped the GAMA’s Career Development award and the Master Agency Award. He shares his knowledge and skills with companies and industries by speaking at conferences. His talents have been recognized, which makes him one of the few sought after speakers in New York.

Mr Parascandola attributes his success partly to his bachelor’s degree of science earned from Pace University, one of the best universities in New York. Additionally, the twenty five years he has been in the industry have been an eye opener for him. He has learned the art of networking and being able to attract and retain clients. He also believes in helping others through his career by giving talks that help change people’s mind sets and perspectives.