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Market America is a company that seeks to innovate, motivate, and give advice on aiding the economy that we have today. This establishment uses day to day scenarios that are currently the base standard, and also events that are real problems in the economy to come up with a solution to the problem. Market America Events are pushing to innovate the economy for the future generations. The very idea that anyone can become an asset to helping the economy, even the average person, provides a form of hope for the economy of the future. Developing a mission, and plan to for the future marketers and decision-makers is only a step in Market America’s goal to a successful economy.


How Brexit Is Expected To Affect Britain’s Economy

Michael Gove has been in the limelight for several reasons in recent months. The former journalist played a crucial role in instigating the Brexit move, as well as failing to clinch the prime minister’s position. As such, he has he has set his eyes to public speaking as a means of surviving in the harsh political limelight.Mr. Cove has enrolled with Chartwell Speakers as a public speaker for various politicians such as Mitt Romney. His valuable expertise and insight into life post-Brexit are essential to the Agency (Chartwell Speakers). Fortunately, Mr. Cove is handsomely compensated for his speaking engagements across various platforms. His bumper salary has eclipsed average journalistic salaries, and is assured of a prolonged business association.Various influential figures have offered their opinions regarding Brexit and the anticipated backlash in the world economy.

For instance, Andrew Bailey and Sam Woods dished on the subject while donning customized suits at the Annual regulators’ Banquet. During the ceremony, Woods was offered a monumental task in safeguarding Britain’s financial strength post-Brexit. On the other hand, Bailey accepted the new position and pledged to do the job to the best of his ability.Equities First Holdings has offered loans to enterprises and affluent personalities such as Edi Truell (Tungsten) and Rob Terry (Quindell). This unprecedented move has shocked most analysts since they have rushed in where banks have hesitated to tread. For instance, the firm recently received 3.5 million shares from Andrew Newland, the head of Angle plc. The shares covered 57% of the company, and they received 2 million pounds in return. However, the firm rescinded its decision and opted to buy back its shares.

Profile of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a lending institution based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm provides a diverse range of services to individual investors and companies across various fields. It offers lending solutions to customers in need of quick funding. Since its formation in 2002, the firm has completed over seven hundred transactions for both Fortune 500 companies and high-net-worth individuals.The company has opened numerous branches in London, Australia and Asia to meet the needs of its ever-increasing scope of customers. Through their high expertise, customers have been able to gain loans at considerably low rates compared to banks.

Privately Held and Growing

In late February, 2017, NexBank announced that following the conclusion of a recent senior unsecured note issuance effort, their total issuance increased to $155 million. With a five year, fixed rate of 5.5 percent, the notes mature in early 2026 and are callable as soon as March, 2021. This supplies another investor confidence boost for the financial institution, which was initially created under a community charter. Their year-end 2016 earnings release revealed a huge 71 percent asset growth rate, deposit growth of 72 percent and a net income that was over $83 million.


As the fourteenth largest bank in Texas, NexBank is based in Dallas, and provides Commercial and Mortgage Banking Services. They further offer customized financial and banking services to institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations nationwide. And they aren’t afraid to post and compare their high yield Certificate of Deposit rates on their site. With a low overhead of only four brick and mortar locations and 89 employees, they also offer Money Market interest rates two times the industry average.


In their service quest to other financial institutions, NexBank offers public funds, treasury management, investments and real estate advisory services. They also warehouse mortgage loans, partner in participation loans, offer term loans, lines of credit and credit services.


John Holt came to NexBank in 2011 to serve as president and chief executive officer. A member of the Texas Banking Association, John is also Vice Chairman of the Community Banker’s Council and serves as a member on the Audit, Finance and Investment Committees. Mr. Holt graduated from Southern Methodist University’s Southwestern Graduate School of Banking and obtained his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.


A subsidiary of NexBank Capital, Inc., NexBank is a privately held organization.