The successful career of Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard`s career is one of the flourishing ones. He has worked in many prestigious companies where he brought significant growth. He is known for his innovative ideas and ability to adopt diversity in the running of the various firms he has worked at. As a global brand consultant, he has continued to help people acquire many tips on how they can build robust strategic plans to assist them in managing their firms. Besides, he has also exercised diversity in his venture and over the years, he has spearheaded a vast number of projects in the world including the field if technology, sports among others.

Based on the experience that the duo has had in the industry, he believes that every entrepreneur must be sure to leverage global platforms. He insists that such platforms are a great way to help one grow their businesses and acquire many clients as long as they use it accordingly. He advises firm owners to ensure that they seek the services of platforms that have reached saturation as they increase their chances of attracting a more significant number of clients. The strategies that he continues to share with his clients have profoundly helped them boost their operation by acquiring a larger take in the market as well as attracting many clients.

On the other hand, Steve Lesnard also insists on the importance of research. He believes that research does not necessarily need to entail the use of technology, but it can be done through word of mouth. He insists that every firm owner must be keen to research on his competitors and the strategies they use to perform well in their operations. He believes that by identifying them, a person with ventures can come up with better and strategy that are stronger than their competitors to outdo them. His advocations have already saved many businesses form failure, and he never seizes to share his words and thoughts of wisdom with other people. He believes that an entrepreneur can learn a lot from their mistakes as long as they are entirely dedicated to achieving great successes in their ventures.

Gustavo Martinez Views on Technology is the Marketing World

Did you know that creating a single advert can take almost one month? The main reason why adverts take such a long time (in the making) is the complexity of the marketing world and the price of each advert. Gustavo Martinez has been part of this industry for almost four decades, and during his career in advertising, he has worked with some of the giants in advertising.

He has also worked on some of the projects that have been instrumental in redefining the advertising world. Martinez has also worked with some of the biggest names in the advertising world such as J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. According to him, working with big companies in advertising has given him a chance to interact with some of the biggest clients in this market.

For the last 24 months, however, Gustavo Martinez has started another journey, but still in the world of advertising. He is now a consultant. When he was starting his career in the world of marketing and advertising, there was little information on how to approach marketing. The lack of information according to him led to trial and error methods, which according to him was a recipe for losses.

In his position, however, he can help the advertising clients and agents on finding the best ways to handle adverts creation. As one of the industry’s best professionals, Martinez is also passionate about creating adverts on budget. He believes that saving money in the creation of adverts helps the company and the advertising agent in conserving resources. As an expert, he also hopes to expand the advertising world in terms of efficiency and creativity.

In addition to making the marketing world one of the best-run industries in the corporate world, Gustavo Martinez also hopes that the future of advertising will embrace technology in totality. He is interested in different subject matters in the world of technology such as the Internet of Things. According to him, the future in this industry will depend on how advertising agencies handle technology and IoT.

Unlike four decades ago, Martinez points out that the industry is in a better position to do a lot with fewer resources. For example, it is now easier to reach more people through the internet compared to decades ago, under zero budget. However, this democratization of the market has its challenges. For an advert to get recognition from the public, it must meet certain thresholds, which means that the company or the advertising agency must have a better approach.

Although the marketing world is changing, Gustavo Martinez believes that work ethics are still important. Keeping deadlines and having better customer policies are some of the things Martinez believes will continue to define marketing. However, charity and philanthropic policies are here to stay, and he believes that they help companies in being in touch with humanity.

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