RealReal Making It Real in the Fashion Industry

The RealReal is a site for lavish delivery retail business based in San Francisco. Recently, in the retail industry, there has been a shift relating to growth margins in pre-owned purchases. The RealReal is applauded for having fashionable and perspective-oriented shoppers that are constantly making re-sale purchases. Eight years in the industry, the firm is impressively making a lead in centering on originality and justification for lavish products.

A study conducted resulted into a report disclosing that shoppers within the resale industry are more perspective. Options and experiences in opting for pre-owned products is accelerating the expansion rate. In the previous years, it was recognized that retailers offering pre-owned purchases are simplifying item purchase, lease and subscription.

The shift has resulted in a change in customer’s preferences and behavior. In a year such as 2009, it was considered impossible for one to make a purchase of a Gucci bag. However, in the current year, purchasing the same Gucci bag as pre-owned, is much cheaper especially for shoppers. This also makes it possible to resell a pre-owned product at a much later period and at cheaper price.

RealReal makes the purchase of second-hand items become a lifecycle for lavish products. This new lifecycle presents quality products with a new life and provides shoppers with more leverage. Resale of items is regarded as the driver for a prominent transformation of the current wardrobe.

Julie Wainwright, the president of RealReal, has led the site to mainly specialize in second-hand lavish items. It is rich in goods from brand designers such as shoes from Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik; watches from Rolex and Cartier; Jewelry form Chanel and Tiffany, and bags from Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

A reported 49 percent growth has been experienced in the resale industry. The fashion industry has then been centered on sustainability. The RealReal model of resale equates the female clothing to 65 million gallons of water, 339,615 planted seedlings and energy saved in cars worth 32,961,386 miles of travel. The growth margin of the resale industry is high enough to surpass fashion outlets as well as department stores.