TJ Maloney Brings True Excellence To Lincolnshire Management As Chairman And CEO

Matthew Nacier was among the four people that CEO TJ Maloney was pleased to add to his Lincolnshire Management group, and so were Yashna Ginodia, Nicolas Vega Llona and finally Georg Stolt-Nielsen. This alteration to the current Lincolnshire staff list will likely provide a positive return, just like the addition of TJ Maloney did after he entered the firm in 1993. Private equity is clearly an area of great knowledge and opportunity for Lincolnshire Management as that is where the team is able to complete its deals effectively, and some of those Lincolnshire deals come from more than 80 acquisitions of smaller, usually private, companies. Since 1986, the firm constantly has been building in private equity, and its growth is exactly what Frank Wright, Lincolnshire’s founder, had in mind over three decades prior.

What TJ Maloney actually brings to the professional table as chairman is his vast finance and law wisdom, and his background in New York’s securities law provides for some strongly informed insight when it comes to deciding which private equity deals he chooses to lead Lincolnshire Management into. Fordham University is where TJ Maloney prepared for his prior career as a well-regarded securities attorney by studying towards his important law degree. That institution now has an impressive new library structure that Maloney had a hand in creating, as his $5 million, which he gave to Fordham, was put to use in that library’s creation. Further, Maloney has a solid history with regards to speaking and lecturing.

TJ Maloney is surely ecstatic to be able to witness Lincolnshire Management continuously find new growth under his CEO piloting, and his leadership has culminated in the private equity monster now possessing a respectable $1.7 billion in regards to its controlled capital. How astonishingly Lincolnshire has performed has impressed several onlookers in private equity, including important writers at not only Private Equity News, but also the famous CNN Money. With kind words about the firm’s performance coming in from well-respected publications, there is likely not a single doubt in Maloney’s mind that his excellence as chairman is benefiting Lincolnshire Management overwhelmingly.

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Top Tech Projects In The Early Stage Of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the founder and chairman of MergerTech, Saber Corp, and president of Maxonic. His technology-industry initiatives initiated in 1998 with the Saber Corporation after working for Oracle Corporation as a senior consultant for their software programs.

The Background of Nitin Khanna

Nitin graduated from Purdue University with a Master in Engineering degree, basing his future financial activity in Portland, Oregon. The experience earned at Oracle helped him to create one of the fastest growing companies in 2007, Saber Corp.

The Saber Corporation, created in 1998, specialized in the electronics sector, receiving multiple awards for the rapid development that occurred after its acquisition by Electronic Data Systems.

Even though MergerTech is the most relevant firm of Nitin Khanna, he exits three other minor firms before, receiving enough capital for the primary business objective.

Nitin Khana and his Investments

Prior to creating Merges and Acquisitions Advisory, Nitin funded various business projects as an investor.



  • Geoloqi: Similar to Meridian, the Geoloqi API displays the exact real-time location of a subject. For location-aware apps, this platform is oriented to tech enterprises. The capabilities of the software are pretty complete: GPS and Wifi tracking, cross-platform, a security system, statistical presentation, smart battery management, among others. Developers can program Geoloqi to show locations by setting triggers.


  • Cloudability: The website offers a financial management tool to analyze cloud resources. It complements IT services for the correct management of the economy. The software displays recommendations, charts, reports, budget alerts, and other impressive features to improve the transparency of financial data.

Nitin’s Presidency at Maxonic

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Maxonic creates long term business connections to offer technical consulting. The organization specializes in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of IT-based project assignments.

Since 2002, the Maxonic support service has become an expert dealing with all types of programs, ranging from struggling startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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GreenSky eases loan servicing for banks

GreenSky is a fintech that offers point-of-sale loan services to consumers. It has partnered with regional banks to provide loan services to as many people as possible. They have simplified the loan application process, by handling the paperwork needed from the consumer and the bank. They offer quick solutions to the needs of consumers who are in need of crucial services but have no cash to pay. If you are a homeowner and you need some home maintenance work to be done but you lack the money to pay, worry no more because GreenSky will facilitate instant financing of the project through the merchant.

