Fabletics Still Determined To Provide Innovative Sportswear to Its Clients under the Guidance of Don Ressler

When buying athletic clothing, women had to choose between fashionable and affordable wear. For a long time, there had been a gap in the women’s activewear industry. Taking note of the market opportunity, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to establish Fabletics in 2010. At the time, the industry was growing at a fast rate, and they knew that this trend would not slow down any moment. Fabletics brand offered terrific active wear that was functional, fashionable and affordable.

At the time, the activewear that was available in the market was not what the women wanted. Therefore, instead of focusing on the market trends at the time, Don and Adam worked on creating a brand that its consumers would appreciate. To understand what they should have focused on, they undertook consumer tests. The surveys revealed the significant issues surrounding women’s sportswear, and the challenges showed consistency across the board. Ladies’ activewear in the market were expensive and ill-fitting.

Having realized that women had trouble finding quality sportswear at affordable costs, Don and Adam got down to business. Don Ressler contracted Kate Hudson as the face of the brand. Kate was confident, friendly and had an appealing look. By making her the spokeswoman of the organization, Kate managed to interact freely with consumers. Her excellent PR skills created a secure connection between Fabletics and its consumers. Hudson has a great passion for media and can efficiently communicate with the masses. That is why Don Ressler and Adam saw it fit to bring her on board as a co-founder. Till date, Kate is passionate about Fabletics and works hard to improve the brands’ online appeal.

At the initial stages of establishing Fabletics, the founders experienced funding difficulties. However, Don Ressler’s ability to manage the biggest hurdle of comfortable sportswear saw the company sail ahead. A lot of active wear out there fails to meet the standards of functionality and fashion. To design shoes that one could run comfortably in and still look fashionable in them was not a minor task, yet Ressler managed to get through. His success can be attributed to his determination and his vast experience in the fashion industry.

Besides the quality wear, another factor that made Fabletics stand out was its strong online presence. Fabletics is determined to offer more to their clients. In 2017, they announced that they would be expanding their market by designing products for the plus size ladies. The move is incredible since larger sized women who wish to get slimmer have the chance to lose weight comfortably, by having fashionable active wear.