Tesla is Getting Ready to Release Stationary Batteries for Home-Use

Nikola Tesla is arguably the most important and innovative inventor in human history. Sadly, his name was largely written out of history after his plans to provide free energy to the masses were squandered by Thomas Edison, among others. However, the heart of his legacy and technology has been reborn with the company Tesla.

Adding to their fleet of energy efficient cars, Tesla has announced their plans to produce a stationary battery which can be used to power homes, offices, and factories. The stationary batteries could store a massive amount of power, effectively solving the energy distribution problem. Bruce Levenson, featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), is optimistic about the prospect.

One of the main road blocks to renewable energy has been not being able to store it once it is collected. Solar energy is a great source of green and clean energy, though the sun doesn’t always shine. So, the new Tesla battery could store the energy for later use.

However, some doubt the effectiveness of a stationary battery being used for power storage due to the product being too expensive for mainstream use. But that was exactly what people said when the computer, cell phone, and flat screen TV were invented, all appliances which most Americans now have in their home in multiples.

But these technologies were once much too expensive for the regular person to indulge in. the success of the Tesla battery is yet to be seen, but it is certainly a promising step in the right direction.