The merchant will apply for a loan with the amount he will charge for the service. They will send relevant loan processing information to the fintech, which will on its part link the borrower with a lender willing to offer the loan. Once a lender is found, the loan is processed instantly. GreenSky has mainly been working with four regional banks namely Sun Trust, Synovus, Fifth Third, and Regions Financial

Regional banks are interested in consumer lending since it attracts high yields, but two obstacles hinder progress in this field. The cost involved in getting customers is too high and the servicing the loan can also be a nightmare. Through GreenSky, regional banks are getting better full benefits of consumer lending. The fintech brings the customers to them and it even facilities servicing of the loan. The role of the bank in the whole process is to offer the money to lend.

GreenSky does not offer interest on the loans as is the case with traditional banking. Customers who will pay back the loan in the agreed timeframe will get the benefit of not repaying even a single cent on top of the principal amount. It is GreenSky who take up the role of repaying the loan during the zero percent APR period. There are huge hopes on this company that it will perform very well in long-term. In the period that they have been in the industry, there has been consistent growth trend. In 2017, they recorded a 30 percent increase from the previous year.


Betsy DeVos work history

We exist in a time where women have succeeded in professions that were previously termed impossible, especially for women. Many women have since broken this myth and excelled in their endeavors. Betsy DeVos is such a woman. Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman who is known due to her positive influence in various aspects of life. Be it in politics, business and philanthropy work.

Before her success, Betsy DeVos started to pursue her career earlier in life while she was still a student. She was in Calvin’s College where she studied arts. After completing schools, she worked for different companies serving in various positions. At the workplace, Betsy DeVos maintained high work ethics, and she had a reputation for being aggressive in her pursuance of excellence. Read more about her philanthropy at

Betsy DeVos assisted on various national and local councils. These boards include;

  • The Art Prize
  • The American Enterprise Institute
  • The Foundation for Excellence in Education
  • The Devos Institute of Arts Management

As at now, she is the Secretary of Education for the USA. In this position, Betsy DeVos has campaigned for equality in education among children. Furthermore, she has implemented the charter school system and the school choice system. These systems offer alternative education programs to enable a fair and conducive environment for school going children. Also, the charter school system provides quality education to a child as compared to the public education system.


Betsy DeVos has participated in many philanthropic activities. She founded the Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She founded this organization with her husband, Dick Devos. The foundation is an organization that seeks to help people from her community improves their quality of life. Furthermore, this organization empowers people from her community in the following areas; justice, arts, education, and leadership. The arts prize which was found by her son recognizes excellence in arts from people from her community and all over the world.

Also, she financially helps artists from her community to be able to innovate and show their work to the world. She does this through her organization, the Devos Institute of Arts Management. This institute empowers artists by training, supporting and instilling a sense of leadership in them. Through this organization, many youths have been able to benefit and show their art to the world.

The Neurocore centers

The Neurocore centers are facilities that offer biofeedback therapy to people with disabilities, specifically deficit disorders and autism. Both Betsy and her husband Dick Devos are on the board of this organization. They have funded these centers to increase research on brain disorders and help people suffering from these diseases lead a quality life. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

ClassDojo Changes The Way Parents And Teachers Communicate


ClassDojo is an app that fosters the communication between parents and teachers, and encourages the students to get involved. It allows the teachers to keep the parents up to date on how the student is performing in social activities and academia by allowing them to select behaviors. These behavior are attached to points that the students earn when they are awarded with one of the behaviors. The students loves the point system because it makes learning into a game that they look forward to playing. The students are also able to customize their own avatar, which promotes their self expression through the use of the app.

ClassDojo has proven to be a great tool for the teachers to use in order to save time. The platform is very easy to use and all they have to do is select a behavior instead of recording checkmarks down on the board like they used to do it. Since the app is available for smartphones and tablets, it is great for use on the go and teachers can even use it when they are walking in the hallway. They are able to assign points and behaviors to individuals students or to groups, depending on how they are working that day. It is also a great way for parents to stay involved because they send out an email update on the student’s progress every week.

ClassDojo also an instant messaging option so that the teacher has easy access to the parent should they need to communicate about something urgent and important. The parent also has the ability to initiate contact with the teacher, so it goes both ways. The students love the Class Stories, which are a collection of pictures and videos recorded throughout the day. It encourages them to succeed and perform well.


Visit the Kabballah Centre for Spiritual Teachings Today!

