The Amazing Life of Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani had a great upbringing and since he has graduated high school he has had very many achievements. Milan is an author that publishes articles for the Huffington Post in fields of politics, agriculture, and mental health. Milan is a very competitive equestrian. An equestrian is a horseback performer. He is also the CEO and founder of Milan Farms. All these achievements have been done before he even graduated high school.

In the early years, Milan Kordestani grew up in Stanford, California. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. A little bit down the road, Milan’s parents went through a divorce. His family moved to London, England. While, he was in London, he went to Eaton Square School. When he was in high school, they returned to the Bay Area in California. He attended the Sacred Heart Prep School in Atherton. Milan Kordestani graduated from Sacred Heart in 2017.

At the age of ten, Milan Kordestani began riding horses. when he first started riding, Milan got thrown from his horse. Instead of getting scared or upset, he got up and got right back on his horse. This is a sport that he wanted to get better at, so he did not let a fall stop him from what he wanted to do. When he first started riding it was just lessons. In a short period of time, his dedication and hard work led to riding World Championship horses and winning many blue ribbons and equestrian championships in several different horse shows. Milan ranked third in the world championship along with many others leading up to that victory.

Milan Kordestani created his company, Milan Farms when he was still a sophomore in high school. Milan Farms produces eggs from poultry and harvests saffron and mint. Milan Farms has been a trademarked label on the west coast and Colorado since 2016. The saffron is expanded a crossed the world. He has no secrets as how all his plants and animals are raised. Everything is pure and organic. His herbs are harvested hydroponically with mineral nutrients in the water for the best taste. Milan Kordestani has made his company a significant household name.

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