Kate Hudson’s Fabletic Brand Plans New Store Openings

Kate Hudson is one of the fittest women in Hollywood today. She has been lauded for her incredible physique, and her new line of athletic clothing known as Fabletics has made waves among shoppers. Racked recently ran an article about the new openings of Fabletics stores and the incredible customer satisfaction rate at the company. This article explains how a subscription athletic wear service will become a popular brick and mortar store chain.

#1: Fabletics Sends Out New Items Every Month

The subscription service at Fabletics sends women new items every month in their chosen size. A woman who is working out often will be pleased to see a new item in their mailbox, and every woman who is using Fabletics products will discover that the products are designed for each season. Customers are wearing the same items Kate is wearing, and the brand helps women get dressed for the gym every day.

#2: New Stores Are Coming

Kate Hudson wants to expand her brand by opening many stores across North America. A few stores are open today, but the company plans to expand its store offerings to many cities across the continent. Kate Hudson is a major celebrity in America today, and her stores will be well-received in every location she opens. The company plans to open many stores at the same time, and the company will balance subscriptions with in-store sales.

#3: What Will Customers Find in Every Store?

Customers will find the same Fabletics items they are accustomed to seeing online in every store. The company may begin to expand its clothing offerings, and the number of sizes may increase at the same time. The stores may use market research to ensure that each one is carrying the right products, and customers get personal service from the staff in each store.

There is a certain joy in buying clothing from a real person, and Fabletics wants to give women the chance to meet with someone before making their next purchase. Someone who wants to purchase in-store will save time, and women who prefer to stay on the subscription service may do so. Women in today’s world are very busy, and giving them more options for shopping is a wise decision on the part of Fabletics.

The Fabletics brand from Kate Hudson is making a change in its business philosophy. The company is planning to open many stores in North America that will serve women in many major cities, and every store will offer personal service that women prefer. Kate Hudson has made a name for herself with her incredible fitness routines, and women around the country may begin to dress like Kate for the gym when they visit a Fabletics store.