For many years, the Kabbalah Center has proven to be one of the most reputable and incredible places where individuals can study spirituality in the world. This foundation was founded by the Berg family with an end goal of helping different seekers find the soul and heart of God within the center. Kabbalah Centre is the best and finest place to ascend beyond religion, learn about religion as well as learn where God’s will and heart is. Understanding of the universe and spiritual fulfilment are some of the major reasons that millions of people in the world seek Kabbalah teachings. Most of the teachings provided at this great center date back to some of the earliest figures in the Bible’s Old Testament including Abraham and Adam.


Teachings Offered

Over the years, the Kabbalah Centre has developed modern ways of interpreting the ancient scriptures thus allowing Kabbalah students have a clear understanding of how to achieve a more fulfilled life. Additionally, this center focuses on developing guidelines which aim at linking students back to God despite their religious beliefs. Kabbalah teachings encourage students to do away with laziness, since this will enable them nurture their spirituality and have a clear understanding of one self. Despite the challenges of maintaining a spiritual life in the present busy world, Kabbalah Centre teaches its students to apply proper teachings when engaging in different activities and aspects of life.


It’s Popularity around the World

Initially, Kabbalah teachings were only offered to the upper class priests. However, this has changed over the years due to the establishment of more than 50 Kabbalah centers all over the world including London, New York and Toronto. This has enabled many people access the teaching easily and pass to other individuals as well. Students studying at the Kabbalah Centre are allowed to access the teachings in different ways including online courses, word of mouth, mentor programs, events as well as a number of great books. Several individuals including celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Demi Moore, Alex Rodriguez and Ariana Grande have gone through the studies at the Kabbalah Centre and this clearly proves that they are the right places to nurture spirituality.

ClassDojo Takes Off as a Highly Popular Educational App

Teachers have a challenging job. They are always looking for ways to do their jobs better. One of the things that has been a hindrance in education is the lack of proper communication tools for teachers to reach out to parents. This is a company, ClassDojo, that has presented an app that has built a community that any teacher can appreciate. This is the app that has been getting a serious amount of exposure because it has gotten some buzz from some high profile places.

Forbes has called the company that Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don created one of the most promising companies in America. ClassDojo is the company that is make people look at San Francisco as an educational app mecca. It has become the app that teachers are using for communicating with students. It has become the app that people are using for communicating with teachers. It has not been around for a long time, but ClassDojo has still managed to become a dominant app. That is a sign of just how important the app has become in schools in such a short time frame. Teachers are dependent on it, and parents are appreciative of the community that this app is providing.

ClassDojo is the app that parents look to when they want to get the real time feedback on the progress of their students. When Forbes called ClassDojo one of the most promising companies in America this gave the company the ability to stand out. It would become the create positive change in the classroom. Educators didn’t have to go out and look for multiple apps to do other tasks. The systems that are using this app are typically using it on a district level. It is more than an app that is used by one or two teachers at a school. To the contrary, this is an app that has been discussed by educational consultants outside of the schools. These educational specialists have introduced plans where this app has been discussed and recommended for you by teachers throughout certain districts.

Parents can benefit from this. It is an aspect of technology that gives them the freedom to connect with teachers without going to the schools regularly. Some parents don’t have this opportunity to take off. That is why this app is valuable. ClassDojo saves people lots of time, and educators can communicate much better.

ClassDojo Creates a Flawless Learning Environment

ClassDojo has organized a series of successful venture funding to boost its tech, which facilitates communications between teachers and students’ parent and development of behavioral and social skills among learners. The Series B round of 2016 raised $21 million. The teachers update the parents on valuable programs scheduled to take place in the school and students’ progress.

Co-founders’ statements

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary released a statement declaring that the Series B funding ended towards the end of 2015. They also announced that the capital acquired would be utilized to hire more trained employees and create more content and features that are valuable to the parents. Chaudhary argued that parents need to be in charge of the conversation and to ensure kids are receiving high-quality education by leveraging the vast features that the app has to offer.

How the founders came up with ClassDojo’s Idea

ClassDojo’s founders noted that most of the education tech businesses were introducing grade books, digital curriculum, and testing platforms. They realized that a free and unique app that could connect educators, learners, parent did not exist. The two co-founders started ClassDojo in 2011. They faced stiff competition from other edtech firms like Remind, Kickboard, FreshGrade, and Kickboard. Currently, the main agenda of co-founders is to increase the usage of ClassDojo. They are planning to raise revenue by creating premium features and incredible content that parents can use at a fee. The co-founders have confirmed that they do not intend to earn revenue out of user’s data.

What is ClassDojo?

Since its official launch in 2011, ClassDojo has firmly held onto its mission of giving tutors, parents, and learners the capability to develop amazing learning environments. The San Francisco-headquartered classroom communication application assists students to develop social and behavioral skills while delivering a simple way for teachers to keep in touch with students’ parents. They can also use the app to update the parents on various activities that are taking place through photos, clips, and messages.

ClassDojo is perhaps one of the educational technology firms that are going through a phase of fast-paced growth. The app is utilized in 90 percent of schools in the United States and 180 other nations. The quality and features of the app have been increasing on a regular basis thanks to the effort of a competent team of engineers, teachers, and designers. These specialists have extensive knowledge in charter and public schools, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Facebook.

ClassDojo App Changing The Way Teachers And Parents Meet 

For many family generations, the way that teachers and parents have met to discuss the progress of children in school is by the traditional parent and teacher meeting. This meeting was usually held once or twice a year to go over the progress of the children in school. While the meetings have many positive aspects, the additional time requirements placed on teachers as well as parents have made the number of these meetings few and far between.

Although the teacher and parent physical meetings have certain limitations based on the need to meet in person. This method of teacher and parent meetings continues to be the main way that teachers and parents continue to meet.

With the use of technology becoming more and more common in schools, various companies have begun to provide options to the traditional parent and teacher meetings that have been conducted for generations. One of the companies that is bringing an option to schools regarding teacher and parent meetings to discuss children school progress is ClassDojo.

The company currently has a communication app out on the market that provides a communication platform for schools to use related to teacher and student school activities. Teachers can upload grades, homework, videos, photos, and other school related material using the app. Students can go to the app to view grades, view homework, upload homework, share videos, share photos, and other related activities. For parents, the app allows parents to view all materials related to their children attending the school and communicate with the teachers regarding their children.

The ClassDojo app allows parents and teachers to communicate in this manner whenever desired. With the app, parents can stay informed of their children’s progress on a regular basis. If parents have any questions or need input from teachers, this can be done through the communication app.

Recently ClassDojo received funding in the amount of 21 million dollars to continue enhancements to the communication app. The enhancements that ClassDojo will focus on regarding the app will bring more features and capabilities to the app along with stronger technology at the core of the communication platform.

Schools have been using technology in almost every aspect of schools for many years. One of the few areas where technology has not been used prominently is in the area of teacher and parent communication. With the ClassDojo app, many schools will have the option to use the app instead of depending solely on the traditional teacher and parent in person meetings.

Parental Engagement Comes to ClassDojo


The socially engaging platform ClassDojo is back with new a tool that aim to bring parents and teachers a little closer to their shared virtual environment, and this one’s all for mom and dad.

With Student Stories, students will be allowed to add multimedia to their personal portfolio that provides video and photo that chronicles their school day to share with the parents and the rest of the family. The point of this new option, ClassDojo has stated, is to take the involvement of parents just one step closer to being in the actual classroom. Regardless of what their child does during the day while at school, the option to view more complex media beyond text allows parents can feel more involved in their child’s efforts in school.

To upload content, students don’t have to have access to their own mobile device or login. Teachers can simply their class’ corresponding QR codes then capture the media in question. By tagging the classmates, teachers can make it so their parents can be alerted to the addition of new media. These additions are at the discretion of the teacher, which makes sure that all new additions remain relevant an on Class Dojo’s message for informing them about scholastic activities. It also has engaged more students by giving the more of an input as to what gets shared on the platform with their parents, instilling a bit of pride in schoolwork they are eager to share.

It’s what the platform was designed to do, according to Liam Don, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of ClassDojo. Don has expressed that the company continues to receive overwhelming support for Student Stories since its implementation. It was, after all, designed as a response to a collective request for more ways to let parents see their child’s accomplishments in real time, and also for teachers to get their students more of a voice when it comes to embracing their roles as students in the digital age.

About ClassDojo:

ClassDojo is an innovation communications platform that has allowed parents to be more directly involved in their child’s school day since 2011. Since then, the company has collected more than $31 million in funding, besting their efforts the company’s prospective plans.

With monetary backing and solid technological experts on staff, ClassDojo has been able to develop a safe social network that is rather unique in a market that continues to be under served.


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